By David Truman

Here is a SELF TEST for those that are wondering if they are REGRESSIVE LEFT.  In America, a liberal is someone who has no standards – anything goes except patriotism and family values.  An American liberal is essentially a destroyer, a Cultural Marxist – even if he doesn’t know the term.    In Australia the word Liberal used to mean conservative (as the Liberal Party once was) – so we just call them regressives leftists.   

Here are the five tests, in reverse order.

5.  YOU’RE AGAINST FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  Only give it to those who agree with you or to those you deem to be marginalized minorities.  Herbert Marcuse, ideologist from the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, advocated “repressive tolerance” –  you should tolerate views from the left only, and suppress those from conservatives.  The ABC pursues this policy assiduously.   Not a conservative in sight!  Just leftist groupthink and “I support the current thing” (climate emergency, covid hysteria, demonization of post-communist Russia, support for amending the Constitution to insert an indigenous Voice, even though neither the composition nor the powers of the Voice have been clarified.)

For a regressive leftist, people’s need to “feel comfortable” should come before Free Speech.   Leftists want “safe spaces” and sanitized language.  

The Australian federal Labor government right now is framing legislation to prevent “disinformation” – that is, information or views which leftists don’t like.  The Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023 would grant the Australian Communications and Media Authority powers to fine social media giants millions of dollars for “misinformation” and content it considers “harmful.”  Who decides what is misinformation and what is fact?  How many alleged conspiracy theories have been proved over the past two years to be true?   It has been criticised by the federal Opposition, tech giants and senior lawyers.

The Australian government released a Fact Sheet released in June 2023for discussion, at
This is an ATROCIOUSLY BAD, freedom-destroying idea.  Freedom of speech is the most fundamental of all our freedoms!

4.  YOU’RE EXTREMELY RACIST AND BIGOTED.  White heterosexual males need to ”check their privilege ” because they are simply deluded if they think that their achievements have anything to do with their own efforts.   

Multiculturalism must be used to create a more diverse Western world and purge the West of Caucasians.  You believe that affirmative action must be used in education, politics, the media and the workplace to help women and ethnic minorities break through the systematic and oppressive barriers which don’t actually exist – the soft bigotry of low expectations.  

3.  YOUR ARGUMENTS AREN’T ARGUMENTS AT ALL.  You rarely engage with what your opponents have said, but instead attack their personal character, labelling them bigoted, Islamophobic, racist, misogynist, or purveyors of hate speech.  Or you throw out put-down statements like “educate yourself, read a book, Google it’ – begging the question that you yourself have superior or complete knowledge;  or ‘because this is 2023.’   The writer has been on the receiving end of this garbage numerous times, and conservatives on social media cop it all the time.  None of this is actually an argument. 

2.  YOU LIKE BANNING THINGS AND SOCIALLY ENGINEERING PEOPLE.  Everything is racist, homophobic, or not-sustainable, etc – so you assert the right to take away others’ freedoms in the interest of what you see as the Greater Good.   The UN’s Agenda 21 (currently Agenda 2030) is a totalitarian blueprint for micromanaging the lives of all of us.

  1. YOU DENY REALITY.  You deny the superiority of meritocracy;  you deny the damage done to Western civilization by multiculturalism;  you won’t recognize that 15-20% of the world’s Muslims support Islamic suprematism and terrorism, but spout “they’re all the same as us, and Islam is a religion of peace.”  

    You deny the reality of fundamental biological differences between men and women and buy into the pseudoscientific nonsense that gender is a social construct. 

You believe all gender behaviour is learned from society and not innate. 
You believe masculinity is toxic:  all men are potential rapists and murderers and patriarchy is oppressing Western women. 

You believe in the gender pay gap – which clearly exists, but not for the reasons you believe. 

Regressive leftists are the pits!

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