MARK LATHAM’S MAIDEN SPEECH: We must fight back against the war on our culture, values and way of life by the Green, postmodernist left


Mark Latham’s maiden speech in the NSW Legislative Council is a bobby dazzler.  It transcends the party label he represents (One Nation) because the issues he raises are real for all of us, whatever individual political party we support.

Please make the effort to watch and listen to the whole of his speech, delivered on 8 May 2019.  It lasts 36 minutes.

Mark lays out the comprehensive enormity of the onslaught by the Green postmodernist left on our cultural foundations, values and indeed our common sense.    Political correctness, the strategy of Cultural Marxism, is destroying honesty in language and thought, and putting shackles on our freedom of speech and religion.  The gender fluidity ideology pushed through the (Un)Safe Schools program is confusing children, enraging parents, and undermining the institution of the family.

We have never before seen such a self-hating attack by the left on Western civilization.   This must be rejected ferociously, with a resolute NO SURRENDER in the fight to take back our country.

In the John Cleese classic movie The life of Brian, someone asks What have the Romans done for us?  Mark Latham paraphrases it powerfully:    “What has Western civilization done for us?  Only advanced health care and education, architecture, engineering, information technology, free speech and the rule of law. … This city, all our public institutions and the material comforts we take for granted—none of them could exist without the greatness of the West, without the advances that began with the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution and continue to this day. “


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