By David Truman

Elites in Australia and most Western countries are a law unto themselves.  They don’t respect voters and are not listening to them.  Meanwhile, ordinary citizens profess to be turned off politics, but haven’t a clue about what is actually being done to them, and continue to vote for the two-headed Uniparty in the impression that they’re exercising a choice.

Australia’s Indigenous Voice Referendum of October 2023

The VOICE REFERENDUM to insert race into the Australian constitution was lost by over 60%, including nearly 69% in Queensland, with all six states and the NT voting No.   But a Yes vote was stridently urged and funded by all elites, including large companies, universities, unions, the Aboriginal industry of course, NGOs and some churches.  Some disconnect! 

Yet even after the people’s resounding NO, several State governments have pushed on with state-based Voices and paths to treaty.  South Australia’s indigenous voice election attracted a nine per cent turnout.   One person was elected with just 6 votes.

In Canberra, the ACT’s top judge said in late February 2024 “We are a long way behind New Zealand … starting with the fact that we didn’t have the courtesy to enter into treaties with people when we first invaded their land.”  Such arrogant disconnect!  Especially in light of how the fraudulent Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 and its 1985 amendment have disastrously divided New Zealand’s once united society.

The Irish constitutional referendums of March 2024

The Irish voted in two referendums to make three changes to their constitution – two redefining the family, and one on the role of women.  A Yes vote in both referendums was pushed by the governing coalition partners Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, and the Green Party, and also by opposition parties Sinn Féin, the Labour Party, the Social Democrats, and People Before Profit–Solidarity, along with civil society groups including the National Women’s Council of Ireland, Treoir, Family Carers Ireland, One Family, the Union of Students in Ireland, and Mary McAleese, a former president of Ireland.   The result?  The NO vote won in both referendums, by 74% and 68%.   Disconnect of the elites again!

Open Borders in much of the West

There are three separate issues in immigration:  total numbers, where they go (in Australia, major capital cities only?), and the cultural baggage they bring with them.   Biden’s America, Trudeau’s Canada and the EU are drowning in uncontrolled and almost unvetted immigration.  Since Biden took office in January 2021, more than NINE MILLION people have entered the US illegally along the border [Source: The Australian, June 6, 2024].

Angela Merkel’s complacent “Wir schaffen das” (We can handle it) over the flood into the EU of mostly non-Syrian refugees from the Middle East, North Africa and west Asia led to a disgraceful and massive wave of rape and other violent crime and Islamic attacks on European culture.   In Australia, Albanese and Wong recently gave 2273 Palestinians from Gaza visas without processing! – a potential terrorist invasion.  Australian Labor, the Greens, the Teals, and the very leftist Uniting “Church” generally support essentially open borders.  Social cohesion is being massively lost as anti-Semitism has surged here as it has throughout the West.  Former Labor Senator Nova Peris said recently that “the trend of importing foreign conflicts into Australia is now embedded.”

Energy prices

Australian prices for electricity and gas are out of control.  Government rebates – being given as vote-buying scams in the federal and Queensland budgets – are a bandaid on a wound, supposedly to reduce inflation which is being caused by their energy policies.   Gas and electricity costs are making many large manufacturers uncompetitive. Our manufacturing industries are closing or threatened –  QENOS, our biggest plastics manufacturer will close by end 2024, losing hundreds of jobs and affecting downstream industries.  The Australian reported on 5 June 2024 that the collapse of Qenos is already causing another major Sydney chemicals maker to close. Thai chemicals major Indorama told workers and customers it will shutter its Botany manufacturing plant at the end of June as a direct result of the Qenos failure, with the decision likely to cost about 110 jobs.

And what future is there for energy-intensive, mineral processing industries? 

Net Zero is mandating closure of reliable coal-fired power stations, there’s a Victorian ban on gas connections and on gas exploration, and Snowy Hydro2 is a very expensive and cost-ineffective white elephant.  And for heaven’s sake, who asked the Coalition to embrace net Zero?  Mr ME TOO

Attack on farmers

Wind and solar farm projects are hitting the property rights of Australian farmers and imposing environmental blights – visual of course, to birds and other wildlife, and destroying forests and productive agricultural land.  A proposed hydro project is also threatening Eungella near Mackay.

In Sri Lanka an insane ban on fertilizers by the Rajapaksa government caused famine. 

In the Netherlands in 2021, the Dutch government and EU bureaucrats proposed slashing livestock numbers in the country by 30 percent to meet nitrogen greenhouse gas emission targets.  This would necessitate the mass slaughter of livestock and potentially shut down almost a third of the farms in this country – the second-largest food exporter in the world.  Of course it provoked a huge farmer revolt. 

In regional elections in March 2023 the Farmers Citizens Movement (BBB) came from nowhere to top the poll,  and the November 2023 Dutch national elections brought Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) to power.  The new government – at last – is removing climate subsidies;   building new nuclear power plants;  implementing the most comprehensive ever package to control migration, with strictest ever entry rules for asylum, an opt-out on European asylum policy ASAP, and an undertaking that people without a valid residence permit will be deported by force if necessary.    It is also cutting taxes generally.  Now THAT’S a rejection of the long-governing elites!

But there’s much more!

Were YOU ever consulted by elites, or asked to vote on

  • Digital ID? – a hacker’s dream!
  • Cashless economy?
  • Central Bank digital currency?
  • WHO Pandemic Treaty?
  • 15 minute cities?
  • A Big Australia?

Now consider who is driving all this?


The situation in Britain and most of the EU is dire

Because of the treason of the elites, European native populations are being replaced by African and Middle Eastern migrants of entirely different cultural background. 

Amsterdam is now 56% migrant, The Hague 58%, Rotterdam 60%, London 54%, Brussels a staggering 70%.

Invaders have been deliberately invited in by a corrupt elite, and the native population made to pay for it – financially, with crime, and with loss of personal security.

The police in England and Wales turn blind eye to Muslim crime (euphemistically called “Asian”, although Hindus and Sikhs have virtually nothing to do with it) and are being told to make fewer arrests because the prisons are full.  Whatever happened to the Rule of Law?

Churches are vandalized and burned, priests are murdered.

France, Sweden and other countries now have a large number of no-go areas in major cities, and Muslim pray-ins block streets.

The BBC is repressively woke – as shown when it cancelled David Bellamy for opposing the climate emergency narrative.

There’s much more.  


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