Sheep and Sheepdogs


On Sheep, Wolves, the Wild Dog pack and Sheepdogs by Chris Newman (with apologies to Dave Grossman.)

Honor never grows old, and honor rejoices the heart of age. It does so because honor is, finally, about defending those noble and worthy things that deserve defending, even if it comes at a high cost. In our time, that may mean social disapproval, public scorn, hardship, persecution, or as always, even death itself. The question remains: What is worth defending? What is worth dying for? What is worth living for ?’ – William J. Bennett – in a lecture to the United States Naval Academy November 24, 1997

One Vietnam veteran, an old retired colonel, once narrated:

“Most of the people in our Western societies are sheep. They are kind, gentle, productive creatures who can only hurt one another by accident.” This is true. Reflect that the USA murder rate is six per 100,000 per year, and the aggravated assault rate is four per 1,000 per year. What this means is that the vast majority of Americans are not inclined to hurt one another. Some estimates say that two million Americans are victims of violent crimes every year, a tragic, staggering number, perhaps an all-time record rate of violent crime. But there are almost 300 million Americans, which means that the odds of being a victim of violent crime is considerably less than one in a hundred on any given year. Furthermore, since many violent crimes are committed by repeat offenders, the actual number of violent citizens is considerably less than two million.

Flocks of sheep are people-like in their conformity

Thus there is a paradox, and we must grasp both ends of the situation: We may well be in the most violent times in history, but violence is still remarkably rare for us. This is because most citizens are kind, decent people who are not capable of hurting each other, except by accident or under extreme provocation. They are sheep.

Sheep are vulnerable creatures, they have no defence against predators. They can also be fooled and led astray and can be induced to follow the path to their destruction as a flock. Because they function with a conformist mind-set, they are easy to control but they are also stubborn, seek security, like to follow their conformist habits and remain inside their flock.

The wily predators which love to kill and eat sheep understand the passive nature of these peaceful animals. Because sheep lack the means to protect themselves, nature (their shepherd) has provided them with special protection in the form of sheepdogs. Sheep need a warriors’ defence to protect them from the predators.

Sheep victims of wild dog attacks are similar to human victims of war.

“These predators are the wolves and the packs of wild dogs,” the old war veteran said, “and the wolves and wild dogs desire to feed on the sheep without mercy.”

Only when the wolf bares her teeth do you truly know she is not just a dog!

 Do you believe there are wolves and packs of wild dogs out there who will terrorise the sheep and then feed on the flock without mercy? You better believe it. There are evil men in this world and they are capable of evil deeds and they will find and lead others to multiply their evil. Terror and the threat of terror is their currency. The moment you forget that fact or pretend it is not so, you become a sheep. There is no safety in denial of these facts.

The sheepdog may look like a wolf but its character and motive is quite benevolent

“Then there are sheepdogs,” the veteran went on, “and I’m a sheepdog. I live to protect the flock and confront the wolf and the wild dog packs.”

If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen, a sheep. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens so you can predate on them, then you have defined an aggressive sociopath, symbolised as a wolf or a wild dog. But what if you have a capacity for violence, and a deep love for your fellow citizens? What are you then? That makes you a sheepdog, a warrior, someone who is walking the hero’s path. Someone who can walk into the heart of darkness, into the universal human phobia, deal to the sociopaths, overcome the fears and problems and walk out either wounded or unscathed. Sometimes sheepdogs even give their lives while fighting to protect their charges.

Let me expand on this old soldier’s excellent model of the sheep, wolves, wild dogs and sheepdogs. We know that the sheep live in conformity and denial, which is what makes them sheep. They do not want to believe that there is evil in the world. Their tendency is to believe what they have been told and to follow the status quo unquestioningly. They can accept the fact that fires can happen and they buy insurance policies. They also want fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire alarms and fire exits throughout their kids’ schools. This type of risk they understand.

But many of them are outraged at the idea of putting an armed police officer in their kid’s school for security. Our children are thousands of times more likely to be killed or seriously injured by school violence than fire, but the sheep’s only response to the possibility of violence is denial. The idea of someone coming to deliberately kill or harm their child is just too difficult to consider, and so they chose the path of denial.

The sheep generally do not like the sheepdog. He looks a lot like the wolf or the wild dogs. He has fangs, claws and the capacity for violence. The difference, though, is that the sheepdog must not, cannot and will not ever harm the sheep. His first instincts are to protect his charges with his/her life. However any sheep dog which becomes a wild dog and intentionally harms the lowliest little lamb will be punished and removed. The world cannot work any other way, at least not in a representative democracy or a republic such as ours.

Does the sheepdog look like a wolf to the sheep?

Still, the sheepdog disturbs the sheep. He is a constant reminder that there are wolves and wild dogs in the land. They would prefer that he didn’t tell them where to go, or how to avoid danger, or give them traffic tickets, or stand at the ready in our airports in camouflage fatigues holding an M-16. The sheep would much rather have the sheepdog cash in his fangs, spray paint himself white, eat grass, and go, “Baa.”  That is until the wolf and the wild pack show up and starts their brutal business. Then the entire flock, out of instinct for self-preservation, tries desperately to hide behind one lonely sheepdog.

Look at what happened after September 11, 2001 when the Jihadi wolf pounded hard on the door and sent in his dog packs to create terror. Remember how America, more than ever before, felt differently about their law enforcement officers and military personnel? Remember how many times you heard the word ‘hero’ used to praise them?

Understand that being a sheepdog is not about dominating the sheep: it is about serving the good through being and doing the right things with the integrity and decency you have found inside your character. The choice of being a sheepdog or a sheep is all about the ways of being and doing, the positive habits of mind and character. We also understand that a sheepdog is a funny critter. He is always sniffing around out on the perimeter, checking the breeze, barking at things that go bump in the night, and yearning for a righteous battle. That is, the young sheepdogs yearn for a righteous battle. The old sheepdogs being a little older and wiser, prepare and plan for the battle but then they move to the sound of the guns when needed, right along with the young ones.

Here is the difference in thinking between the sheep and the sheepdog. The sheep pretend the wolf and the packs will never come, but the sheepdog lives for that day. After the attacks on September 11, 2001, most of the sheep, that is, most citizens in America said, “Thank God I wasn’t on one of those planes.” The sheepdogs, the warriors, said, “Dear God, I wish I could have been on one of those planes. Maybe I could have made a difference.” When you are completely transformed into a warrior and have truly invested yourself into warrior hood, you want to be there. You want to be able to make a difference and to confront and defeat the enemy.

The sheepdog’s instincts cause him to think ahead of the sheep’s movements.

Warriors have a distinct advantage over their fellow citizens. That is, they are able to survive and thrive in an environment that destroys the will of 98 percent of the population. There was research conducted a few years ago with individuals convicted of violent crimes. These cons were in prison for serious, predatory crimes of violence: assaults, murders and killing law enforcement officers. Most of them said that they specifically targeted hapless victims by selecting them by their submissive body language, the slumped walk, passive behaviour and lack of awareness, all the symptoms of sheep hood. They chose their victims like big cats do in Africa, when they select one out of the herd that is least able to protect itself.

Some people may be destined to be sheep and others might be genetically primed to be wolves or sheepdogs. But I believe that most people can choose which one they want to be, and I’m proud to say that more and more Americans are choosing to become sheepdogs.

Seven months after the Jihad attack on September 11, 2001, Todd Beamer was honoured in his hometown of Cranbury, New Jersey. Todd, as you may recall, was the man on Flight 93 over Pennsylvania who called on his cell phone to alert an operator from United Airlines about the hijacking. When he learned of the other three passenger planes that had been used as weapons, Todd dropped his phone and uttered the words, “Let’s roll!” which authorities believe was a signal to the other passengers to confront the terrorist hijackers. A sudden transformation occurred among the passengers – athletes, business people and parents. – they switched from sheep to sheepdogs and together they fought the mad dogs, the Jihadis on that plan. Their sacrifice crashed the plane before it could be rammed into a target, ultimately saving an unknown number of lives on the ground.

Dogs can be as heroic as their masters.

There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men. – Edmund Burke

Here is the point I like to emphasize, especially to the thousands of police officers and soldiers I speak to each year. In nature the sheep, real sheep, are born as sheep. Sheepdogs are born that way, and so are wolves and wild dogs. They didn’t have a choice. But as human beings, we can be whatever we want to be and choose how to respond to life’s situations. It is a conscious, moral decision which manifests as habit.

If you want to be a sheep, then you can be a sheep and that is okay, but you must understand the price you pay. When the wolf comes, you and your loved ones are going to die if there is not a sheepdog there to protect you. If you want to be a wolf, or a wild dog you can be one, but the sheepdogs are going to hunt you down and you will never have rest, safety, trust or love. But if you want to be a sheepdog and walk the warrior’s path, then you must make a conscious and moral decision every day to dedicate, equip and prepare yourself to fight and win in that terrible, transforming moment when the wolf comes knocking at the door.

It is denial that turns people into sheep. Sheep are psychologically destroyed by combat because their only defence is denial, which is counterproductive and destructive, resulting in fear, helplessness and horror when the wolf shows up. They cannot accept the hard facts of life but would choose a fantasy version and reject any sheepdog’s warning about possible danger from the wild dog packs.

Denial kills you twice. It kills you once, at your moment of truth when you are not physically prepared: you didn’t bring your gun, you didn’t train. Your only defence was wishful thinking. Hope is not a strategy. Denial kills you a second time because even if you do physically survive, you are psychologically shattered by your fear, helplessness, and horror from that moment of truth. The nightmares keep you weakened, impotent and afraid.

Are you easily deceived by the Politically Correct desire to submit to the will of the traitors among us?

Gavin de Becker puts it like this in ‘Fear Less’, his superb post-9/11 book, which should be required reading for anyone trying to come to terms with our current world situation: “…denial can be seductive, but it has an insidious side effect. For all the peace of mind deniers think they get by saying it isn’t so, the fall they take when faced with new violence is all the more unsettling.”

Denial is a dodge-now-pay-later scheme, a contract written entirely in small print, for in the long run, the denying person knows the truth on some level.

This business of being a human sheep or a sheep dog is not a yes-no dichotomy. It is not an all-or-nothing, either-or choice. It is a matter of degrees, a continuum. On one end is an abject, head-in-the-sand-sheep and on the other end is the ultimate warrior. Few people exist completely on one end or the other. Most of us live somewhere in between. Since 9-11 almost everyone in America took a step up that continuum, away from denial. The sheep took a few steps toward accepting and appreciating their warriors, and the warriors started taking their job more seriously. The degree to which you move up that continuum, away from sheep hood and denial, is the degree to which you and your loved ones will survive, physically and psychologically at your moment of truth.

We can interpret this parable and take it a little further in our explanation of Islam in the West.

Mohammed is like the Alpha wolf. He is the head of the pack. Islam is his systemic development of the technology and ideology of predation, as justified by Allah his wolf-like god (real wolves do not behave this way). The Imams who preach Jihad and who are anti-West are the latter day wolves, their cunning knows no bounds. They teach young men to become Jihadis and potential martyrs, the heroes of Islam. Those who follow the Imams and who are radicalised Muslims are the packs of wild dogs, some of them are rabid, and driven by their Islamic madness, will slash at anyone. Their collective goal is Islamic tyranny, they call it their Caliphate.

Cultural Marxists are the social predators who recruit new ‘killers’ to their ranks

Also in the West we have other wolves, those who hate our civilisation and who would deliberately destroy our institutions and families from within. These are the Cultural Marxists, the self-anointed elitists, enemies of Freedom, and their packs are the Politically Correct dogs of repression, snideness, cynicism and degradation. Their goal is tyranny.  Their deception, treasonous inclinations, and treacherous destruction know no bounds.

The sheepdogs are those who have seen the terrible present threats and dangers posed by Islam and Cultural Marxism to the rest of humanity. They can scent the plots and inclinations of the Islamists, Cultural Marxist elitists, their fellow-travellers and their tactics to degrade the West and Freedom. So they bark and run about organising resistance to the threats. They are rapidly learning the true dimensions of the threat and are preparing and formulating strong responses for its defeat.

Prepared and ready, always learning and on duty to save our Civilization one person at a time.

The sheep are those who have yet to wake up to the threat or who are resisting the alarm calls. They want to deny the obvious facts and to perpetuate their woolly dreams of multicultural peace festivals, interfaith celebrations of diversity and media-induced conformity of thought. They believe that the government and the politicians are looking after everything for them. They are content with comfortable lives, seeking convenience and ease, often overgrazing on food, indulging in luxury, being permissive, taking things smoothly and avoiding discipline.

Many people cannot identify the spiritual problem that stares them in the face

Our society is of an advanced and complex nature. It exhibits a lack of moral clarity as a result of the ruinously pervasive relativism so enthusiastically peddled by the Cultural Marxist elites. The poor sheep are confused and hoodwinked by the media, politicians and peddlers of deceit. These traitors are the wolves and wild dogs who adopt the manners of sheepdogs. They pretend they are looking after the sheep while they are preparing them for a fleecing, or worse yet the barbecue.

 Islam’s posture as the ‘Religion of Peace’ teaches these wolves and wild dogs to groom themselves and to posture and talk like sheepdogs or sheep. They look like peaceful and moderate Muslims.

In the West the traitors and peddlers of treason have their own techniques of deception. They also pretend to be champions of Peace, they are vehemently anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-Nazi – who could disagree with them?

Recently we have noticed some sheep who make big noises and pretend they are sheepdogs. Some foolish sheepdogs have been happily chasing interfaith balls and playing with the wild dogs. These two groups are most likely to be well-meaning but deluded Christians. Lenin called them “Useful Idiots”.

No wonder our sheep get confused about deciding who is who and what is what.

Warriors can sort out all this confusion with one loud bark of Truth.

The direct threat of Islam and its habitual tendency towards violence serves to alert many sheepdogs. Other sheepdogs nearby, who can smell and sense the danger, they can be persuaded  to join the just cause. Together we constitute the front-line of resistance to the  Islamic invasion of our Civilisation and society and represent the means of ridding our society of its traitors and enemies who travel in the vehicle of Cultural Marxism, or its sidecar, Political Correctness.

Our task is to rally all the sheepdogs and to drive out the wild dog packs and banish the wolves. This is how we save the sheep and allow our civilisation to prosper.

We know them by their deeds, the fruit of their sacrifice for others, for their families and communities

Our goal is nothing less than supporting the conditions for the Heroic fulfilment of the promise of Western Civilisation, which is a free, and just society based on personal responsibility and family value, all strongly influenced by Christianity. Our Anglo-British version has a legal system derived from the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights and English Common Law: we hold a deep respect for education incorporating science, Christian religion, secular public institutions, rational thought, equality of the sexes, and the free expression of the arts.


  1. Incredibly well written and extremely thought provoking. I totally agree that unless something more is done to get our western political no hopers to wake up and start real proceedings to oust the Islamic scourge quickly and educate our masses of the danger they present, it will be too late. our society as we now know it will be obliterated.

    • Thank you for your comment. We have developed an approach and are building a movement, step by step, and can see a constructive way forward. Please keep in touch and give more feedback.
      Best wishes,
      Chris Newman


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