Better Leadership by Elders




We need the input from grandparents who provide a perspective on life, love, relationships, and truth. Without their input our society remains immature, even sterile and it lacks the essentials of depth, warmth and humour.

An authoritative voice on matters of freedom.

“Standing for applied wisdom and the historical safety of our grandchildren’s generation.”

“Our family’s future is too precious to be entrusted to any bureaucrat or politician.”

“Politicians,  bureaucrats and media, show us why we should believe what you say to be true…”

Ancient trees are symbols for grandparents for they support life and hold history and are engaged in wide-ranging relationships – just like human elders

The Elders’ Leadership Council is empowered to speak for our families’ future, defend our freedoms and provide moral clarity in all that we do. Our group constitutes an authentic representation of tradition, seniority, moral probity, cultural identity and history. Our messages are intended to be based on principle, reason, experience and facts.


We recognise the importance of the ‘moral high ground’, the place currently unoccupied, where once stood our spiritual and religious leaders at the time when those people represented integrity. By virtue of our years, experience and acceptance by our peers we stand for moral clarity and the preservation of our families, our liberty and our property.

We note how many crises in society are primarily the product of mis-government. Issues surrounding family, religion, culture and relationship are worsened once government tries to impose its version of morality and ideology on us. We reject only forced organization by the authorities, for we welcome free and natural association, as conducted by our people who organize themselves according to their liberty and natural inclination.

We understand how the unstable political mix of sincere and well-meaning intentions, vested interests plus public money leads to unintended consequences. The result of such partisan and government interference in community affairs usually leads to loss of freedom, waste of resources and damage to social cohesion. These negative results are the best we can expect whenever government and its agents interfere in our free and natural association as individuals.

As representatives of our nation’s first and founding peoples we accept the following inalienable facts of our association and society;

(Australia) New Zealand, our nation is constituted as one unified people

Our language is English

Our laws are derived from British Common Law

Our religion is Christianity

Our secularism is Western rational humanism

Our tribes are Anglo-Celtic and (Aboriginal) Polynesian

Our culture is South Pacific European

Our traditions since (1778) 1840 are (Aussie)Kiwi

Our flag is the Union Jack and Southern Cross

Our society is egalitarian

Our families and communities represent our sovereign will and collective organisation


We must now provide responsible intergenerational leadership in the spirit of an open invitation to all (Australians) New Zealanders to join with us to advocate for and create the society we desire. Today we plan for the future of our families and people for four generations hence.

We recognize that we the people, free men and women, have never given any politician or bureaucrat the right or the power to exercise their opinion over our freedom. Elected and appointed representatives are constrained to serve us, for our taxes pay their salaries and their powers are devolved from our Constitution.





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