Does Australia have a Culture? Some multiculti fools say no


Some people believe the nonsense that Australia has no culture of its own, but is some kind of blotting paper onto which different groups throw their ink, and the result can then be called “Australian culture”. This is self-denying garbage, postmodernist cultural relativism (“all cultures are equal”).  It is cultural pessimism out of the stable of Cultural Marxism.  It is also historically and culturally illiterate.

Australia is a part of Western civilization, whose best values are the decisive underpinning of personal freedom, justice, open inquiry and prosperity. Australia is heir to a culture whose roots are in Athens, Rome and Jerusalem.  Our worldview and our way of life draw on Greek logic and civil sense, Roman law and individualism, Judeo-Christian moral law, Christian compassion, humanist erudition, liberal open-mindedness, tolerance and respect for the rights of the individual. Our cultural roots are thousands of years deep.

Aboriginal culture is certainly Australian, but the institutions and values of our modern Australian nation are overwhelmingly from Western civilization.

Western civilization is exceptional. No other civilization has been so open to new ideas, or so much fostered individual freedom and competition based on the belief in the possibility and desirability of progress. Our civilization is remarkable for its curiosity, capacity for rigorous pursuit of truth and knowledge, tolerance, and reliability of civil arrangements. It derives great strength from its focus on practical advantages rather than pride, honour and disrespect for “the other”.

When naive “multiculturalists” discount the existence and value of our own culture, they turn their backs on these great institutions and values which the Judeo-Christian tradition, the Reformation and the Enlightenment brought to the West, including Australia:

  • representative democracy,
    • universal suffrage (personal, free and secret ballot),
    • the separation of powers,
    • an independent judiciary,
    • a neutral administration,
    • mechanisms to protect human rights,
    • religious tolerance,
    • freedom of scientific research,
    • academic freedoms,
    • a free press,
    • free trade,
    • the protection of private material and intellectual property,
    • the principle of self-ownership – you are not owned by the State,
    • free enterprise,
    • the free choice of one’s profession, and
    • the obligation to fulfil contractual agreements once entered into voluntarily.

We should never give up these things without a fight.  And that means taking on both naive “multiculturalists,” treasonous cultural subversives like the Greens, and immigrants who expect to be able to reject these priceless elements of our Australian culture.


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