By David Truman

The left ruins everything.

It has all the bases – the education system, the mainstream media, much of the judiciary, many industry leaders (products of the left-captured education system), both the major parties, and Greens with a worldview based on communism and social engineering.

Australia’s political majors are Tweedledum and Tweedledee on economic policy, social policy, the endlessly growing Big State, burgeoning regulation and burdens on productive businesses by red, green, and prospectively black tape;  and the “need” to destroy our civil rights and freedoms. 

The leftist narrative hates patriotism, destroys national unity, denies the existence of absolute truth, embraces hateful ideologies (communism and Islam), pushes pessimism about our history, sees nothing good in our present, and tells us we are all racists, bigots, phobics of various kinds, and generally horrible people.  It pushes globalism, open borders, and the corrupt and colossally wasteful United Nations – a sheltered workshop for failed socialist politicians.

Around the world, the West is in serious and if continued, terminal decline.  We import the third world out of commitment to tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism.  Then we do nothing when our societies are racked with welfare parasitism, crime, and loss of community cohesion and safety.  We deny the validity and value of our own culture.  We tear out its roots in Christianity.

Europe’s protracted and continuing Islamic invasion has produced crime, and loss of personal safety, no-go areas, violence and rape, burning and desecration of churches. 

The deliberately engineered Covid pandemic has curtailed personal freedoms, destroyed thousands of small businesses while hugely advantaging big businesses and the personal interests of major players, destroyed honesty pertsonal relationships between doctors and patients because of the totalitarian edicts of the medical regulation agency (AHPRA) and – certainly by design – created astronomical profits for Big Pharma. 

China’s Communist Party has infiltrated and outright bought astoundingly pervasive influence in our economies, universities, and political institutions, while compromising the cyber security of companies and utilities.

China can now paralyze much of our infrastructure, while laughing as we have outsourced almost all our manufacturing capabilities to China and, courtesy of an intellectually challenged Minister for Energy (Chris Bowen), we – unbelievably! – pursue renewable technologies that make us still more comprehensively dependent on China.  Where is our determined response to China’s declaration of war on us?  Meanwhile, woke nonsense continues in our military.  The Chinese must be really impressed at our pandering to transgenderism in the military.

The United States has allowed the Deep State’s stealing of the presidency by a demented and criminal nonentity with a criminal son, while the Vice-President and emergency replacement for Biden is a joke. 

The United States is rapidly writing its own epitaph as mental delusions and violence multiply and half the opulation hates the other half.  

Almost the whole West – with honourable exceptions for Hungary and Poland – is in civilizational free-fall, racked by self-created loss of belief in itself and by mass immigration of people who refuse to assimilate and even hate the host culture. 

The Anglosphere in particular is now a basket case.  The United States is ruled by the putrid, Deep-State Democrats.  Canada has a Prime Minister who’s a caricature of woke bullshit and who appropriates whichever other culture he is visiting. 

New Zealand recently got rid of a PM who was a Fabian socialist, a politically correct apologist for Islam, and a destroyer of national unity through co-governance by Maori Iwi elites who have been systematically plundering the resources of ALL the people of New Zealand.  It now has another Prime Minister equally evil and woke. 

Australia’s current Prime Minister is the most leftist ever, presiding over a ruinously divisive campaign to insert racist privilege into the Constitution and reward corrupt indigenous elites with an unremovable gravy train.  

Britain has a Hindu as Prime Minister, a Muslim as Lord Mayor of London, and a Muslim as Chief Minister of Scotland.


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