In early 2018, UK journalist Katie Hopkins spoke to an audience in California in this 22 minute video:

She describes the fall of Britain and Sweden under the smothering ideology of multiculturalism and reverse discrimination against the native populationThese developments are unstoppable UNLESS ordinary people refuse and actively oppose the narrative pushed by the government, their instrumentalities and the leftist media.

In her speech Katie Hopkins implores Americans not to allow America to become like Britain.   While Trump’s election forestalled that for four years, the Democrats opposed him all the way and the Biden administration is hell-bent on reversing everything Trump wanted to do to protect the country.

Thank God that Australia is not so far down the road as Britain, but we are certainly travelling the same path, with ghettos in parts of Sydney and Melbourne and forming elsewhere.  We also have many leftist politicians and administrators at federal, state and local level who fawn uncritically over minorities and sing the praises of Multiculturalism.  

And what is Multiculturalism?  A MENTAL DISEASE that holds that

  • All cultures are equal
  • All religions are equally valid, even if incompatible with the host culture
  • The host culture has no special rights
  • Australia even has no culture of its own, but is like a piece of blotting paper that anyone can throw ink onto and create “Australian culture”
  • There is nothing much in our own heritage that we should celebrate and seek to honour and defend
  • Minorities are always ‘victims” and deserve greater rights than the majority
  • Criminal behaviour by immigrants of different culture can always be excused or given a get-out-of-jail-free card in deference to “cultural differences.”  This trumps community safety.

In early February 2018 Pope Francis met President Erdogan of Turkey.  The Turk asked the Pope to endorse his campaign against “Islamophobia”.   In other words, to help run the Fifth Column against the West.

Freedom and Heritage implores people to read the news on the non-mainstream media, be aware of what’s happening in Europe and the rest of the West (including the USA, Canada and New Zealand under Biden, Trudeau and Ardern), and understand that the very existence of Western civilization is now in question.

YOU need to get involved, if you want to stop this happening in our country.  Refuse to vote for treasonous “useful idiots”.   Educate yourself in depth about the issues, particularly Islam and Cultural Marxism, and lobby decision-makers at all levels.   Try to influence politicians and seek to educate their policies. 

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