Talking about Islam: How to answer common questions or statements thrown at you – INSTALMENT 2


This is the second of a series of posts suggesting how you should answer hostile or ignorant questions or statements thrown at you about Islam.


Today, more people are killed in the name of Islam EVERY YEAR than were killed in the entire 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition.

If you want to see how many people are being killed daily in the name of Islam, check out this website:  .  Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 33,958 deadly terror attacks since 9/11.

Over its 1400-year history, 270 million people have been killed in the name of Islam.  No other religion comes close.  Communism doesn’t even come close.  Naziism doesn’t either.

Just a few hard facts:

  • 70 million Hindus, Buddhists and others killed in India after the Muslim conquest;
  • conquest of the Holy Land (636); invasion of Spain (710) and France (turned back in 732);
  • conquest of the Balkans;
  • eventual complete destruction of the Byzantine empire (1453)
  • conquest of Hungary (from 1526 to 1687);
  • siege to Vienna (1529); the Battle of Lepanto (1571); the Battle of Vienna (1683);
  • many wars against Russia over hundreds of years;
  • the Armenian Genocide of 1915;
  • Al-Qaeda formed by Osama bin Laden in 1988; some 34,000 fatal terrorist attacks since September 2001, in the USA, Europe, Bali, Jakarta, Philippines and Australia;
  • Islamic State – originated 1999 but called itself Islamic State from June 2014 – a ruthless killing, mutilating and raping machine;
  • Enslavement and murder across Africa, including with Boko Haram in Nigeria and surrounding countries to the present;
  • attempted establishment of an IS affiliate in Marawi, southern Philippines, in 2017.

The reason we don’t know this is that Islamic supremacists have infiltrated the textbook publishing business in America and have massively sanitized the history of Islam.  They also heavily influence Western media and some politicians, especially those who themselves are part of Big Oil.  University departments funded by Arab petrodollars have also pushed a highly misleading narrative.

Islam was NEVER about peace.


Terrorism is a form of Jihad, but Jihad is not just about war and bombs.  These are spectacular but actually less effective than what has been happening and spectacularly succeeding throughout most of the West.

Classic manual of Sharia, The Reliance of the Traveler, defines JIHAD as meaning WARFARE TO ESTABLISH THE RELIGION.   [Section o.9.0]

Terrorism is only one of a dozen or more ways to wage jihad.  The others include:
* Demographic Jihad – immigration and outbreeding us
* Economic Jihad – halal certification, welfare parasitism
* Institutional Jihad – infilitrating our organizations and political parties
* Media Jihad
* Education Jihad – corrupting textbooks and funding university chairs
* Aggressive foreign funding of Mosques and madrassahs
* Cultural Jihad
* Financial Jihad – Sharia finance
* Criminal Jihad – rape gangs and drug running
* Thuggery Jihad – assault and violence
* Ecumenical jihad – Interfaith talkfests that push imagined compatibility of the “three Abrahamic faiths”

— and that most effective tool of intimidation —
* Litigation Jihad – using our antidiscrimination laws against us.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims, and they kill in the name of Islam.

It says 91 times in the Koran that every Muslim must follow Mohammad’s example.  Do you know anything about Mohammad?  Knowing about Mohammad explains a lot of what otherwise is incomprehensible about what is going on in the world.

The Muslims who are terrorists get tremendous support from their community.  That is motivated by Islamic teachings and the hope that the supporters will gain entry to Paradise. The martyr can plea to Allah (once he arrives in Paradise) on behalf of up to seventy of his relatives to get them a ticket to Paradise.

The “small percentage” of Muslims who are active terrorists are only the tip of the iceberg of a tremendous amount of popular support for the killing of non-Muslims.


We don’t have to go to war with all of them.  Most of the people who are now Muslims never chose to be so.  Their ancestors were almost all forced to be Muslims.  Their ancestors’ whole country was conquered and Sharia law was imposed.   Many of them would choose to live their lives without the constant domination of Sharia if they had the option.

We don’t need to go to war, BUT we need to change some of our own laws and some of our foreign policies.   And indeed we wouldn’t even have to change some of them, only start enforcing them and applying the Rule of Law.

We must distinguish the political aspects of Islam from the religious aspects, and stop people from committing sedition (plotting to overthrow the government).   We don’t need to go to war.   But we need to educate enough non-Muslims so that no more politicians ignorant of Islam are voted into office.

Our biggest problem is the abject ignorance of the majority of NON-Muslims.   Because of this ignorance, the West is conceding its freedoms.   Muslims follow a sociopathic agenda, and we as victims don’t understand how sociopaths can be so mean or cruel or heartless.   While they won’t stop trying to bring in Sharia, we don’t have to allow it!

They are only making progress toward their goal because we let them.   We trust them – we believe, naively, that they have the same human motivations as us.   We make treaties with them.   We allow them to immigrate.   We make assumptions about them (like they must be just like us, their religion must be similar to other religions we know about, etc).   We are conceding our freedoms.   They are not taking our freedoms.   We are forgoing our own self-preservation.   We are voluntarily giving away our ability to defend ourselves.

THE PROBLEM IS NOT WITH THEM, IT’S WITH US.   We don’t need to go to war.   We need to stop being stupid, and that can’t happen until more people know some basic facts about Islamic doctrine.   We need many more people to understand basic Islamic teachings.


Islamophobia is a term of abuse invented in the early 1980s by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a subgroup of the Muslim Brotherhood, to characterize as a phobia (ie, an irrational fear or hatred) what is actually a sane, justified and morally correct response to the evil that is Islam.  There is no such thing as Islamophobia.   There is, however, Islamorealism!

The IIIT  came up with this bright shiny word ‘Islamophobia’  after seeing the success that ‘Gay Rights’ groups in the West had had by labelling anti-Gay hatred as ‘Homophobia’.  Like Trotsky’s coining of “Racism” in 1930 as term of abuse to shut down any criticism of his totalitarian communist ideology, “Islamophobia” was coined to close down any criticism of Islam.

It’s not “Germanophobia” to hate Hitler or “Russophobia” to detest Stalinism!

And IslamoREALISM does not mean hating Muslims in general.   It does mean rejection of the political ideology of Islam.



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