We need clear thinking and a reset Moral Compass !


Australia, most of Europe, the USA and Canada are suffering from a catastrophic failure of trust of our politicians, administrators, educators, media, police, courts, military, and even our churches

Our societies are beset with a raft of self-induced problems:

*     political correctness is destroying honesty and openness;

*     “culturally sensitive” policing and sentencing is giving get-out-of-jail-free cards to people who are a danger to community safety and should be taken out of society;

*     the fetish of “diversity” is disparaging the importance and denying the pre-eminence of our Western Judeo-Christian culture and values;

*     cultural pessimism stupidly attributes all the evils of the world to the West;

*     cultural relativism peddles the absurd view that all cultures are equal;

*     elites are prepared to tolerate the intolerant and intolerable – refusing to recognize atrocious abuses of the rights of women, and denial of genuine freedom of religion and the human rights of gay people, overwhelmingly by Islam;

*     religious relativism deludes people into the New Age nonsense that “all religions are equally valid paths to God” and so equally deserving of respect, even when Islam, uniquely, sees all other faiths as enemies rather than alternatives;

*     moral relativism pushes the bankrupt postmodernist nonsense that there is no such thing as good and evil, right and wrong – all being relative and equally valid.

Our Western societies are SICK.  We are bored with what we have, far too many of us don’t value it, and we have capped the wellsprings of our own culture and civilization.

Our media and politicians squawk vociferously after every atrocious outrage by violently intolerant and supremacist Islam – but bizarrely, they direct their energies at DENIAL of the cause, and talk about “Christian extremists” as if there was some sort of moral equivalence here.  Obama was a master of this.  Self-styled “experts” on counter-radicalization, such as Anne Aly, now a Labor MP but formerly at Curtin University in Perth, rabbit on in this vein too.  It’s not only a LIE, it’s a deliberate shielding of the doctrines of Islam from clear identification as the cause of social dysfunction and criminality.

In the UK, politicians and police demonize patriotic groups and individuals (like Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding and britain First)  for seeking to protect vulnerable working-class communities from Muslim pedophile and rape-grooming gangs.   The authorities and the media characterize these crimes as perpetrated by “Asians” – as if (fancifully) the Hindu and Sikh and Buddhist communities were significantly involved, when the perpetrators are almost invariably Muslims.   This deliberate self-deception is one of the stupidest, most contemptible, and most self-hating forms of falsehood.

In Australia, anarchist and extreme left groups like Antifa verbally and violently attack citizens who peacefully uphold conservative and patriotic values and demonize them as fascists and bigots.   The media pander to this falsehood by calling the Antifa groups “anti-fascist” when Antifa’s tactics are in fact pure totalitarian fascism.  And the media compound this by referring to ordinary patriotic citizens as “extreme right” when they are not extreme at all, but just conservatives.

A growing number of people are showing their exasperation with this garbage.  They are turning out in droves in Europe against forced immigration of unassimilating and dangerous Muslims from the Middle East, Africa and West Asia.   In Australia, the Reclaim rallies have resonated with many ordinary Mums and Dads.

There is now unprecedented disenchantment with both the major parties because of their political correctness and refusal to name and confront the most dangerous threats to our society.   In the United States, the Trump phenomenon reflects this, in part.

Freedom and Heritage Society of Australia believes that the Labor Party here is incapable of redemption, enmired as it is in gender and identity politics (“pick a victim group!”), while the Greens are Satan’s children.

The Liberal and National Parties contain some people who discern the problem – some of them only dimly – but they are often cowards.  The number prepared to speak out fearlessly is far too small, and their party minders marginalize them.

Widespread public disenchantment with the existing parties is not yet crystallized into a coherent coalition prepared to hold the cultural centre from the basis of clearly spelled out and shared values and objectives.  We believe this must come.


In the UK, Peter Hitchens published a book in 2010 about their situation, called ‘The Broken Compass’.  He bemoans the abandonment of principles and clear differences in politics.  We in Australia, and throughout the West generally, need to reinstall a working Moral Compass, and to identify, affirm and defend who we are and what we stand for.

The West is now in appalling decadence and a cultural death-wish spiral.  This is in large measure due to the cancerous growth of Cultural Marxism, created by the Frankfurt School (initially the Institute for Marxism) established by the Communist International in 1919.   What a remarkable irony – and blessing to the world – that post-communist Russia has turned its back decisively on this and is now pursuing CULTURIST (as opposed to multiculturalist) policies which embody a reconnection with her Christian roots!


  1. How to get a moral compass in a world where “my god says so” does not work because different religions have utterly different rules re what is moral? My answer: reality-based ethics. (By the way, Thomas Aquinas argued for this, as well. His term: natural law. Question everything, he said.) Here is a 5-minute video on reality-based ethics: http://elsasemporium.com/reality-based-ethics.html


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