Australia pulls out of the UN Global Compact on Migration


Australia has joined the US and Hungary in pulling out of the UN Global Compact on Migration.

Reported on pages 1-2 of The Australian, 3 August 2018:.

This is a SPLENDID decision by the Australian government and a long overdue poke in the eye to the United Nations bureaucrats who want to destroy national sovereignty.

Australian negotiators repeatedly warned officials that the UN was adopting requirements that threatened national sovereignty.  They also warned that the Global Compact on Migration contained ill-considered policies, would endanger lives and risked giving legitimacy to “unsafe, disorderly and irregular migration”.

The concerns of our negotiators about sovereignty were accepted yesterday by the government, which joined the US and Hungary in withdrawing from the pact.

 Commitments in the compact failed to make clear distinctions between regular and irregular migrants and between refugees and migrants.  Australia already has 28% of its people born overseas.  The Compact’s principle that “migration should be lawful” disregards Australia’s record of building a nation on orderly migration and spits in the face of our need to protect our borders.

The final version of the pact, dated July 11, subjects the migration policies of signatories to a series of requirements and to biennial reports to the UN General Assembly that will compare the migration policies of signatory nations against the requirements set down in the compact.  Australia’s ratification would have confronted the nation with the prospect of the UN demanding major changes to our migration system, including to the current detention regime  for illegal migrants.

The particularly obnoxious Objective 17 requires governments to “shape perceptions of migration by sensitising and educating journalists and withholding public funding and material support from publications that promote intolerance of migrants.”  This is blatant social engineering of public attitudes towards migration to make them more positive – even though the experience of external “migration”, especially in Europe, is of REPLACEMENT OF THE NATIVE POPULATION BY BARBARIANS.

Australia Wakeup wishes that NEW ZEALAND would now pull out too, and likewise CANADA.  Of course, having sensible leaders in those two countries would help!

The UN is a disaster.  It employs huge numbers of otherwise unemployable bureaucrats at astoundingly high, tax-free salaries.  It destroys sovereignty – have you checked out Agenda 2030, previously known as Agenda 21?  Its record in settling past conflicts has been abysmal.  It is riddled with financial and political corruption.  AUSTRALIA SHOULD GET OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS.


  1. At last a sensible decision by the Australian government. Long overdue but worth waiting for. The UN has outlived its usefulness. It was conceived at a time when the world had emerged from great turmoil, millions of people had been dispossessed and nations needed to be rebuilt. That all happened 70 + years ago. Times have changed. New little tin pot nations have been created with voices on a par with the major wealth producing nations and they cannot sustain themselves. They have invented the downtrodden coloured man syndrome and expect the major powers to underwrite their budgets. If a country cannot stand on its own two feet it should merge with another that can.The UN is a self perpetuating irrelevance and needs to be disbanded. Why do we need a UN as well as NATO, the EU, ASEAN, the British Commonwealth of nations, NAFTA, ANZUS and all the rest. Trade and defence are all dealt with elsewhere. Visit the UN building in New York and you will see how irrelevant this organisation is.

  2. As an Australian AND German citizen residing in Germany at present, I have pnly one hint to give towards my fellow Australians:

    Please don’t up OZ the same way Germany did!
    Ignoring the majority, millions of analphabets and violent, uneducated an women oppressing muslims were allowed to come into the country.

    Please don’t stuff up our beautiful and save Australia!


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