In the Australian federal parliament on 5 June 2024, both the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader condemned the unprecedented surge of anti-Semitism in Australia.  But more specifically, Albanese, the PM, said “there is no place for anti-Semitism, prejudice of any kind, Islamophobia, in our communities or outside electoral offices.”

“Islamophobia” is a term frequently bandied about.  The excremental Greens love it.  It has also been demonized by leftist city councils here and in Britain, typically either by Muslims (who have captured many Councils in Britain), or by people who know nothing about Islamic doctrines and history.

In January 2019 Oxford City Council became the third British council to agree on a list of ‘Islamophobic’ examples.  It adopted the definition by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims (APPG) and listed “examples of Islamophobia” as below.   The APPG definition says that “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”

Freedom and Heritage Society of Australia points out immediately that ISLAM IS NOT A RACE.   Muslims come in many ethnicities – Arab, African, Turkic, Iranian, Afghan, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Malay, Indonesian, southern Filipino and others. 

Drawing on the APPG definition and examples, the Oxford City Council has listed these as Islamophobia:

* Calling for, aiding, instigating or justifying the killing or harming of Muslims in the name of a racist/fascist ideology, or an extremist view of religion;

* Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Muslims as such, or of Muslims as a collective group, such as, especially but not exclusively, conspiracies about Muslim entryism in politics, government or other societal institutions; the myth of Muslim identity having a unique propensity for terrorism and claims of a demographic ‘threat’ posed by Muslims or of a ‘Muslim takeover’;

* Accusing Muslims as a group of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Muslim person or group of Muslim individuals, or even for acts committed by non-Muslims;

* Accusing Muslims as a group, or Muslim majority states, of inventing or exaggerating Islamophobia, ethnic cleansing or genocide perpetrated against Muslims;

* Accusing Muslim citizens of being more loyal to the ‘Ummah’ (transnational Muslim community) or to their countries of origin, or to the alleged priorities of Muslims worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations;

* Denying Muslim populations, the right to self-determination e.g., by claiming that the existence of an independent Palestine or Kashmir is a terrorist endeavour;

* Applying double standards by requiring of Muslims behaviours that are not expected or demanded of any other groups in society, eg loyalty tests;

* Using the symbols and images associated with classic Islamophobia; and

* Holding Muslims collectively responsible for the actions of any Muslim majority state, whether secular or constitutionally Islamic.

[Source: , 29 January 2019]

Oxford City Council seems not to understand the difference between Muslims as people, and Islam as an ideology. “Islamophobia” is about the ideology. Unfortunately many bleeding-heart apologists for Islam and Muslims are illiterate about the ideology.
The English Constitution Group reacted sharply to the push by the APPG by writing to the Prime Minister, other Cabinet members and Conservative MPs, asking them to

“put a stop to the proposal from this APPG before it gains any more momentum, because it would set an extremely dangerous and divisive precedent, which would give supremacy to an alien ideology, over the rest of the public against the restraints of the Bill of Rights 1689 (treason), and places the rest of the population in danger and at a disadvantage.  No section of the general public should be given supremacy and special privilege over another.It is also against the ancient custom and practice of this country, and our English Common Law.  We already have enough laws to cover the kind of problems mentioned, without making specific law solely for Islamists.

Islamophobia versus Anti-Semitism

Freedom and Heritage does a double-take when reading the APPG points adopted by Oxford Council. Substitute “Jews” for Muslims and you have perfect examples of anti-Semitism. Is there an equivalence here?

NO, THERE ISN’T. The mind boggles at the sheer cheek of it. The fact is, virtually all terrorism in the world comes from Islam. The ISLAMIC SCRIPTURES instruct Muslims to regard Mohammed as the perfect example, and quote him in the hadiths as saying “I have been made victorious with terror” [Sahih al-Bukhari, hadith number 2977].

The French think tank Fondapol reported that between 1979 and May 2021, at least 48,035 Islamist terrorist attacks took place worldwide, causing the deaths of at least 210,138 people.  The main targets were the military (31.7%), followed by civilians (25.0%) and police forces (18.3%).  France was the EU country most affected by Islamist terrorism, with at least 82 Islamist attacks and 332 deaths up to May 2021.

And Muslim spokesmen and apologists warn us about “Islamophobia”?

This word Islamophobia

The word ISLAMOPHOBIA is a term of abuse invented in the early 1980s by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a subgroup of the Muslim Brotherhood.  It characterizes as a phobia (ie, an irrational fear or hatred) what is actually a sane, justified and morally correct response to the evil that is Islam.

The IIIT came up with this bright shiny word ‘Islamophobia’ after seeing the success that ‘Gay Rights’ groups in the West had had by labelling anti-Gay hatred as ‘Homophobia’.  Like Trotsky’s coining of “Racism” in 1927 as term of abuse to shut down any criticism of his totalitarian communist ideology, “Islamophobia” was coined to close down any criticism of Islam.

Criminalizing criticism of Islam

Freedom and Heritage notes that the agenda of Islam around the world is to criminalize all criticism of Islam, as called for by the Sharia.  In January 2017 the Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, called for the criminalization of any criticism of Islam.  It is vital to the preservation of our own freedoms of speech, expression, religion and conscience that this push be ferociously rejected.

Individuals versus ideology

Freedom and Heritage distinguishes between individual Muslims as people, and Islam as a totalitarian political ideology.  Of course many Muslims don’t act according to their scriptures (Koran, Hadiths and Sira), any more than all professing Christians actually follow the teachings of Christ.  However, readers need to be aware that Islamic doctrine, unlike other major religions, does not have a Golden Rule:  it has a DUALISM that treats non-Muslims (“kafirs,” or in the Arabic plural, kuffar) much worse than Muslims. 

“Kafir” in Islam is a highly offensive word.  A kafir is evil, disgusting, the lowest form of life, much worse than just “unbeliever.”  Bill Warner of the Center for Study of Political Islam gives these quotes from the Koran.  The kafir is:

Hated– 40:35 They who dispute the signs of Allah [kafirs] without authority having reached them are greatly hated by Allah and the believers.  

Mocked– 83:34 On that day the faithful will mock the kafirs, while they sit on bridal couches and watch them.  

Punished– 25:77 Say to the kafirs: My Lord does not care for you or your prayers.  You have rejected the truth, so sooner or later, a punishment will come.

Beheaded– 47:4 When you encounter the kafirs on the battlefield, cut off their heads until you have thoroughly defeated them and then take the prisoners and tie them up firmly.

Confused– 6:25 Some among them listen to you [Mohammed], but We have cast veils over their [kafirs] hearts and a heaviness to their ears so that they cannot understand our signs [the Koran].

Plotted against– 86:15 They plot and scheme against you [Mohammed], and I plot and scheme against them.  

Terrorized– 8:12 Then your Lord spoke to His angels and said, “I will be with you.  Give strength to the believers.  I will send terror into the kafirs’ hearts, cut off their heads and even the tips of their fingers!”

Annihilated– 6:45 So the kafirs were annihilated.  

Killed– 4:91 If they do not keep away from you or offer you peace or withdraw their hostilities, then seize them and kill them wherever they are.  We give you complete authority over them.

Crucified– 5:33 The only reward for those who war against Allah and His messengers and strive to commit mischief on the earth is that they will be slain or crucified, have their alternate hands and feet cut off, or be banished from the land.  This will be their disgrace in this world, and a great torment shall be theirs in the next except those who repent before you overpower them.  

Made war on– 9:29 Make war on those who have received the Scriptures [Jews and Christians] but do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day.  They do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden.  The Christians and Jews do not follow the religion of truth until they submit and pay the poll tax [jizya], and they are humiliated.

A Muslim is not the friend of a kafir– 3:28 Believers should not take kafirs as friends in preference to other believers.  Those who do this will have none of Allah’s protection and will only have themselves as guards.  

Ignorant– 6:111 Even if We had sent down the angels to them [kafirs], the dead had spoken to them, and We had gathered all things before their eyes, they would not believe unless Allah had willed it, but most of them are ignorant.

Evil– 23:97 And say: Oh my Lord! I seek refuge with You from the suggestions of the evil ones [kafirs].  

Disgraced– 37:18 Tell them, “Yes! And you [kafirs] will be disgraced.”

A partner of Satan.  25:55 The kafir is Satan’s ally against Allah.

Unclean– 9:28 Oh, believers, only the kafirs are unclean.

Cursed– 33:60 They [kafirs] will be cursed, and wherever they are found, they will be seized and murdered.  

There is no such thing as Islamophobia

There’s no such thing as Islamophobia. There’s Islamorealism, yes, and Islamonausea. But there’s nothing irrational about these. Islam’s aim really is to destroy our civilization.

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