Introduction to the Australian Method for de-radicalizing Muslims


De-radicalizing Muslims is now a successful activity with proven results. Many Muslims are concerned, even worried about Islam but they don’t know where to find satisfactory answers. The Australian Method for de-radicalizing Muslims allows each Muslim to question the fundamental assumptions and beliefs of Islam in a constructive way. Muslims want truthful answers to their questions and the Australian Method engages them in an educational program which delivers answers plus a roadmap to progress out of Islam to a better, happier life, based on the Golden Rule.

De-radicalizing Muslims through the Australian Method is a respectful process, truth-based and it connects the students with a larger community of Ex-Muslims who have already made the journey and never looked back. This program has graduated over 2,000 people in Australia and many more in India, the Philipines and now other countries are joining in.

To deradicalize yourself, a family member or a friend from Islam, please follow this link to begin your journey:



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