By Chris Newman, Chairman

Since the time of the Greeks, citizens in our Western tradition have organised themselves into civil societies to protect and advance their communities and nations.  Our modern Australian society is a part of this proud tradition of grassroots citizen organisation which has developed over 2,500 years.  

As civil society in action, in 1215 the English dukes and nobles pressed King John at Runnymede to sign the Magna Carta, and in 1689 the English people’s Parliament pressed William and Mary to sign the Bill of Rights.  In America, citizens united in 1787 to draw up the United States Constitution, arguably the most significant event of recent times in the development of civil society.  And we in Australia similarly have our Constitution of 1901 which established our Commonwealth.

It would be a mistake to confuse our close-knit civil society with the Australian nation state itself, its organs of government and the political party system.  These are only formalised mechanical arrangements for the day to day running of our national affairs.  The elected and hired agents to whom Australian civil society entrusts its Commonwealth and national sovereign purpose are meant to serve the interests of our civil society and Commonwealth.

Today we alert citizens are witnessing a period of historical turmoil where our elected politicians, the bureaucrats we hire and pay for by our taxes, our judiciary, our education and banking systems and even many churches, have been subverted by destructive elements, ideologies and entities which have no regard for our long-established constitutional rights and freedoms.  In such times and circumstances, our civil society must unite with vigorous purpose to assert and enforce our human rights, to defend our families, our freedoms, our cultural values and heritage to protect our future from elements both within and without our lands which seek to destroy or pervert our purpose, dismantle our Commonwealth and replace our healthy society with a dystopian nightmare.

On this website you will find factual reports and opinion pieces by members of the Freedom and Heritage Society of Australia.  These include articles and presentations on what is happening in our society, and analysis of the stratagems, tactics and ideologies of those who seek to undermine our society and compromise or even destroy our Australian sovereignty.   The website outlines current activities of the Society, gives insights and suggestions on how to improve our Commonwealth, and in particular includes a programme of education designed to bring our citizens up to speed on all these issues.

We hope that you will appreciate what is offered here and reflect on it in a spirit of open-minded enquiry and critical thinking.  Should our material attract your interest we invite you to contact us, to consider working within a civil society group and to volunteer your time, energy and funds to support the defence of our national identity and Western values.

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