Talking about Islam: How to answer common questions or statements thrown at you – INSTALMENT 1


This is one of a series of posts suggesting how you should answer hostile or ignorant questions or statements thrown at you about Islam.


Even a small minority of 1.3 billion people is still a lot.  And the minority is not nearly as small as people like to think.  While the number of Muslims seeking to kill unbelievers may be small, polling consistently shows that a much larger percentage believes in the POLITICAL purpose of Islam – subjugation of all non-Muslims to Islamic law, and is working toward that goal in other ways besides terrorism.

There are many ways to wage JIHAD:

* Migration and womb jihad:  immigrate to a new country, maybe even let them support you with welfare, but definitely out-breed the original inhabitants.
* Build up a powerful voting block of Muslims, and start pressing for concessions.
* Litigation jihad (using our anti-discrimination laws against us).
* Forest fire jihad.
* Falsify textbooks jihad.
* Infiltrate institutions like the media, universities, local councils and political parties.

Violent Islamic supremacists may, in fact, be the least of our problems.


I’m not attacking your friend or anyone who calls himself a Muslim.  I’m talking about Islamic DOCTRINE.  I’m talking about what a devout Muslim is supposed to do, according to Muhammad, and what millions of Muslims in fact do.

Is he a practising Muslim or a Muslim in name only?  If he is a practising Muslim, jihad is obligatory.  But keep in mind, jihad means struggling toward the political goal of the dominance of Islamic law.  Violence is only one of many ways to work toward that.

Maybe this Muslim’s apparent goodness is only TAQIYYA (deception).  Or maybe he is simply ignorant of what his religion really requires of him.  I will tell you what is in the Koran, but only if you promise not to tell him.  We don’t need any more Muslims to awaken to the requirements of their faith.

Does he pay his zakat (alms)?  Then he is probably contributing to Islamic supremacists who are following the whole teachings, including the funding of jihad.

The fact that he is really nice does not mean he repudiates the supremacist nature of Islamic teachings.  I’m not saying just because someone is a Muslim he must be a murderous psychopath.  I’m saying that the quality of ‘niceness’ doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with what a person is capable of.


I’m against racism!  And in any case, Islam is not a race.  If you think criticism of Islam is racist, you are demonstrating that you don’t understand what Islam is, and illustrating exactly why we need to talk about it and learn about it.  Muslims come in many ethnicities – Arab, African, Turkic, Iranian, Afghan, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Malay, Indonesian ….

Many non-white former Muslims criticise Islam.  Are any of these ‘racist”?

  • Ayaan Hirsi Ali – originally from Somalia.
  • Wafa Sultan – from Syria.
  • Ibn Warraq – from Pakistan.
  • Nonie Darwish – from Egypt, now the US.
  • Mark Gabriel – from Egyptian, former Islamic scholar at Al Azhar University in Cairo.
  • Walid Shoebat – Palestinian and former PLO militant.
  • Simon Deng – from South Sudan, former black slave.
  • Tawfik Hamid – from Egypt, former extremist preacher who calls for reform of Islam.

The word “racist” is a term of abuse brought into politics by Trotsky in 1930, when he used the word in his book The History of the Russian Revolution against people who opposed his totalitarian ideology.

For decades, leftists have successfully used this term of abuse to slander traditionalists, shut down debate, and leave unassertive opponents running for cover.  They have caused even more damage by using the “racist” word to brainwash impressionable children and college students, and to teach people to hate their nation, their cultural traditions, and themselves.  People who use that term of abuse dishonestly are Useful Idiots infected by Cultural Marxism or naive souls who know nothing about Islam.


I am actually defending religious tolerance.  Islam itself is religiously intolerant!    What can you do with a religion that will try to stop, defeat, undermine, and even abolish all other religions?  If you want to preserve religious freedom, you had better keep the aggressive, intolerant religion on a tight leash.  You had better be aware of what they’re doing, and you’d better prevent them from getting their hands on the reins of power or it will be the end of religious tolerance.

There are two aspects of Islam.  One is religious and the other is political.  The religious part has to do with fasting and prayer.  The political part has to do with subjugating non-Muslims, working to establish Sharia law in places where it isn’t already established, and repressing the rights of women.  Islamic supremacists do not believe the religious part is separate from the political part.

After the Protestant Reformation, Christianity eventually embraced religious toleration.  But right now mosques in Australia and throughout the world are preaching hatred toward non-Muslims.   Sura 1 of the Koran, recited regularly in every mosque, ends thus:

Guide us to the straight path,
The path of those whom you have favoured,
Not of those who have incurred your wrath,
Nor of those who have gone astray.

“Those who have incurred your wrath” are the JEWS.  “Those who have gone astray” are the Christians.  Those words of sura 1 embody hatred and intolerance.

On July 3, 2013, Sheikh Sharif Hussein delivered this hate sermon during Friday prayers, at the Islamic Da’wah Centre of South Australia, in Torrensville, Adelaide.   It was recorded and posted on the internet by MEMRI – The Middle East Media Research Institute.

“Listen Oh Obama, oh enemy of Allah.  You who kiss the shoes and feet of the Jews, listen!
The day will come when you are trampled upon by the pure feet of the Muslims. …
Oh Allah, count the Buddhists and the Hindus one by one.
Oh Allah, count them and kill them to the very last one.”

This is a dangerous and specifically Islamic religious intolerance.  You can’t have everyone allowing everyone else to worship as they wish except one group who will only tolerate their own religion.


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