By David Truman

You’re used to the words homophobia, Islamophobia and more recently transphobia.  Here’s a new one that needs to become mainstream:  ANGLOPHOBIA

While “Islamophobia” is a delusion (as it is certainly not irrational to fear and despise a murderously intolerant belief system), ANGLOPHOBIA is a shorthand term that describes the now pervasive discrimination against, not only British, but all people of European extraction.

Harry Richardson and Frank Salter have recently published a book comprehensively documenting this (ISBN Number 978-0-6457163-2-0 – published by Social Technologies in Sydney, 2022).

A series of short VIDEOS outlining the issues is being made on What is Anglophobia? The first two videos are:
Part 1:
Part 2:

More information is obtainable from .

CULTURAL MARXISM (see separate article on this website) attacks all the institutions and values of European, or more precisely, Western civilization.  A strong element of it is the fostering of cultural pessimism – the lie that all of European history is nothing more than a story of racism, imperialism, colonialism, and genocide.  Bleeding-heart leftists who demonstrate their own self-hatred dishonestly ignore the fact that virtually all other cultures have perpetrated or tried to perpetrate the same things, while having contributed far less to human advancement in science, technology, medicine, infrastructure, economic growth and conditions for human flourishing – including in colonized countries.

The benefits to colonized countries have included systems of constitutional governance, principles such as free speech and the rule of law, English Common Law (conferred on all the people of New Zealand by the Treaty of Waitangi 1840), the ending of practices such as slavery and suttee (the burning of widows in pre-colonial India on the funeral pyres of their husbands), the material and cultural wealth of industry and science, and the Western canon of art, literature, music and architecture.

In Australia, leftists ignore the huge achievement by the founders, pioneers, builders and defenders of our magnificent modern Australian nation.  They attack our right to celebrate the foundation of our nation (Australia Day) and the flag which symbolizes the origin of our Westminster system of government and our location in the southern hemisphere.

The Arabs subjugated all of North Africa and the Middle East in less than a hundred years, and ruled Spain for 700 years.  Genghis Khan and his Mongols built the greatest contiguous empire the world has ever seen, and enslaved the Russian lands for 240 years.   Timur of Samarkand likewise created an empire built on blood and cruelty, and almost exterminated Christianity in Iraq. The Muslim conquest of India was the bloodiest genocide in human history (70 or 80 million people).  The Ottoman empire and its vassal the Crimean Khanate enslaved huge numbers of European people and sold them in the slave markets of Istanbul.  The trade in African slaves was overwhelmingly organized by Africans and Arabs – Americans and Europeans were the buyers, not the “harvesters.”  The sins of European imperialism were certainly not unique – but its achievements are.


Harry Richardson and Frank Salter define Anglophobia as hostility towards, aversion to, or discrimination against Anglo people.  It can be displayed by non-Anglos, by other white ethnicities, and by Anglos themselves.  Hostility and suspicion toward Anglo and white Australians have become systemic within multicultural institutions.

Anglophobia helps to motivate policies which disadvantage the Anglo majority.  These include unrestricted large-scale immigration that is transforming our society.  They also include assaults on the Anglo identity of children by the school system.  Look at the current events in France:  protracted endemic violence by Muslim (mostly north African) immigrants against the native French, with hundreds of areas now off-limits to the police as well as the citizenry in “no-go” areas. 

The same is true of Sweden.  And in Britain, politically correct self-hatred by the police for many years has given get-out-of-jail-free cards to Pakistani rape gangs, while native British campaigners against this, like Tommy Robinson, have been vilified and jailed.

Multiculturalism is often aggressive towards the host ethnic group.  The Multicultural Queensland Advisory Council includes no representative from the host (Anglo) community. An approach seeking inclusion of the host community was rebuffed by the Labor state government.


Anglophobia demonizes Anglos in many ways.  It claims they

1. Are inherently evil.

2. Detract from but never enhance diversity.   [COMMENT:  Diversity is not a strength but a dilution]

3. Are responsible for any and all negative actions of members of their race throughout history, because

  • They engaged in colonialism which was universally bad,
  • Owe reparations for slavery or other harmful practices carried out by other Anglo or white people before they were born. Therefore they
  • Should have their children taught to believe that their own people, history, traditions and culture have transgressed the rights of non-European ethnic groups.

4. Are considered prone to racism according to the ideology of “Critical Race Theory”, even when no direct evidence of racism exists.  This means that they

  • Are considered guilty of holding “white supremacist” beliefs for simply expressing or advocating on behalf of white or Anglo identity.
  • Are uniquely culpable of racism due to their power over non-whites always and everywhere.
  • Must be racist because they are on average wealthier, healthier, or better educated than some other racial or ethnic groups.

5. Must be denied the freedom of speech required to promote or pursue the interests of their group, unlike other racial or ethnic groups, and

  • Should have their free speech right to express ethnic identity regulated by multicultural agencies such as the Human Rights Commission.
  • Should have their expressions of ethnic or cultural pride, solidarity, and identity blocked or removed from media platforms.

6. Must not be allowed a homeland in which they may remain the majority.

7. May have their cultural and religious traditions trivialised, denigrated or eradicated.

Anglo Australians are routinely discriminated against in employment and promotion, despite (or more likely because of) an elaborate system of so-called equal opportunity legislation and accompanying bureaucracies.


Hostility towards Anglo ethnicity and culture has been increasing since the 1960s.  Biased news reports, documentaries and commentaries especially from the ABC and SBS and leftist academics push negative images of white Australians.  School curriculums and rituals are systematically Anglophobic – saluting the flag at school assembly has disappeared.   Multiculturalism has become cultural warfare designed to harm Anglos demographically, economically, and psychologically.

Vilification of white people as evil has reached epidemic proportions in the United States.  In the US in 2021, Coca-Cola required its trainees to complete online lessons in how to “try to be less white”.  The lesson taught that whites are oppressive, arrogant, defensive, ignorant, apathetic, and racist.

In fact, Anglos are among the world’s most individualist and least collectivist (in other words, non “racist”) cultures.  They generally do NOT show fear and loathing of strangers (xenophobia) or stigmatize others on the basis of their ethnicity. 

Freedom and Heritage urges readers to read Harry Richardson and Frank Salter’s book on Anglophobia. It’s time to fight back against this war on our white, European, Western culture. This is not racist but simply affirms and defends our own culture.

Around 200 BC, a Jewish sage, wrote this in Sirach (or Ecclesiasticus) 13:15-16Every creature prefers its own kind, and people are no different.   Just as animals of the same species flock together, so people keep company with people like themselves.

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