Free Speech and its betrayal by Western elites


The Rule of Law supposes that all are equal before the law.  But “Social justice” tells Justice to pull aside the blindfold and put her finger on the scale.  Are you from a favoured victim group?  Then you get special treatment – by the police, the criminal justice system, and of course the gravy train of budget grants.  “Social justice” perverts justice (the rule of law – impartiality) while pretending to pursue it.

Likewise with “Hate speech”.  Thundering against “hate speech” circumvents free speech while pretending to support it and furiously virtue-signalling to others.


If you lose free speech, your political freedom dies.  Yet we are more and more jettisoning that freedom.  This is partly because of intimidation:  for example, many decision makers, writers and the media are afraid to criticise Islam because you can be murdered if you do.

Free speech is also being lost more insidiously in the name of political correctness.

There is massive internalized self-intimidation about Islam, even to the extent of denying our own religious and cultural beliefs, symbols and celebrations.   This is hugely facilitated by the West’s militantly secularist elites – who will salivate at the thought of driving Christianity from the public square, but tolerate the Muslim call to prayer (much noise pollution especially in UK and Sweden) and Ramadan celebrations (Iftar dinners attended by Prime Ministers and Islamically illiterate Christian clerics).

And nary a word about the bombathons that invariably now accompany Ramadan around the world.   This is hypocrisy and betrayal of Western values.

Self-censorship is rife on issues of sexuality (“how many genders are there?”), same sex marriage, multiculturalism (“all cultures are equal – aren’t they?”), and globalism (“let’s destroy the nation state”).  The great fear that many people have is of being labelled a racist, a bigot or a xenophobe.  Nearly always, these terms of abuse are thrown quite dishonestly.  This is a cancer in Western society and it is being driven, disgracefully, by Western elites.


Denis MacEoin of the Gatestone Institute has written:

Condemnation from Western academics, journalists, interfaith clerics, and politicians shows not how successful intimidation has become, but how timid and craven we have become.  To surrender with such spinelessness can only mean that we have entered the first stages of the decline of the Enlightenment values that made the modern West the greatest upholder of human rights and freedoms in history.

Free speech is under enormous attack in the West not just from Antifa thugs, but also within the universities, which are supposed to teach genuinely critical thinking and test different opinions and theories in the marketplace of ideas.

We see vociferous and violent demonstrations against intellectuals like Professor Jordan Peterson who refuses to use gender-neutral pronouns for people and speaks out AGAINST postmodernist nihilism and political correctness and FOR wholesome values of truth, honesty, and self-worth.   Across the board now, there are repeated and determined attempts to deny venues to conservative speakers.

When Geert Wilders came to Australia in early 2013, dozens of venues refused, the booked Melbourne venue was denied at almost the last minute (though another one was found), and NO venue could be obtained in Perth.  The then Liberal Premier of Western Australia decreed that no government-administered venue would be available.

In July 2018, in New Zealand the former Labour Party Minister and now Lord Mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff, has refused venues for Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux on the totally spurious charge of “rightwing extremism and white racism”.  It’s par for the course now for common-garden conservatives to be called “extreme right wing”.   In Melbourne, the Victorian police have billed Lauren Southern $68,000 for policing against left wing agitators and disrupters.  Since when is the victim responsible for the crime?  We are all losers from this – the moronic losers who delude themselves by pretending to be “anti-fascists” (when their tactics are pure totalitarian fascism), and decent law-abiding people who merely want to hear opinions which our treasonous elites consider unfashionable.

This is a world gone mad.   If you don’t want to lose your freedom, YOU have a responsibility to bring the political class to its senses – or replace it.



  1. As many people as possible and as frequently as possible should shout from the treetops in support of the Senate speech by Fraser Anning. He said what millions of Aussies think.


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