By John Kenneth Press

The San Bernardino jihadis’ neighbours were very suspicious of them.  [BACKGROUND:  See   ] The Muslims received an unusual number of packages and worked late into the night.  According to the Mail Online (December 3, 2015), their neighbours did not report their suspicions, because people might accuse them of being ‘racist’ or of ‘racial profiling.’

The Left uses the label racist to terrorize people into silence.  This works because they conflate race and culture.  These fascist multiculturalists tell you to ‘celebrate cultural diversity.’  But, as soon as you mention that cultural diversity includes any negative traits, they call you racist.

The term ‘CULTURIST’ exposes their nasty tactics.  The overt reference to culture in the word culturist makes it clear that we are not discussing race.  Since multiculturalists and their ‘cultural diversity’ slogan acknowledge culture, they cannot refuse to discuss it.  We must force them to stay on the topic of cultural diversity, and its reality, by using the term culturist.

Remember the slogan, ‘If cultural diversity is real, being culturist makes sense.’

As a culturist, I believe that there is a silent majority who are sick of being told all discussions of culture are racist.  They are sick of being told that criticizing thug life is racist.  They are tired of being told that all differences in economic and educational achievement are evidence of the West’s racism, rather than evidence of cultural diversity’s impact.  Cultural diversity greatly impacts our world.  And, people want to discuss it.

Memes go viral; terms spread quickly.  If one politician or popular pundit used the term culturist it could become a common word.  As such it could free westerners to discuss cultural diversity without being called racist.  Then, rather than begging minority groups to believe we’re not racist, we could attack: “I am discussing culture!  Cultural diversity is real isn’t it?  So, can I discuss it?”  Denying Islam’s violent misogynist homophobia will be harder when the multicultural Left admit cultural diversity is real and can no longer just call us racist.

Now, I can hear defeatists saying, this won’t stop the Left.  But, using the term CULTURIST costs us absolutely nothing.  And, it could greatly help us challenge the multicultural establishment and their use of the term racist to intimidate critics.  And, as the West is criminalizing criticism of Islam, this is a front-line issue.   Donald Trump’s rise shows that there is a silent majority that wishes to speak.  We must defend them against the charges of racism.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Please use the word culturist today.

Spread the word culturist as if our lives are on the line!  Indeed they are.  If the San Bernadino jihadi’s neighbors had alerted authorities, lives might have been saved.  If we spread the term ‘culturist profiling’ more lives will be saved.  But, our civilization is also on the line.

Culturism also challenges multiculturalism by asserting that the West has a traditional majority culture to protect.  In light of politicians’ promoting mass Islamic immigration, being able say we have a culture and it is at odds with Islamic culture is more important than ever.  To survive, we must embrace culturism; we must tell multiculturalists that acknowledging cultural diversity is not racist; we must be culturist.

John K. Press, Ph.D., teaches at a university in South Korea.  He is the author of the book, Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.    More information can be found at .

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