Floral tributes to victims of the Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney, December 2014

Most Mainstream Media journalists, and unfortunately too many politicians, senior bureaucrats, and police leaders, are singing from exactly the same hymn-sheet.  They deny the reality of Islamic crime and look for every possible opportunity to excuse Islam as a religion from any blame.   It’s as if they were following this Instruction:

Whenever an atrocity is committed by someone claiming to be inspired by the teachings of the Koran the following steps should immediately be taken to avoid awkward questions about the ‘Religion of Peace’:

  • Interview friends of the perpetrator.  Have them say how ‘totally shocked’ they are that such a nice guy could do such a thing (the implication being that he must have ‘snapped’).
  • Interview worshippers at his mosque.  Have them say that he attended irregularly and ‘drifted away’ eventually (in other words ‘He could never have learned that stuff here’).
  • If the perpetrator had a troubled background (drugs, alcohol etc.) before turning to Islam make sure that it is emphasized.
  • Insist that the perpetrator is mentally deranged and/or a ‘lone wolf’.
  • Insist that every interviewee or panellist talking about the attack repeat some version of ‘This has nothing to do with the peaceful teachings of Islam’.   It does not matter if they do not have the foggiest idea of what Islam actually teaches as long as the mantra is drilled into the minds of the public.
  • Do not broadcast any appeals to the Koran or the example of Muhammad made by the perpetrator to justify his/her actions.  If this is unavoidable constantly point out that he/she ‘Misunderstands Islam’.
  • Deflect attention from the incident (and assist the Muslim community in playing the victim card) by warning of a ‘backlash’.  Feel free to do this even while the incident is playing out.
  • Start, or strongly support, a ‘feel good hashtag’ (e.g.  #Illridewithyou or #JeSuisCharlie) so that people can engage in pointless social media activism instead of analyzing the root causes of the attack.
  • IF ALL ELSE FAILS, offer “it all occurs because of terrorist US foreign policies in the Middle East.”
Islam should be regarded not as a religion but as a world conquest ideology.

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