Violent Jihad is not dead: we read every week about still more Muslim atrocities against Christians in Nigeria and elsewhere. And it’s alive and murderously dangerous in Europe, the USA and elsewhere in the West.

Putting an effective stop to jihad in Western countries MUST mean that West has to junk multiculturalism.  This is an endless gravy train of taxpayer subsidies to a noisy group whose leaders have no intention of respecting or accepting our values, let alone assimilating.  Multiculturalism is a self-hating mental disease which insists on giving respect where it is neither deserved nor reciprocated;  and which wallows in denigration of the achievements of our own Western civilization.

We must learn to be honestly JUDGMENTAL about what is good and what is bad in our own culture, but most certainly about what is just plain sociopathological in Islam.  

And we must stop making allowances and endless concessions to Islam at the expense and to the profound disrespect of our own culture, values and institutions.  This includes the litany of get-out-of-jail-free cards given to Muslim criminals by police and courts in a travesty of the rule of law (One Law for All); and the PUBLIC funding of “deradicalization” efforts.  These should be paid for by the MUSLIM community – because ITS mosques, prayer halls, bookshops, imams and of course its scriptures, are the cause of the terrorism.   Why should the taxpayer fund deradicalization – when this is yet another financial transfer to bogus and self-serving Muslim “experts”? 

In fact, the evidence for successful deradicalization is very scanty, both in Western countries and in Muslim countries like Indonesia.

In January 2019, an Indonesian husband and wife who had taken part in a government-sponsored deradicalization program carried out a suicide bombing of a Roman Catholic cathedral in the southern Philippines that killed more than 20 people and injured 102 others.


Far better to apply the law firmly:  imprison criminals, deport non-nationals and dual citizens, assert that this is OUR country and you will obey our laws and respect our values and institutions, or you disqualify yourself from living among us.

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