The heights of Australian politics and culture have been hijacked by the leftist multicultural establishment.  Anglo identitarians – those who think of themselves as part of Australia’s historic identity originating in British settlement or more broadly as part of European civilization – have been marginalized by the anti-Western left.  The trend has been apparent for decades in politics and the culture industries.

The process began in the universities and mass media.  As a result Australia’s Western identity is ever more obscured by hostile news, commentary and curriculums. It is being drowned by indiscriminate immigration and oppressed by globalist elites.  The historic Australian nation is assailed from all sides at a time when many of its current leaders (of both the previous and the current government) are a disgrace, and our foundational national culture and values are not protected by government but tied up and gagged by it. 

Freedom and Heritage Society believes that assimilation needs to prevail over ethno-cultural “diversity” as a guiding principle for choosing immigrants.  To this end, the intake of asylum seekers from unassimilable cultures like Islam and black Africa should be curtailed.  This has nothing to do with *race*:  it is about culture, values and the cohesion and safety of our communities.  We must reject the ideology of multiculturalism (“all cultures are equal”) and reassert the primacy of our home culture.

Our schools must be forced to stop radical “black armband” indoctrination that trashes our history and civilization.  School curriculums should induct children into their culture and history.  Without such knowledge it is impossible for young adults to know themselves and Australia’s place in world history.  Our children need to learn the merits and achievements of Western civilization, including particularly of the Anglo-Celtic foundation of Australian society and political institutions.

We need to stop kowtowing to the United Nations and stop subjecting Australians to its supranational conventions.  We should abolish the Australian Human Rights Commission and should never again allow disgraceful and anti-patriotic individuals like Tim Soutphommasane (the former Racial Discrimination Commissioner) and Gillian Triggs (former President of the AHRC)  to hold any public office.

We need to reestablish a keen sensitivity to the NATIONAL economic and strategic interest as opposed to the interests of the global economic system.    What on earth were our leaders and bureaucrats thinking when they let China buy the Port of Darwin?  And strategically important areas of Australian agriculture and real estate?

There is an enormous task to be done, to undo the long march of Cultural Marxism through our institutions like the ABC and SBS, the universities and indeed the whole education system.  Even the “conservative” side of politics has been catastrophically whiteanted by ‘progressives” who disrespect core values.  Patriotic Australians must fight CULTURE WAR against the left.

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