On March 15, 2019 Dr Bill Warner,  founder of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, made this 25 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvmnpovzjAI –
on the topic:

Why political Islam is winning today in the United States, why we are losing, and how that can be corrected

Here are some of his messages.

Muslims are running for office, and winning.  This is a strategy planned 20 years ago.  Civilizational Jihad is proceeding to plan: this is exactly how the Muslim Brotherhood envisioned the takeover of America, through non-violent infiltration of our institutions. Unfortunately those people who should have pushed back at this are asleep at the wheel.

Comment on Australia, in passing: The same is happening here.

The leaders of Islam in the United States are very clear about their objective.  It is, in the long term, to make America – ALL of America – Muslim.  Running for elected office is just part of this.  Capturing the education system is also a vital part, as is whiteanting the organs of kaffir (non-Muslim) culture, including corrupting the churches. 

In this five minute video from 1989, Muslim Professor Sharifa Alkhateeb shares with a Muslim audience that “the ultimate goal of Muslim education in America is to make all of America Muslim, and being very calculated about it.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll7oqazZIUo

For the kaffir, the non-Muslim, there is no strategic vision.  We need to DO something.  That doesn’t mean just forwarding an email, or giving a link to a web page.  Doing something means on a regular basis.  There’s a difference from Muslims here:  they want to win.  When you deal with us, we want to tie – because we’re “nice people”.  Nice is killing us.  You need to have something behind the smile that’s a strategic vision. 

We have a near enemy and a far enemy.  The near enemy are those who support Islam even though they’re not Muslims.   WHAT’S KILLING US IS THE NEAR ENEMY.  This includes Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. Also part of the near enemy are the churches who are absolutely silent in the face of persecution of Christians around the world.

The far enemy is Political Islam itself.  But the near enemy is who we need to attack.  Never mind attacking Muslims.  We need to attack those who refuse to stand up for the persecuted church.  We will defeat the far enemy by defeating the near enemy.

Political Islam does it so well.  It can raise large amounts of money quickly – for political office campaigns, and for lawfare, frivolous lawsuits to take down its opponents.  They are generous with their contributions because their Koran commands them to be generous.  . 

We are careful about slander, meaning something that is false;  but for Muslims , slander is just something they don’t like.  We fall into the trap of not wanting to offend, but that is subjecting ourselves to sharia law. 

Censorship is our main problem now. 

We are involved in a civilizational war.  Our civilization is based on two principles:  the Golden Rule – the ethical cornerstone;  and Critical Thought – our intellectual foundation.  Political Islam can’t out-debate with thinkers like Bill Warner, Robert Spencer and others, so they seek just to turn the channel off. 

This might cause us to start meeting each other more.  Face to face is good.

We are losing because we act like losers.  At a Muslim meeting you’ll hear Allahu akbar!   At our meetings you hear What are we going to do?  With two teams preparing like that before a big game, who would you bet on winning?  The good morale team, or the bad morale team?

Sweden is toast, France is going down, the English are rubbish.  We need to be optimistic and stop talking like losers. 

Those foundations that should be supporting us are not doing that.  These include law enforcement, universities, pulpits.  The strongest support for the Muslims is the pulpit.  The Muslims tell the law enforcement people and political leaders “We just want to have our religion and not be victims.” 

Ministers of religion hear from Muslims “We all worship the same God.”  And the minister says “Yep, that’s true.” 

Muslims are converting children in school.  They’re trained how to do so.  The first step in converting children is to say “We all worship the same God.”  That gives them a toehold.  This is classical Dawah (Muslim proselytizing) technique. 

In the churches, women in the church need to explain to their younger sisters what Love Jihad is.  And they need to tell the children that when they tell you we worship the same God, that is not true.

We who oppose Islam must be unified, and stop fragmenting and picking on each other – Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Jesuits, etc. 

The textbooks are now biased.  So, where’s the outrage, the righteous indignation? 

We can win, if we decide that it’s War, instead of Be Nice. 

We can win because for the first time in human history, the doctrine of Islam has been made easy to understand – for a start in Tennessee schools.  Also, apostates from Islam are now speaking out and joining together in groups.  An apostate is a wonderful weapon against Islam because they speak Arabic as their native tongue;  and they say “I know Islam enough to have left it.”  So, we have good knowledge, and people to lead us and instruct us on the true nature of Islam, who’ve been inside it, like spies if you like. 

Here’s the Facebook page of Ex-Muslims of Australia: https://www.facebook.com/Ex-Muslims-of-Australia-134542190440271/ .

“The purpose of this page is to discuss the true tenets of Islam, and to help make leaving Islam normal.”

What we need to develop is the mind of War.  This reorganizes your priorities.  What can I do today to put my thumb in Islam’s eye?  I am at War;  most of you are at Worry – what are we going to do? 

In the past, we used Free Speech in civil disobedience.  We need to develop more sass – so that as a group we can present ideas that we cannot present as individuals.   We need a lot more free speech and we need to be radical and not worry about offending our enemies.

You’ll know when this war is being won when Christians start converting Muslims in big batches. 

In the United States, it is estimated that 20% of all Muslims are not really Muslims.  That is, they’ve left Islam, they don’t believe in Allah, or the Koran, but they’re part of a large social community, so they don’t leave publicly, only privately. 

We need to live in a world where Islam can be criticized in the same way as Democrats and Republicans.  Criticism is part of critical thought – we need to develop more of that, more debates, more offending people.  Start offending people! 

What would winning look like?  It would mean that in our schools, we teach the truth about Islam, about the Sunna of Mohammed, and the truth about Sharia.  We need to be able to tell jokes about Mohammed, same as people do now about Jesus and St Peter.  We’ll be winning when Christians become outraged at what happens to Christians in Africa and the Middle East. 

And it is not just the job of Christians, but also of atheists, to tell about what is happening to the human rights of Christians – the most persecuted group on the face of the earth.  Why should a person be criticized, tortured to death, their head cut off, made a sex slave, simply because of what they believe?  Feminists need to oppose Sharia, not feature in parades with hijabs on.  Feminists need to be educated about Sharia and why those hijabs have to be worn. 

We need to talk to Christians from Africa and the Middle East.  Bring apostates from Islam into the church. 


1.  Mapping Islam – who is doing what?  You’ll find the Muslim Brotherhood… and the influence is always in high places.   

2.  Go into every church and ask them, will you pray for the persecuted church? 

Interfaith gatherings might be fabulous things but the Christians and the Jews tend to be prostrating themselves at them.  We need to be prepared for battle.

People who are being persecuted for the Christianity – like Asia Bibi, the Pakistani woman who drank water from a well Muslims thought should be theirs alone – should be given refuge in our country. 

We are losing the war, because the parts of us that should be pushing back are not pushing back – the schools, law enforcement, the military.  The ones we need to oppose are not the Muslims but those who do the bidding of Muslims. 

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