Freedom and Heritage heard that in 2017 this billboard in Cranbourne, a suburb of Melbourne (south of Dandenong and Narre Warren), was endorsed by the Victorian Government and Australia Day Council.

The image shows only Muslims in Hijabs.  Not traditional Buddhists, not Sikhs, not orthodox Jews, not even ordinary majority Australians – just Muslims.  But the fact is, REAL Australians don’t wear headbags.  Most of us regard headbags as a symbol of Islam’s imprisonment and commodification of women, and a spitting in the face of the core Australian value that men and women are equal.

This is an attempt – yet another one – at Orwellian manipulation of the populace.  Do the Victorian government and the Australia Day Council think Australians are fools?

Since when was Islam itself “inclusive”?  Islam uses our multiculturalism to advance the cause of its own MONOculture.  But this understanding seems to be rocket science for our multiculti politicians and administrative class.

Remember how in 2016, the Australian of the Year competition was hijacked by Cultural Marxist bureaucrats who foisted a military officer (General David Morrison) heavily into gender-identity social engineering upon us?  The huge majority of the population don’t applaud that as any sort of ”achievement”.  After this, the credibility of the Australian of the Year competition itself fell to the lowest ever standing in public repute.

And then, there was the Meat and Livestock Australia’s then current campaign understood clearly to be in the context of Australia Day (coming on 26 January), but not once mentioning Australia Day.

The ad opens on a beach, with two indigenous Australians preparing to light up a barbie, before various settlers begin arriving by boat — the First Fleet, the French, the Russians, Chinese, Greeks, Italians — finally ending with a boatload of asylum seekers approaching the shore.  “Hang on. Aren’t we all boat people?” former MasterChef contestant Poh Ling Yeow asks, to cheers from the crowd.  Lamb, according to the MLA, is “the most multicultural meat”.

Really?  This is classic Leftist, pro-Open-Borders garbage of a type which the Australian electorate has decisively rejected.  It airbrushes all the issues of uncontrolled immigration of people many of whom REJECT our values of tolerance and inclusion and who seek to subvert and endanger our community safety.

The Left runs a constant, destructive narrative that belittles and seeks to tear down long-established values and replace them with “progressivism” – Cultural Marxist ideas built around the endlessly growing Big State and the extinguishment of national identity.

In the United States, nearly all of the mainstream media push FAKE NEWS – propaganda for the left wing agenda rather than objective and fair reporting of real news.

The New York Times used to boast “All the news that’s fit to print.”  Now, it’s “All the news that FITS [our narrative], we print.”  Same is true in Australia with the ABC and the Fairfax media.  This is social engineering, people.  WAKE UP.  Reject it.

Freedom and Heritage suggests that people who see through this social engineering bullshit should respond at the ballot box by refusing to vote for the major parties (and of course the Greens) who push this sort of stuff; AND boycott all businesses and media whose advertising and “news” narrative pushes multiculti rubbish.

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