Politicians are out of Control


Who Controls the Politicians?

Have you ever asked yourself ‘who is it who controls the politicians?’ After all, we elect these people, pay their salaries and they are supposed to represent our interests. Recent events reveal something is terribly wrong with our politicians’ thinking. For example over half a billion taxpayer’s dollars are being redirected from education, healthcare, and defense of Australian citizens, to political projects to monitor and attempt to control Muslims who take their Islam seriously. And the same politicians intend to import more Muslims here from Islam’s trouble spots.

This show of Islamic unity creates difficult feelings for Australians who initially opened their borders to Islamic immigration mistakenly believing that the Muslims would both assimilate and integrate successfully with Australian society

What follows is a citizens’ response to the politics and morality of acts of Islamic violence against our citizens and people. I do not need to quote the Islamic teachings on violence which are there for studying or cite the numerous Mohammedan terrorist incidents reported in the media. Islam stimulates violence just as Hinduism encourages vegetarianism and the Australian Rugby Union supports rugby matches. These are accepted matters of fact and social reality.

Presumably increasing the Muslim presence here will intensify and broaden the current Islamic hatred of things Australian and Anzac. How does this relationship between Islam, Muslims and Australians work itself out in practice? What is the legal standing of Islam before our Commonwealth?

Wearing a flkag does not make a person Australian for at its heart Australia is ANZAC and Islam can never accept ANZAC except as Dhimmi (bowed and broken)

Islam forbids the Muslims from assimilating with Australian culture and values. They are allowed to integrate. All other immigrant groups are encouraged to assimilate and integrate and over time the assumption is they will become Aussies. The logic of Islam provided s for only two possibilities: either Islam and Muslims are completely Australian in their identity and intentions, or they are un-Australian, un-Anzac and alien, even hostile to our ways, cultural mores, Judeo-Christian virtues and secular values.

Let us explore the standing of Islam as it impacts the security and defense of Australia. Are we more or less secure with the recent arrival of Islamic emigrants on our shores? What do we need to know about the risk factors of imported Jihadist culture (Jihad describes Islamic violence)?

A person who deliberately undermines the defense of their own country is a traitor. Someone who protects and buttresses the strength of their country is a patriot. Since Islamic Jihad culture categorically denies the sovereignty of Australia’s Constitution, its Parliament, institution and laws, Islam and serious Muslims must be unpatriotic, traitorous and treasonous. Islam’s intentions inside Australia amount to treason. Anyone who aids and abets treasonous activity is thereby a traitor.

Have we witnessed any arrests or prosecutions for treason? Are any of our politicians who are responsible for national security capable of identifying traitorous organizations with treasonous intentions?

Australians who have identified the true nature of Political Islam as a colonizing project view Islam as a threat. Political Correctness hampers politicians from addressing the issues. What is Patriotism, what is Treason? The Muslim notion on these points does not correspond with the Australian traditional view.

Perhaps Islam is so un-Australian that Muslim hatred for Australia is not really treason. Serious Muslims who take the Oath of Citizenship really have no intention of honouring our nation’s sovereignty. They have already pledged themselves to Mohammed’s Allah and his Islamic sovereignty.  If that is the case Islamic politics towards Australia and Australians are simply belligerence, or more correctly acts of war.

We only have two possibilities with Islam and the serious Muslims, either they are belligerents, or they are traitors. The evidence from 1,400 years of history, the directives of the Medinan Qur’an (Mohammed’s latter warlord phase) and the purpose of Jihad indicate the need to dominate, enslave and destroy the Kaffir (non-Muslims). The Jihad-inspired words of recognized Imams are unambiguous when they speak to the Muslims and ambiguous when they speak to the unbelievers (us).

About our politicians who have trouble understanding Islam, what should we think? Perhaps we should charitably conclude that these creatures are so habituated to lies, deceit and doublespeak that they believe they share the same values as the Imams. Birds of a feather flock together and subconsciously these two groups have much in common. They understand each other so well that they are in agreement about the need to dupe, cheat and run down the Australian people.

Both groups benefit from the charade of ‘The Religion of Peace’. Now we know categorically Islam is not entirely a religion, nor is it a peaceful project. Islam is un-Australian and it is a hostile aggressive entity. Australian politicians who go to bed with the Imams are traitors, deceivers and unworthy of public office. Those who cannot tell the difference between Islam and Christianity, or Judaism, or Buddhism are dupes. We the people cannot tell the difference between those politicians and a village idiot.

Perhaps deceased ex-Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser was the example of such a politician? Certainly, he enabled the first flood of Jihadists to cross our borders and he prided himself on his high intelligence and excellent political skills. What do you think? Was he a true patriot? Perhaps you would let us know by e-mailing your opinion.


In its entirety, Islam is NOT a religion. In fact, it is a legal, political, social, economic, military, ideological, Arab-centric, Totalitarian system, wrapped in the cloak of religion.” Chris Newman




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