In a previous posting titled It’s Time To Take Back Our Society From The Left, under the CULTURE WAR category on this website, Freedom and Heritage pointed out how the left has waged war on our society and culture over many decades, and now controls just about all the institutional bases.  The focus of that article was on what is happening to us in our individual nations, including Australia. 

But the whole of the West is now facing a still more sinister threat :  the attack by GLOBALIST elites on our national identities and the freedom of our personal identities.  The  World Economic Forum (WEF) is a self-appointed, unelected, very wealthy and powerful group of predators whose openly declared agenda is the pursuit of total power over the whole world and transfer of wealth from all of us to them.

Its aim, cutely summed up in its own promo “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy,” means in fact “WE’LL own everything and you’ll have lost any capacity for personal control.” Klaus Schwab, the unelected supremo of the WEF, sees the Covid pandemic scare as a great opportunity for progressing the WEF’s world control goals through the “Great Reset.”

The United Nations long ago got on the total world control wagon with its “sustainable development” ideology embodied in its Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030).  This is a blueprint for micromanaging virtually every aspect of how and where we live, where we can and cannot go, and what we can and cannot eat – supposedly to protect the planet’s environment.  The agenda is being progressively implemented at national and local government levels in many countries, including Australia.  

The UN is thoroughly corrupt.  Amongst its many sins, it pushes a lying, catastrophist narrative about human-induced climate change – “global boiling” as claimed by the fool in charge, Antonio Guterres.   (The whole issue of climate change is worth a separate issue and won’t be canvassed further here.)  Some years back the UN wanted a Global Compact on Migration, which would have destroyed individual countries’ control of their own borders,.  The aim?  To facilitate the flood of Muslim and African immigration which has been destroying the West.  See separate article on this website titled  Australia Refuses To Sign UN Global Compact On Migration  [under the category GLOBALISM, AGENDA 21 AND NWO].   

The UN pushed catastrophism over Covid-19 and continues to scare us about an imagined never-ending flood of new pandemic variants.  And it is calling for supranational control over nation states’ health policies.

Enter its organ the World Health Organization (WHO).  This is headed by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who is not a doctor, but has strong ties to China.  As Ethiopia’s foreign minister from 2012 to 2016, he oversaw the borrowing of over $13 billion from China, which then became Ethiopia’s largest trading partner.  China campaigned hard for Tedros to become chief of the WHO in 2017. 

In January 2020 WHO endorsed a claim by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” of COVID.  Over preceding months, WHO continued to echo questionable claims by the CCP as the pandemic worsened.  

Tedros was previously a member of the Marxist Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front and with support from the Biden administration in the US, is pushing to give the WHO the ability to declare pandemic authority without the consent of member states.  The proposed Pandemic Treaty would remove individual nations’ control over their health policy.  This is yet another part of the agenda for more and more supranational control over our elected governments by the UN and its agencies.

The Covid-19 scare and totalitarian actions by many governments to force vaccination on people were a massive attack on individual human rights. The picture below shows a mass protest in Brisbane in September 2022 against vaccinations being mandated by the state government. There were similar huge demonstrations in other Australian cities.

Covid also enabled an obscene transfer of wealth to Big Pharma – Pfizer alone has earned over $US80 billion – and to Big Pharma’s large investors such as Bill Gates.

The said Bill Gates has long been on record calling for large-scale depopulation.  And the evidence of vaccine injuries – intended mass depopulation all along? – is staggering.

Two key enablers for the globalists’ “Great Reset” plan for total control over the human population are Digital ID and the Abolition of Cash.  These will be covered in a separate article.

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