Criminalizing criticism of Islam – “Islamophobia” – as blasphemy


The UK has for quite some time been on a slippery slope to destruction of freedom of speech and conscience.   The latest manifestation below is very concerning.

The Oxford Mail reported on 29 January 2019 that Oxford City Council has become the THIRD council to agree on a list of examples that should be deemed ‘Islamophobic’.  It has adopted the definition of Islamophobia by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims (APPG).   

The APPG definition states that “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”

Freedom and Heritage Society of Australia points out firmly that ISLAM IS NOT A RACE.   Muslims come in many ethnicities – Arab, African, Turkic, Iranian, Afghan, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Malay, Indonesian, southern Filipino and others.

The list below states examples of Islamophobia that the Council now deems as unacceptable:

  • Calling for, aiding, instigating or justifying the killing or harming of Muslims in the name of a racist/fascist ideology, or an extremist view of religion.
  • Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Muslims as such, or of Muslims as a collective group, such as, especially but not exclusively, conspiracies about Muslim entryism in politics, government or other societal institutions; the myth of Muslim identity having a unique propensity for terrorism and claims of a demographic ‘threat’ posed by Muslims or of a ‘Muslim takeover’.
  • Accusing Muslims as a group of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Muslim person or group of Muslim individuals, or even for acts committed by non-Muslims.
  • Accusing Muslims as a group, or Muslim majority states, of inventing or exaggerating Islamophobia, ethnic cleansing or genocide perpetrated against Muslims.
  • Accusing Muslim citizens of being more loyal to the ‘Ummah’ (transnational Muslim community) or to their countries of origin, or to the alleged priorities of Muslims worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.
  • Denying Muslim populations, the right to self-determination e.g., by claiming that the existence of an independent Palestine or Kashmir is a terrorist endeavour.
  • Applying double standards by requiring of Muslims behaviours that are not expected or demanded of any other groups in society, eg loyalty tests.
  • Using the symbols and images associated with classic Islamophobia.
  • Holding Muslims collectively responsible for the actions of any Muslim majority state, whether secular or constitutionally Islamic.

The article in the Oxford Mail is at

The mind boggles at the lying audacity of this.  The fact is, virtually all terrorism in the world comes from Islam.  The Islamic scriptures instruct Muslims to regard Mohammed as the perfect example, and quote him in the hadiths as saying “I have been made victorious by terror.”  Since 9/11 there have been about 35,000 fatal terrorist attacks in the name of Islam.  And these people warn us about “Islamophobia”?


The English Constitution Group has reacted sharply to this push by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims by writing to the Prime Minister, other Cabinet members and Conservative MPs, asking them to

 “put a stop to the proposal from this APPG before it gains any more momentum, because it would set an extremely dangerous and divisive precedent, which would give supremacy to an alien ideology, over the rest of the public against the restraints of the Bill of Rights 1689 (treason), and places the rest of the population in danger and at a disadvantage.  No section of the general public should be given supremacy and special privilege over another.

 “It is also against the ancient custom and practice of this country, and our English Common Law.

“We already have enough laws to cover the kind of problems mentioned, without making specific law solely for Islamists.

 “The government must make the English Common Law position crystal clear over this matter, so there can be no misunderstanding, or room for question. The time has come for firm action to protect the country from take over.”

 In its letter to the PM and others, the English Constitution Group has included this extract from the Bill of Rights 1689:

“And I do declare That no Foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, State or Potentate, hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction, Power, Superiority, Pre-eminence, or Authority Ecclesiastical Spiritual within this Realm So Help me God.

“That the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and the Commons being the two Houses of Parliament should continue to sit and with their Majesties Royal Concurrence make effectual Provision for the Settlement of the Religion Laws and Liberties of this Kingdom so that the same for the future might not be in danger again of being subverted.

“To which the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons did agree and proceed to act accordingly.

“Now in pursuance of the Premises the said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons in Parliament assembled for the ratifying confirming and establishing the said Declaration and the Articles Clauses Matters and Things therein contained by the Force of a Law made in due Form by Authority of Parliament do pray that it may be declared and enacted That all and singular the Rights and Liberties asserted and claimed in the said Declaration are the true ancient and indubitable Rights and Liberties of the People of this Kingdom and so shall be esteemed allowed adjudged deemed and taken to be and that all and every the particulars aforesaid shall be firmly and strictly holden and observed as they are expressed in the said Declaration And all Officers and Ministers whatsoever shall serve their Majestys and their Successors according to the same in all times to come.

Freedom and Heritage Society of Australia notes that the agenda of Islam around the world is to criminalize all criticism of Islam – as called for by the Sharia.  It is vital to the preservation of our own freedoms of speech, expression, religion and conscience that this push be ferociously rejected.

The fact is, there is NO SUCH THING AS ISLAMOPHOBIA.  There is Islamorealism or Islamonausea.   Islamophobia is a term of abuse invented in the early 1980s by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a subgroup of the Muslim Brotherhood, to characterize as a phobia (ie, an irrational fear or hatred) what is actually a sane, justified and morally correct response to the evil that is Islam. 

The IIIT  came up with this bright shiny word ‘Islamophobia’  after seeing the success that ‘Gay Rights’ groups in the West had had by labelling anti-Gay hatred as ‘Homophobia’.  In his 1930 book The History of the Russian Revolution, Trotsky coined the word “racism” as a term of abuse directed at enemies of the Bolshevik revolution, to shut down any criticism of his totalitarian communist ideology.  Similarly now, “Islamophobia” was coined in the 1980s to close down any criticism of Islam.  It should be given no oxygen whatsoever.  Islam is a bondage of body, mind and spirit and a depravity of the human condition.   It should be called out and its political aspirations never accommodated.




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