By David Truman

The idea that while Communist is left, Fascist means right is a delusion, a myth.  BOTH were socialist:  both believed in the all-encompassing Big State, and both were totalitarian, believing that the individual was totally subject to the State’s aims and policies.  

Both were and are mortal enemies of Classical Liberals who believe in individual freedom.  Both share the same fundamental ethic that the end justifies the means.  This is a common feature of all totalitarianisms, including Islam.

In the early 1920s, the European fascists initially had friendly dealings with the Russian Bolsheviks, but they split over one core issue:  the Bolsheviks were INTERNATIONAL socialists (as the Trotskyists still are today, believing in world revolution and the abolition of national differences);  while the Fascists were NATIONAL socialists who believed in the nation state and sought to make it strong and advance its interests over those of others.  

Fascism began in Italy, and in Germany a little later it morphed into something worse (Nazism) through the addition of anti-Semitism (which was not part of Mussolini’s Italy).  But Communists and Fascists were BOTH LEFT WING – both socialists.   True, the European Fascists didn’t nationalize all private industry, but they brought its owners to heel in a corporatist Big State with essentially the same ultimate agenda as the Communists.

Ratchet ahead now to today.  How is it that the “Antifa” rent-a-crowd, and their hangers-on in the Socialist Alternative, Socialist Alliance, Socialist Party, Socialist Equality Party and the more cretinous of the Greens, habitually demonize ordinary CONSERVATIVE Mums and Dads as “fascists”?  Huh?!

It goes back to the Frankfurt School.  This was an immensely influential and culturally destructive set of Marxist theorists who fled from Germany to the USA in the 1930s with the aim of bringing down Western civilization by whiteanting and destroying its cultural values and institutions from within.  The Frankfurt School developed the whole miserable agenda of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS – the production of a society of emasculated liars – and launched an onslaught on Christianity and all the values and cultural institutions of Western civilization including the family, patriarchy, morality, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, ethno-centricity and tradition. 

It identified VICTIM GROUPS – marginalized blacks, women, gays, trasnsgenders, and now you can add Muslims – as torchbearers for attacking the West and its values, since the working class (so central to Marxist theory) were simply not interested in revolution.  It spread false narratives that rewrite history, and planted CULTURAL PESSIMISM and loss of faith by the West in itself.  (Hence the divisive and self-hating “Invasion” rather than “settlement” of modern Australia.)

The Frankfurt School theorist Theodor Adorno published an extraordinary book called “The Authoritarian Personality” in 1950.  This claimed that people holding “conservative” views (views opposed to communism) scored higher on the so-called F-scale (F for Fascism) and were hence in dire need of therapy!  Other theorists including Herbert McClosky and Lionel Trilling diagnosed conservatives as a pre-fascist “personality type” and pushed the line that conservatism was at best the human face of the madness of Nazi-style fascism.   Absolute nonsense.

The Frankfurt School theorists went further, and identified what they now called “Fascism“ – in an extraordinary hijacking of the language – as a psychological defence mechanism against change generally.  They now asserted that ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH THE AIMS, SCOPE AND METHODS OF MARXISM (also known as progressivism, or the hijacked word “liberalism” in North America) IS SUFFERING FROM A MENTAL DEFECT, COMMONLY KNOWN AS FASCISM.

So what do we make of the Antifa “anti-fascist” rabble that come out regularly to disrupt rallies by ordinary Mums and Dads to protest against the Islamization of our country?  They are brainwashed illiterates.   Antifa use the violent tactics of the fascists (and of course the communists) that they claim to despise, while the conservatives they demonize are almost entirely law-abiding and peaceful.  Antifa are hypocrites, subversives and fools – deluded Marxist enemies of Western civilization.

And what do we make of the term “Extreme Right” now?  Here also, the language has been outrageously hijacked.  The term used to mean the most implacable opponents of any economic  or social change that would disadvantage the ruling class.  Now it is used as a term of abuse to demonize ordinary socially conservative citizens who affirm and defend the values and institutions of pluralist Western democracy and the Judeo-Christian tradition.  Conservatives believe in the GENUINE diversity found in independent sovereign nation-states, not the imposed homogenization pushed by the Unholy Left.  Conservatives oppose supra-national busybody bureaucracies like the EU and the UN, while the Left seeks to extinguish national freedoms.

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