in May 2017 the Federal Integration Commissioner of Germany – a TURKISH WOMAN – said that German culture does not exist, and parroted the Cultural Marxist nonsense that ‘Diversity Is the Nation’s Strength’.   Only a mentally deranged German ruling elite could allow this sort of rubbish to be said by a government official.  This is a cultural death wish.   Source:

This fool Commissioner (who almost puts former President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs, in the shade) said it is “ridiculous and absurd” to expect migrants to assimilate to a shared set of cultural values.  She even had the stupid audacity to say it’s not possible to identify any sort of culture that’s specific to Germany beyond the language.

Freedom and Heritage would have thought that German music, art, science, literature, philosophy, food, architecture, and Christian heritage (both Catholic and Protestant) were immediately identifiable as distinctive parts of German culture. 

Unfortunately, we have fools in Australia also who rabbit on in the same vein.   They spout the nonsense that Australia has no culture of its own, but is some kind of blotting paper onto which different groups throw their ink, and the result can then be called “Australian culture”.  They push the stupidity that “all cultures are equal.”  This is self-hating, postmodernist relativism, and is historically and culturally illiterate. 

But more deeply, what is culture?   It’s not just the immediately visible things you see on the surface, like food, dress, music, visual arts, drama, crafts, dance, literature, language, festivals, games and so on.   It is also a complete way of looking at the world;  at people who are part of the home group and at people who are not;  at behaving in particular circumstances;  in judging what is acceptable and what is not;  in the concept of “self” in relation to the group and the wider society;  relations between the sexes;  ideas about personal space and freedom;  attitude toward work;  attitude toward violence; attitude toward animals;  concept of beauty;  concept of time;  preparedness to tolerate different opinions and faiths; and a lot more more.

Both Germany and Australia have been greatly IMPOVERISHED by the immigration of certain groups whose culture is not only vastly different from our own Western culture, but who have a hostile attitude toward ours and defiantly refuse to assimilate.   Yes we have taken in people from many lands, and mostly peacefully – because the Italians and Greeks (and others, such as the Vietnamese) didn’t do jihad, or make special demands upon us, or set out deliberately to subvert and change us.  They have CONTRIBUTED.   Not so some more recent groups.

We’ve been impoverished by bad immigration.   We have lost social cohesion as ghettos have formed.  Too many Islamic and more recently African immigrants – though granted, not all – have made our communities less safe and have sought to parasitize on us.   France, meanwhile, is seeing riots, car torching and effectively civil war in the streets.  It is madness to say that we have to accept this as a price of “multiculturalism”.   We do not!

There is nothing “racist” or xenophobic in affirming and defending and wanting to preserve one’s own culture.  We need to be CULTURIST, not multiculturist.

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