We are a secular organization of reasoning, temperate individuals who uphold the Christian and humanist heritage of Western values upon which our parliamentary democracy is founded.  

We stand for freedom of speech, freedom of worship or non-worship, freedom of expression, free inquiry, the rule of one secular law for all, and universal human rights.   We especially oppose the threats to our freedoms and heritage posed by political Islam and all manifestations of Islamization in our society, and by the penetration of Cultural Marxism through our institutions.

The Freedom and Heritage Society represents civil society in action.  It advances and shares the critique of and the counterproposal to Islam;  and it seeks to educate, inform and influence policy makers and the general public on ways to defend Western freedoms from Islamism and Cultural Marxism.

We intend to attract and educate large numbers of like-minded people through the effective use of education, training and networking, and to inform and positively influence public opinion by always and everywhere, holding the high moral ground on any issue.  To this end, we will establish and maintain an exemplary image in both actuality and in the mind of the public, and align ourselves only with similarly temperate individuals or groups.

We AFFIRM Australian Values and the merits of Western Civilization – our Christian and humanist heritage.   We COMBAT all threats to our Western freedoms and Western values arising from

  • Islamization in all of its manifestations (eg polygamy, suppression of women’s rights, persecution of minorities, halal food and certification, Sharia finance, segregated Muslim-only facilities, welfare parasitism, corruption of education)
  • Cultural Marxism, especially in the education system and the media, but also, through them, the judiciary, too many industry leaders, and the Zeitgeist – the hijacking of public opinion by the left
  • Multiculturalism (not multi-ethnicity), where this means recognizing minority rights in disregard of the rights of mainstream Australian society and Australian law
  • Immigration by people who have no intention to integrate into our society
  • Political Correctness and attacks on free speech
  • Creeping encroachment by Big Government and interference in our Australian democracy by supra-national rules, UN Conventions and Commissions which impose upon Australians decisions taken by unelected foreigners.  We specifically oppose the UN’s Agenda 21/2030
  • Globalism as pushed by self-appointed elites in the World Economic Forum, or acolytes of it, and nefarious UN bodies such as the World Health Organization.

CONTACT:  The Secretary: sec@freedomandheritage.org.au  or mobile:  0422 076 079

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