By David Truman

If you’re not concerned at the numbers in this graphic, you should be.  No wonder the Australian Labor Party, and the Greens (who just LOVE Muslims) bend over backwards to placate and certainly not offend the now large Muslim voting bloc.

In contrast to these figures, the highest percentages of Jewish ancestry constituents by federal electorate are in Macnamara (Victoria) – 1.99%,  Wentworth (NSW) – 1.88%, and Goldstein (Victoria) – 1.37%.

Paul Kelly, writing in The Australian on 20 December 2023, notes the erosion of Australian Labor’s previously strong support for Israel and how it now “responds to the rising Muslim populations in ALP seats marked by their intense views on the Middle East.” He refers to the vociferous pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the streets and campaigns by leftist activists calling for destruction of Israel, and he says that many Australians think “This is not the country I know.”

The fruits of multiculturalism and “diversity.”

In Britain, Ahmed Anwar is an ex-Muslim of Pakistani background who converted to Christianity.  He has lived in cities in the northwest of England and in the West Midlands.  In a detailed article published in Frontpagemag on 15 December 2023, he says that the more “multicultural” of the two cities, with many more Muslims and less native Brits, is more dangerous and unattractive. 

He says:   Multiculturalism is a form of colonization and occupation that has turned British cities and towns into third world ghettos where Islamists, jihadis and radical leftists flourish, and in the process, the national identity of those cities and towns gets erased, rendering them virtually unrecognizable.  Parts of Birmingham and London look like they could be mistaken for Pakistan or some other foreign country.

Savile West, Yorkshire

The same can be said for Muslim concentrations in places like Lakemba in Sydney.  Lakemba is in Tony Burke’s federal electorate of Watson (18.23% Middle Eastern, not Jewish).

Mass and essentially uncontrolled immigration into the West has been a protracted problem, particularly over the past decade.  Angela Merkel’s opening the floodgates to an unlimited influx of “Syrian refugees” who mostly weren’t Syrian or refugees at all, created a lasting disaster for Germany and Western Europe in general.

Under Justin Trudeau, Canada has had virtually open borders, including for large numbers of people unwilling or incapable to assimilate.  Canada’s current immigration target is under half a million, but in the year to June 2023, 1.1 million migrants entered.  If even a quarter of these are “unassimilables,” there is a festering problem endangering Canadian society.

Australia is currently experiencing a large spike in immigration – close on 700,000 in the current year, including 850 from Gaza.   Policy is stridently non-discriminatory on some of the key factors relevant to assimilability – especially culture and religion. This is stupid policy.

Many of the Britons who voted in 2016 to leave the EU did so to regain control over immigration and its effect on national identity.  Yet since then, inflows have climbed 40 per cent.   The problem in Britain was hugely magnified two decades ago by the decisions of previous prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who sought, by deliberately engineering a flood of migrants from the third world, to tip the voting balance permanently in Labour’s favour.  This, and the CONTINUING behaviour of elites in many Western countries, is nothing less than treason against the native people.

Virtually the only unequivocally bright spot in all this has been the very effective decision by Tony Abbott’s government in Australia, over sneering comments from the left that it “couldn’t be done,” to STOP THE BOATS.

The current deliberate refusal by the Biden administration in the USA to protect border security in the south from a continuing flood of illegal migrants, who clearly include many individuals who wish the United States harm, is a colossal crime. The US Democratic Party by its policies across the board is clearly channelling Mephistopheles from Goethe’s Faust, Part One:
“I am the spirit that negates.
And rightly so, for all that comes to be
Deserves to perish wretchedly;
‘Twere better nothing would begin.
Thus everything that that your terms, sin,
Destruction, evil represent—
That is my proper element.”

Multiculturalism gives Muslims (and other minorities) a pretext to separate themselves from the mainstream population.  This is true not only for Britain, but for France, Sweden, Germany, other European countries and also Australia.  Muslim ghettos virtually erase women from public life and the macho Muslim culture creates Muslim men who are socially inept and incompetent when they interact with women – especially non-Muslim women, leading to accusations that these men are “rapefugees.”

Dutch politician and now aspiring Prime Minister Geert Wilders said over a decade ago “It will be necessary to deport millions of Muslims.”  He was right.

Freedom and Heritage Society of Australia has no problem with multiethnicity, but multiculturalism is a disaster when the different races do not agree to abide by the same rules and laws and be on the same team.  There is no problem with our Australian Vietnamese community, for example, but there is with a sizeable part of the Muslim community, who actively seek to make themselves “the other.” 

It is not “racist” to want to affirm and defend your own majority culture and insist that it must have primacy in your own country.  This is not racism, but CULTURISM. 

With Arab immigrants, for example, the issue is not ethnicity or language but culture.  Maronite Christians from Lebanon, and Coptic Christians from Egypt, have never been a problem in Australia.

Under the calamitous delusion of multiculturalism, ruling elites have converted the British police and other institutions into instruments to demonize and persecute the native population.  When “culturally sensitive policing” gives get-out-of-jail-free cards to Pakistani Muslim rape gangs in Rotherham, Rochdale and Telford, this is a treasonous departure from the Rule of Law – which should ensure one rule for all without fear or favour.

Until its very recent change of government, Sweden, already the rape capital of Europe, was on track to becoming a failed state.

Treasonous elites have made very generous welfare a honey trap to attract ever more illegal migrants to invade the country under the guise of being “refugees” and “asylum seekers” when they’re actually economic migrants.  And elite public institutions like the BBC and in Australia the ABC, demonize any critics of these nation-destroying policies as racists and bigots.

It is not a “triumph of multiculturalism” for Britain currently to have:  a Hindu Prime Minister, a Muslim Chief Minister of Scotland, a Muslim Lord Mayor of London, MANY Muslim-controlled local councils, and a large swag of extremist Muslim imams who openly denigrate British democracy and proclaim their commitment to an Islamic takeover of Britain.  It is a disgrace that the police, courts and spineless politicians do virtually nothing to slap this down, and instead persecute patriotic native Brits like Tommy Robinson for trying to defend the rights, freedoms and physical safety of the native population.

Ahmed Anwar says “I have become sick to death of Muslims, especially Pakistani Muslims and their savage, barbaric and immoral culture.  I hate their victim complex.  I hate their lack of accountability.  I hate their lack of respect for Britain.  I hate their racism.  I hate their violence.”

In Australia, we have a large cohort of virtue-signalling do-gooders whose bleeding heart for “refugees” and asylum seekers swamps any common-sense concern for social cohesion and national security.  PM Anthony Albanese is now letting into Australia more than 850 people living in Gaza.  Most of these people have been suffused for a lifetime in a culture of victimhood, non-productive parasitism (through UNRWA, funded by the international community), hatred, violence and virulent antisemitism.  We have already seen an explosion of antisemitic incidents in Australia.   It is madness to let in such people en masse, without very thorough vetting of each individual’s background and cultural values.

The West is on a hiding to nothing with this self-hating stupidity.  If there is to be a solution, it must start with people waking up.  If you are already awake – red pilled even better – you should be spreading the message that we must JUNK multiculturalism and refuse to vote for people who pursue such nation-destroying policies.  “Diversity” that denies the primacy of the majority culture is not a strength, much less a triumph, but a curse.

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