Contemporary popular culture – a Cultural Marxist disgrace


Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Emperor’s New Clothes is about peer group pressure that overcomes the evidence of one’s own eyes, to the destruction of common sense.  Political Correctness today similarly destroys honesty and fosters hypocrisy.  In the fairy tale, it takes a naive little boy in the crowd to pipe up to his mother and all the cheering sheep in the crowd “But he hasn’t got anything on!”

The fairy tale concludes, “The Emperor shivered, for he suspected they were right.  But he thought, ‘This procession has got to go on.’ So he walked more proudly than ever, as his noblemen held high the train that wasn’t there at all.”

This, esteemed readers, is a metaphor for what passes today as Popular Culture.  ‘Popular’ because it’s supposed to impress and entertain the masses, like the Emperor parading by.  But is this ‘culture’ really popular?  And does it give real pleasure, affirm and enrich life, or encourage reflectiveness upon our condition?  That’s what culture used to be about – a celebration of beauty or at least meaning (which can be not beautiful but confronting).  If popular culture does in fact reflect our culture today, we are in serious trouble.

By Culture, we have in mind all forms of the arts: live performances, painting, sculpture, films, music, writing.

Australia and the West generally have been embroiled in a Culture War for more than the past half century.  Cultural Marxism – the destructive criticism and undermining of all institutions of Western civilization and the traditional values underpinning it – has spread NIHILISM (belief in nothing at all), and denied the existence of absolute truth and of any standards.  It has pushed cultural, religious and moral RELATIVISM; asserted that life is MEANINGLESS, while petulantly asking “Is that all there is?” It has also pushed an indiscriminately “tolerant” non-judgmentalism – in other words, having NO STANDARDS.

The topic is vast, but this is a picture of civilizational freefall.

It is appalling how such a procession of absolute crap struts the stage of entertainment venues and art galleries.  There are so very few with the discernment to yell THE EMPEROR’S GOT NO CLOTHES!   Do you have this discernment?

PLEASE WATCH this powerful 16 minute video by Paul Joseph Watson called The Truth About Popular Culture.  It demonstrates how popular culture has been weaponized by Cultural Marxism in its relentless war on Western civilization.

Cultural Marxism is the subversion (and perversion) of all Western cultural institutions (e.g., art, film, music, theatre, etc) in order to help cause Western societies to rot from within.

In the early 20th century, so-called “Modern Art” came into existence.  Talent was no longer a requirement to be an artist.  One simply had to randomly slop anything on a canvas and describe the “painting” in grandiose and esoteric terms… i.e., explaining the “deep” meaning of the “art.”

This daub by Nathan Oliveira, called Man with hand to face, is in the Gallery of modern Art at Stanford University.   It goes under the pretentious genre name of Expressionism but it is crap.

Anyone who dares criticise this so-called “painting” gets labelled a philistine and a simpleton.

In the art world today, there are NO standards.  Anything goes.  Anything can be counted as art, so long as it is transgressive in some way.  Any garbage can be acquired by a big city museum.  It also helps if an “artist” lives a drugged-out life, stays up all night and sleeps half the day, dresses in a bizarre manner, AND, this is the most important quality, subscribes to radical leftist politics.  Finally, it’s important for the “artist” to constantly complain, “how the world doesn’t understand me because I’m so complex.”

An example of the most vile sort of transgressivism.  This is a canvas of the Virgin Mary.  She is African and those are cut-outs of women’s anuses and vaginas from porn magazines glued onto it, and she has a naked breast hanging out of her dress.  This “artist”, Christopher Ofili, (born 10 October 1968) is a British Turner Prize (!)-winning painter who is best known for his paintings incorporating elephant dung.  He clearly has an infantile hatred of Western civilization.

Hobart’s Dark Mofo festival in June 2017 featured an atrocious exhibition of people blindfolded and hanging on crucifixes with blood dripping down their naked bodies, and a slaughtered bull with its bloodied entrails and hundreds of litres of animal blood, for people to walk through.  This depraved “art” was by the reputed leader of Austrian “Actionism”, Hermann Nitsch.

Dark Mofo in June 2018 featured four 20-metre tall upside-down crosses placed around the Hobart city centre.  The Satanic symbolism is unmistakable.

This is not art.  It is a spirit of destruction.  The West is in shocking moral and spiritual shape when it accepts this stuff as “art.”









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