An Informal Talk with TOMMY ROBINSON, British Patriot Extraordinaire


Harry Richardson, author of The Story of Mohammed – Islam unveiled,” has been in the UK and managed to track down and have this discussion with Tommy Robinson in Manchester.  Harry is now back in Australia.

Tommy has been in prison allegedly for contempt of court, after he filmed proceedings outside a court in Leeds that was trying members of yet another Muslim rape gang.

He says in the interview, “We live in a post free speech era” and gives several examples of people who have lost their jobs because they supported him.  Harry tells him about the maiden speech by Senator Fraser Anning in the Australian Parliament, which led the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to sack four Queensland parliamentary staffers of Katter’s Australian Party because the KAP refused to disown the speech.  In doing this she said “We have freedom of speech in this country, but not free of consequences.”

So, as Tommy says, the Truth has become “hate speech.”

Tommy drops these statistics:  There are 22,000 Muslim extremists on the terror watch list in Britain.  Three thousand of them are on watch 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  And it is costing the British taxpayer nine billion pounds a year to monitor these people.

Tommy describes the political takeover of places like Luton, where the British Labour Party has sold out the native population to ensure the support of Pakistani and Bangladeshi voters.  He says, “if the British public were fully aware of what the future is going to hold for their children, I think there’d be a revolution tomorrow.”

Harry is absolutely correct when he says that people are not even so much angry with the Muslims as angry with the government, because it constantly lies to the population about coexisting with Islam.  NO people anywhere have ever been able to do this in peace.

HARRY HAS WRITTEN THE FOLLOWING LETTER to all Australia Wakeup subscribers.  (Australia Wakeup is a brand of the Freedom and Heritage Society of Australia):

Dear Australia Wake Up Subscriber,

I am writing this from England where I have been visiting family for the last ten days or so. While here I was able to catch up with Tommy Robinson and record an interview.  As you can imagine Tommy is frantically busy, so the interview was an impromptu affair at a café in Manchester.

Fortunately, I was ready to interview Tommy.  Thanks to your regular donations we have been able to purchase the equipment needed to capture moments such as this.  Therefore, I had the gear to record the entire interview in extremely challenging circumstances and captured reasonably clear sound with reasonable definition (I have lowered the play levels somewhat for Youtube).  I also edited the recording with software purchased thanks to donations from you and our other supporters.

This interview will be uploaded on to the Pickering Post in the very near future.  Once that happens, it will be in the public domain.  However, since Australia Wake Up supporters helped to make this happen, I believe you deserve to see it first.

The video is on Youtube as a private video and cannot be found by a search. I have kept it that way deliberately, the video will not become public knowledge until I have left the UK.  As Tommy points out in the video, 12 people every day are arrested in the UK for “hate speech.” I have no wish to be one of them.

Please do not share a link to this video until it has been released on the Pickering Post.  We will send you a notification when this happens, once it does, you can share as widely as possible.

For now, make yourself a cup of coffee, turn up the speakers and enjoy this interview with one of the most incredible patriots of our times.

A huge thank you to members of Australia Wake Up.  Your generous donations and support helped to make this possible.

Harry Richardson
Australia Wake Up


  1. Hello Harry.Nice work you are doing. Tommy is legend. The good people must stand up and demand real justice. Think this New World order Bullshit is definitely out of the question.
    Thanks for being a real Australian and speaking up for real justice.


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