By David Truman, Secretary

This website is intended to be an intellectual resource for people of good will who want to understand what is happening in the world, especially the threats to our freedoms and the bedrock values of our society and institutions. The starting point for this is to understand and value what we have.

We live in a period when Australians, and other Westerners, have never had so much to be grateful for – and yet never have so many people been ungrateful. Cultural pessimism embodying a “black armband view of history,” political correctness and “cancel culture” are key weapons of Cultural Marxism against the values and institutions of Western civilization; and people caught up in this negative worldview too often become Useful Idiots who enable the penetration into our society of Islam, an extremely intolerant ideology.

I was asked several years ago to say what I thought was the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE FACING THE COUNTRY. My answer was and still is this:

The abandonment of our Christian roots and beliefs, and the consequent takeover of our culture, education system and public opinion by leftist, relativist, nihilist and globalist ideas.

These subvert morality, patriotism, and respect for truth by imposing political correctness and fostering indifference to evil. They also destroy the work ethic and the pursuit of excellence.

The website is growing, with much more still to be posted. Articles are presently grouped under these eight categories:

  1. Western and Australian heritage
  2. Cultural Marxism
  3. Multiculturalism and Immigration
  4. Islam
  5. Globalism, Agenda 21 and New World Order
  6. Current Events
  7. Culture War
    8. Freedom and Heritage Society

What is happening in the world? This is a very important question, and unfortunately huge numbers of people do not understand the mega-developments that have been occurring and which have accelerated over the past one to two decades. A key development is the greatly magnified concentration of power in the hands of globalist economic and political elites, a rapid curtailment of personal freedoms, and unfortunately, a preparedness by far too many of the citizenry to accept these controls on their lives out of fear – deliberately engineered fear.

Freedom and Heritage intends to run a RED PILL UNIVERSITY to educate people about the bewildering and baleful complexity of current world developments. We are already doing this in New Zealand and will be shortly starting in Australia.

Watch the website for more information.

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