Left apologists for Islam have convinced themselves and far too many of our politicians and even security authorities and police that Muslim “radicalism” and terrorist behaviour stem from something that is somehow OUR fault.  The narrative goes like this:   Muslims are victims of social and economic exclusion, marginalization and discrimination by us.

This is a poisonous and totally false narrative.  That doesn’t stop it being peddled gleefully by Muslim spokesmen who act as agents of disinformation.   It suits them that gullible kafirs (non-Muslims) fall for this pessimism and doubt about our own Western culture – when the record of Australia is second to none as a genuinely inclusive society which will give everyone who tries a fair go. 

The issue is not our failure to integrate and “include” Muslims.  It is THEIR deliberate refusal to identify with our own culture, its values and its laws.  And ruinously self-hating narratives by fools like the former British PM David Cameron certainly don’t help.

Islamic terrorists have not been alienated by our rejection.  They champion an alien creed that rejects us.   To quote from a 2016 article by Daniel Greenfield:  

ISIS is not a form of ‘nihilism’ that European Muslims resort to after being alienated by racism and driven to despair by joblessness.  It’s an alternative system that draws on over a thousand years of Islamic religion and culture.  It’s not a negative choice, but a positive one.  It’s not an act of despair, but of hope.

Social, linguistic and cultural integration won’t stop Islamic terrorism.  They may prevent it in some cases and accelerate it in others.  But it’s not the primary factor.  RELIGION IS.  Cultural integration won’t make much of a difference in the face of religious disintegration.

“CULTURAL disintegration accounts for crime, riots and unemployment.  It occasionally feeds into Islamic terrorism, but IDEOLOGICAL VIOLENCE is aspirational.  It’s generally practised by members of the middle class with money, leisure time and lots of self-esteem.”

We Westerners, in Australia as well as Europe, have in enormous numbers forgotten what religion is.  Religion is passion, conviction and redemption.  The American anti-slavery campaigner James Freeman Clarke said over a hundred years ago: “All the strength and force of man come from his faith in things unseen.”  It is not something that you occasionally live on the weekends.  It transforms your life and your worldview.   Yes, a few Christians still believe that, but they’re in a small minority now as our society has swallowed postmodernist destruction of foundations, short-termism and “feelings” rather than intellectual, moral and theological clarity based on both reason and faith.  We are far too comfortable and complacent – catastrophically so.  But ISLAM is not in that self-doubting mindspace. Mythos – faith in things unseen – may be almost dead in the West, but it certainly isn’t in the Islamic world.

Islamic terrorism is what happens when Muslims “get” religion.  Not of the occasional casual variety, but of the fundamentally transformative kind.  No amount of “hug a Muslim today” nonsense, and police commissioners speaking at mosque open days, and interfaith crapfests where Christians sup with Muslims whose scriptures tell them to be our implacable enemies, are going to stop this.

Lots of the second-generation Muslims in our society have had every economic hand-up and opportunity to be integrated into our society.   Numan Haider, the 18 year old son of apparently integrated and prosperous Afghan “refugee” parents, consciously rejected the society which gave him and his family shelter and comfort, and knifed a police officer in Melbourne. 

The drivers of terrorism are not economic issues or cultural matters that are our fault.  It is calamitous and outright wicked for our public authorities to deny that the key drivers of Muslim  terrorism are THE ISLAMIC SCRIPTURES and the MOSQUES. 

The accompanying graphic gives the English translation of the official ISIS announcement on the Brussels attacks of March 2016.   The language here is entirely that of religious zealots.   The worldview is clearly of total rejection of the West as a whole, with zero regard for individual human beings.

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