For many hundreds of years, the main challenge to the West was jihadist Islam.  In the seventh and eighth centuries it conquered the Holy Land, all of north Africa, Spain and Portugal and up to central France (stopped by Charles Martel at Tours in 732);  then Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica.  And then, all of the Balkans and up to Hungary (occupied from 1526 to 1687). 

In the middle of the sixteenth century Busbecq, ambassador of the Holy Roman empire at the court of Sűleyman the Magnificent, expressed deep misgivings about the survival of Christian Europe under the threat of overwhelming Ottoman power, and wrote in a letter:

Persia alone interposes in our favour, for the enemy, as he hastens to attack, must keep an eye on this menace in his rear. … Persia is only delaying our fate;  it cannot save us.   When the Turks have settled with Persia they will fly at our throats, supported by the might of the whole East;  how unprepared we are I dare not say.

The naval Battle of Lepanto in 1571 was a desperate defence by the Holy League against the Turks.   The Holy League was a coalition of the Republic of Venice, the Papacy [under Pope Pius V], Spain [including Naples, Sicily and Sardinia], the Republic of Genoa, the Duchy of Savoy, the Knights Hospitaller and others.  The battle was fought at the northern edge of the Gulf of Patras, off western Greece.   Europe remained in great fear until the Battle (or second siege) of Vienna in 1683, when the Ottomans were decisively defeated at the gates of Vienna by a coalition of armies commanded by King Jan III Sobieski of Poland – well regarded as the saviour of Europe.   After 1683, the Ottoman state greatly weakened, leading Russian tsar Nicholas I to characterize it in 1853 as “the sick man of Europe.”

The Battle of Vienna in 1683 which stopped the Ottoman advance took place on September 11-12.   That date should ring a bell.  The timing of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001 on that date was not a coincidence.  It shows the long memory and hate by Islamic jihad of western civilization.

Hijra – Migration to spread Islam

After 1683, Islam’s advance was stilled until the start of huge waves of Muslim “refugees” in the late twentieth century and continuing to now.  This has been encouraged by treasonous European politicians like the UK’s Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Sweden’s Stefan Löfven and others.

Islam has been a millennium-long military threat to the West, but we now face something worse:  its inexorable penetration into our societies partly by immigration and birthrate, and especially by the “tolerant” political correctness and deliberate facilitation by historically, theologically and morally illiterate useful idiots.  These people label any criticism or apprehension concerning Islam as “racist” and “Islamophobia.”


Islamophobia is a term of abuse invented in the early 1980s by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a subgroup of the Muslim Brotherhood.  It sought to characterize as a phobia (ie, an irrational fear or hatred) what is actually a sane, justified and morally correct response to the evil that is Islam.

The IIIT  came up with this bright shiny word ‘Islamophobia’ after seeing the success that ‘gay rights’ groups in the West had had by labelling anti-gay hatred as ‘homophobia’.  Like Trotsky’s coining of “Racism” in 1927 as term of abuse to shut down any criticism of his totalitarian communist ideology, “Islamophobia” was coined to close down any criticism of Islam by portraying it as a VICTIM.  Colossal irony, when Islam has created more victims over the past 1400 years than all other religious and political movements combined.  Just look today at the ongoing attempted genocide of Christians in Nigeria, for one example.

Islamization is a grave threat to Western civilization.  A second, and now more important because it is suicide of our own culture, is Cultural Marxism in all its manifestations.  We look at this now, but after that, the third grave threat, and the most recent, is the rise and pursuit of world hegemony of an aggressive Communist China.

Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is the ideological driver behind Political Correctness. 

Cultural Marxism was developed by the Frankfurt School from the 1930s.  It is the destructive criticism and undermining of all institutions of Western civilization and the traditional values underpinning it.  These institutions include Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethno-centrism, conservatism.    See more detailed separate article WHAT IS CULTURAL MARXISM?

The Greens are full of this hatred of our civilization, but unfortunately the long march through our institutions goes much wider than the Greens.  It has conquered the media, the education system and much of the judiciary;  whiteanted many of the churches by a neomarxist concept of “social justice” which downplays personal responsibility.  It pushes tolerance of the intolerant and intolerable;  non-judgmentalism (which means having no standards in anything);  denial of absolute truth and its replacement by a quagmire of relativism.  It also imbues many of our young people with cultural pessimism (“everything bad in world history is because of Christian white civilization and its colonialism, racism and fascism”).

The US Democrats are thoroughly enmired in this evil.  So also are many in the Australian and New Zealand Labor parties, and catastrophically, in the major “conservative” parties as well. 

Our society is in big trouble.  We need to reconnect with the foundational values and beliefs that made our civilization so successful, good and FREE.

Lastly, CHINA

The rise of a suddenly aggressive China is a new and pressing threat.  We have made ourselves economically very vulnerable by the outsourcing of huge swathes of our industrial capacity through our ideological fixation on globalism and disregard of national interest.   We have also allowed very dangerous penetration of our critical institutions and political class by operatives of the Chinese Communist Party.  This is worth detailed examination in a separate article.

Some very relevant books you should read about this:

February 2018.  Explains the CCP’s influence and interference operations in Australia, the structure of its overseas influence network, and the techniques it uses. Australia’s elites are the target of sophisticated influence operations, and parts of the large Chinese-Australian diaspora have been mobilised to buy access to politicians, limit academic freedom, intimidate critics, collect information for Chinese intelligence agencies, and protest in the streets against Australian government policy.
May 2021.  Shows how Australia woke up to China’s challenge and explores what comes next.  Will we see a further deterioration in relations, or is there a smarter way to deal with an authoritarian superpower?  Hartcher shines new light on Beijing’s overt and covert campaign for influence – over – over trade and defence, media and politics.  And he looks at the Australian response so far and assesses its effectiveness.
Published June 2020.  Exposes the Chinese Communist Party’s global program of influence and subversion, and the threat it poses to democracy.

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