By  David Truman

In this hard-hitting 13 minute video, Paul Joseph Watson documents the destruction of Paris by “migrants” – overwhelmingly Muslims from North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as elsewhere.

A friend asked me “I wonder if the problem started a centuries ago when these colonial powers interfered in so many countries milked them, forced their own type of governance then walked away. Are they now wearing the consequences of that legacy and failure to remediate?”

This is self-hating cultural pessimism – the mindset that all the ills of the world are the fault of the West.  And orthodox Muslims are exploiting the post-colonial guilt of Westerners in order to colonize the West.

Western colonization of the Islamic world began in 1798 when Napoleon invaded Egypt, to be supplanted in 1801 by the British.  They in turn were forced out by the Mamluks for 75 years from 1807 until 1882, when the British seized control of Egypt, and remained until 1954.

Let’s look in more detail at the history, specifically at North Africa, source of so many Muslim immigrants into France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Ottoman Empire had loosely controlled North Africa since the 16th century, but as it declined, French North Africa came into being in 1830, when the French captured Algiers.  From 1848 Algeria was treated as a part of metropolitan France.  The French established protectorates to the east and west of it, including Tunisia in 1881, and Morocco in 1912. Morocco got its independence in 1955 and Tunisia in 1956.  Algeria became independent in 1962.

After World War One, the Ottoman Empire was dismembered and the League of Nations gave France a mandate over Syria and Lebanon. The mandate system was supposed to differ from colonialism, with the governing country acting as a trustee until the inhabitants were able to replace it by an independent state.  The British had a similar mandate over Iraq effectively until 1932.  The history of the Middle East is complex, reflecting the extremely diverse communities within it.

Western colonialism over the Islamic world began relatively late, but there is much history of ISLAMIC colonialism before that.  The past almost 1400 years saw Islamic conquest of all of these Christian territories: the Holy Land and Levant (636), Egypt (642), Armenia (645), Georgia (654), the Mahgreb in North Africa (647 to 709), and Spain (from 711). The Islamic advance continued into northern France until halted in 732 at Tours by Charles Martel. It took the next 780 years of gradual Reconquista to free Spain finally from Islamic rule in 1492.

The Dark Ages in Europe (from the mid seventh century) were caused by Islamic destruction of the trade routes, including the supply of papyrus from Egypt, and the abandonment of agriculture along the Mediterranean littoral because of the constant danger of Muslim raids. Muslim conquests in the Indian subcontinent mainly took place from the 12th to the 16th centuries, though earlier Muslim conquests made limited inroads into modern Afghanistan and Pakistan as early as the time of the Rajput kingdoms in the 8th century. Afghanistan had been Buddhist.  Islam completely extinguished Buddhism, and the Taliban completed extirpation of even the historical traces when in 2001 they blew up the giant 6th-century Buddha statues at Bamiyan. The Islamic conquest of India was the bloodiest in the history of the world – see video:

The Byzantine Empire was gradually dismembered over hundreds of years by relentless Islamic invasion.  The Ottoman Empire conquered Thrace, Macedonia and Bulgaria (1371 to 1396), Albania (1385), Serbia (from 1389), Bosnia (1463), Croatia (1482 until 1595).  Constantinople, the remaining rump of the Byzantine Empire, fell to the Turks in 1453.  The last states of Greece fell in 1461, Romania (Wallachia and Moldavia) fell in 1476, Hungary was conquered from 1526 until 1687,   Cyprus in 1571.   The Battle of Lepanto (1571) only briefly halted Ottoman advance against the Holy League.  The Ottomans conquered the southern Ukraine in 1676.

In 1529 the Turks laid siege to Vienna. In 1683 the Ottomans were defeated in the pivotal Battle of Vienna, in which the Polish King Jan III Sobieski saved Central Europe from Islam. Note the dates: 11-12 September 1683.   Timing of the attack in 2001 on the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11 was no accident – it was deliberately intended to avenge Islam’s historic defeat in 1683.

The Battle of Vienna was the high point of Islam’s invasion of Europe, as the Ottoman Empire then went into decline.  But all this history shows how misleading and superficial it is for modern-day cultural pessimists racked by Western guilt to look at Western imperialism with no understanding of Islam’s own colonial and imperial role.

Islam has never been a torch, only ever an extinguisher.

The present day invasion of Europe is a mortal danger to Western civilization, and Western “progressives” had better wake up to the enormity of what is happening.

Looking at the situation in France now, one wonders, what will it take for the French population at last to vote for a patriotic politician who will send the army in and remove the barbarians that are destroying this great city, a priceless and irreplaceable centre of European civilization?  Macron is a disgrace. Of course, the leftist intellectuals and what’s left of the Socialists will oppose every attempt to save France.

The alternatives seem to be:  civil war anyone, or sullen acquiescence as France leaves the first world and becomes part of the third world.

Back in 2006, the great historian of the Middle East and Islam, Bernard Lewis, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal thus:

“It may be that Western culture will indeed go: The lack of conviction of many of those who should be its defenders and the passionate intensity of its accusers may well join to complete its destruction.   But if it does go, the men and women of all the continents will thereby be impoverished and endangered.”

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