The World Economic Forum (WEF) and its captured politicians in many countries, including Australia, are hell-bent on digitalizing the existence of all of us. 

This stuff has been creeping on us already over time.  For years, governments and Big Tech have been spying on us, because our mobile phones are capable of tracking our every move, even when turned off.  Just a bit more recently, think of QR barcode scanners to mark off your attendance at various places.  The Australian government abolished paper tax packs a number of years back, forcing you to use the MyGov digital portal.  For some years now too, we’ve had digital personal health records which any doctor – or the government – can access:  how convenient! – though in theory, if you’re concerned about privacy, you could opt out.  Coles and Woolworths have Flybuys and Rewards cards.  Their purpose?  It’s not to return significant rewards to you, but to track your every purchase and target you for advertising so you’ll buy more from them.  In Facebook, any ad that you click on, and in Google, any search that you make, will hit you pretty soon with targeted advertising.  This can be tiresomely repetitive.

Every time you pay for something by card – whether by credit or Eftpos – there’s a permanent record stored in your bank account.   Convenient certainly – but not only for you (if you want to review your spending), but also for any government that wants to pry into your spending habits.  Your privacy gone. 

The power of governments over banking was hugely abused by Canada’s Justin Trudeau in February 2022 when he invoked the Emergencies Act to crack down on anti-vaccine mandate protests.  Without any need for court orders, he ordered banks to freeze personal accounts of anyone linked with the protests.  Cretinous behaviour.

A few months ago, the Australian government released a proposal for an Australian Digital ID system.  Its website – – says “Your Digital ID makes accessing government services online simpler, safer and more secure.  It helps you verify who you are when you want to access government services online.”  It exults that the proposed system is Convenient (use it on the go, at any time of day), Efficient (save you time), Reusable (whenever you are asked to prove who you are), Private (you can be confident your information is private and protected!) and – what bliss! – Secure, so you don’t need to remember passwords!

Trojan horse, anyone?

Yes, digital ID may remove the pain of handing over physical copies of your driver’s licence, passport and birth certificate when renewing your Working with Children Check or setting up a new bank account.

Digital ID technologies are powerful and carry risks.  They can include facial verification technology that matches an individual’s face data against a recorded reference image. It may also incorporate “liveness detection”, which checks that the face to be verified belongs to a genuine individual requesting a service in real time (as opposed to a photograph, for example).   New South Wales is pushing a digital identity initiative that uses both these technologies.

A Digital ID system collects sensitive personal information.  What if this is hacked – like the details of many customers of Optus, Medicare and other companies?  The government has admitted very clearly that Australian governments and companies are already being subjected to a high level of ongoing cyber attack.

Initiatives being advanced right now by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations promise to make the digitalization of our personal identities a dystopian nightmare in which an unelected class of foreign predators and  international bureaucrats will eventually be able to introduce Chinese-style social credit scores, carbon credits, vaccine passports and cashless Central Bank Digital Currency. There will be a global, Artificial Intelligence surveillance regime not unlike that presciently described in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

What’s a “social credit score?”  A mark the government can assign you to signify how closely you toe the line of approved behaviour.  In China, an algorithm generates a credit score for you, and your rating determines your eligibility for loans, jobs, access to social services, access to the internet, access to planes and trains, school admission and scholarships, overseas travel, access to hotels, and insurance premiums.  You step out of line?  Privileges withdrawn. 

Remember how in Australian states, if you couldn’t produce a proof of vaccination against Covid-19, you were excluded from government venues, cinemas, restaurants and more?  That’s a small foretaste. 

The Davos crowd, the WEF, want all of us to have a biometric digital ID, as a key component of their “fourth industrial revolution” and its stated transhumanistic objective of permanently connecting all humans to technology to achieve all-pervasive surveillance and subjugation of the population.   

The scope for totalitarian control will be endless.  Every time you express an opinion on social media, every time you send an email, it can be recorded against your digital ID.  

The World Health Organization (an organ of the UN) is pushing governments to sign up to a global Pandemic Treaty, supposedly to deal with foreshadowed future nasty pandemics.   Nothing better than scaring the sheep to make them want to comply!  This treaty would track your individual vaccine uptake, and sanction you if you don’t comply.   Big Pharma and its investors will have it permanently made.

The abolition of cash is being sold to the multitudes as a great boon for convenience.  It will massively increase the profits and power of the banks, because every bank transfer – now the only form of legal tender – makes money for them.  But it will also enable the tracking of every financial transaction you make. 

But there’s more.  Your government (or supra-national authorities) will have digital, real-time ability to track every dollar spent by every citizen, and dictate where you could spend it.  They will also have the means to shut off the tap instantly should the citizen not obey their wishes.   Overstep your allotted carbon footprint?   No meat today.   Donate to a cause or a religious institution the authorities don’t like?  Your card is turned off, and you have no way of seeking financial help from others, as the only transfer of money is digital, and you’re out of the system.

In 2022 the investigative journalist Nick Corbishley, based in Barcelona, published a useful book titled SCANNED:  Why vaccine passports and Digital Ids will mean the end of privacy and personal freedom.  His book exposes the lies and overreach that underpin the wholesale erosion of personal freedoms that is already now happening at an alarming rate.  Vaccine passports represent an unprecedented violation of privacy and bodily autonomy.  Digitalization of ID will see the creation of a starkly different form of existence in which most of us will have virtually no agency over our own lives.  Basic freedoms and privacy are being handed over to the state and private companies without our knowledge or consent.  

It is VITAL that people resist Digital ID and all the ramifications it enables.  Do not submit!  Tell others the implications of this totalitarian game plan, tell your elected MPs that you oppose it, and DO NOT COMPLY. 

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