The Cornerstone of Islam is the Shahada – it is a Lie!

There is no god but allah & Muhammad is the messenger of allah.

The core article of Islam, the Shahada which means ‘testimony’, is very clear in the totality of its meaning. Let there be no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ about the Shahada. The most perfect and absolute statement of Islamic belief is found in this phrase;

“There is no God but Allah; and Mohammed is his prophet”.

(Arabic transliteration;  ašhadu ʾanla ilāha illal-Lāh, wa ʾašhadu ʾanna muḥammadan rasūlul-Lāh )

Through the assertion of this statement, Islam has never been in any doubt about its supremacy over ALL humanity. “Why is that?” you may ask in a puzzled voice.

The explanation is most simple, like everything else in Islam. The opening phrase entirely negates ALL the non-Islamic relationships and beliefs in God. It wipes the slate clean of every understanding and relationship that humans ever held with God before the arrival of Islam. Completely and unequivocally all other faiths, their authority and the relationships of their believers are negated and eliminated by the assertion and supremacy of Islam.

The translation clearly and honestly reveals the inner contents of the Shahada and its claim to supremacy over all other declarations. Unfortunately for the Muslims this claim is bogus. Unfortunately for us they have yet to wake up to the fact.

The first phrase of the Shahada creates the vacuum; the second phrase fills the space and installs Islam as the supreme authority over all humankind.  The vacuum created by the negation of the non-Islamic God is completed with the insertion of the Islamic god Allah. Simultaneously the Shahada asserts the supreme authority of Mohammed, whose testimony on all things is the only one acceptable to Allah. The Prophet perfectly represents to Allah ALL humanity for ALL time.

That is the complete meaning of the Shahada as understood in Islam. Through its recital one denies all other faiths in God and submits to the supremacy of Allah and Mohammed and declares oneself a Muslim. No other meaning is possible. The Muslims certainly are in no doubt about the matter. They assert the Shahada as the ready fact of their existence and the rock upon which their culture and ‘civilization’ is founded.

Function of the Shahada


How does the Shahada function as a statement of logic? The whole thing pivots on the meanings of ‘God’ and ‘Allah’. The Arabic word ‘Allah’ has two uses. The first is as a commonplace term for ‘god’ or ‘God’ depending on your faith (polytheism or monotheism). The second use is specific to Islam. It refers solely to the ‘god’ of the Qur’an, Allah, and of Mohammed his Prophet.

This Arabic script summarizes the essence of Islam and defines the true identity of each Muslim. It also by implication clarifies the worthlessness of each non-Muslim (Kufar) and the emptiness of all other faiths.

Non-Muslims unaware of these two Islamic distinctions in the use of the terms, innocently assume that the terms ‘Allah’ and ‘god’ or ‘God’ are interchangeable. They are used interchangeably by Arab-speaking non-Muslims. However the Muslims clearly know from the Arabic Qur’an and from Mohammed’s example, that the Islamic god, Allah, hates all other religions and gods, so he must be paramount and dominate them.

Allah does not have any personal or familial relationships with humans. Islam defines humans as the Muslims who are Allah’s slaves. They must submit to him and believe literally in everything written in his scriptures, the Holy Qur’an, Hadith and Sura. That act of submission by Muslims is called ‘piety’ which is the highest Islamic virtue. So Allah hates non-Muslims for they are guilty of the crime of Kuffar or disbelief, since they do not profess the Shahada in their lives. Under Islamic law (Sharia) the Muslims qualify for human rights but the Kuffar are always inferior.

Therefore it is a mistake for Christians to blithely accept the Shahada as if it were an equivalent of the first Mosaic Commandment, ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me’. The intent and meaning of the Shahada is entirely different from Judeo-Christian ethics. Read on to discover more about Allah’s commandment to the Muslims.

Unlike the nature of the Judeo-Christian Creator God who identifies with Affirmation; “Let there be light…and life…and love”, and relates with humankind and all creation, Allah starts with a negation and a denial.  In particular he negates the Judeo-Christian Creator God, who obviously pre-dates Allah and Mohammed.  Once the eternal God has been rhetorically eliminated by declaring the Shahada, then Allah makes his supreme claim to substitute in a monopoly for all that has gone before.

The Shahada deliberately replaces all that predates Islam, with the ultimate and final authority of Allah and Mohammed. The process of Islamic logic is evident as the technique of abrogation invoked in the Medinan Qur’an.  By the technique of abrogation Mohammed declares that Everything that went before is now substituted by this New Assertion. He changes the rules as required, to suit his purpose.

Through the process of abrogation, Mohammed’s Allah must absolutely replace the Christian God of Jesus Christ. This represents the Islamic legal technique of nullification or cancellation and is unambiguous for the Muslims in its meaning. Sharia or the Law represents Islam in action and it is enforced by threat and then violence according to Mohammed’s instructions.

Because of the Shahada’s denial of everything non-Islamic, Islam has no place at Interfaith events. The only purpose for Muslim leaders to attend Interfaith is to advance Islam’s strategic plans for destruction of other faiths and to dominate all humankind.

The Consequences of the Shahada for Non-Muslims


The moral and spiritual assertion of Islam’s Shahada is breathtaking in its daring insolence before the Judeo-Christian God. Through its subtle but immediate switch of meaning on the terms ‘Allah’ and ‘God’, the Shahada performs an act of supreme spiritual deception over non-suspecting Christians and Jews. For any Jew or Christian to accept that Allah is identical with the Creator God is a personal act of calamitous ignorance and folly.

Jesus made it very clear that by the fruits we are to judge the value of people and teachings. An inspection of Islamic teaching and practice arising from the Shahada reveals deceit (taqiyya), endless fighting (Jihad), domination of women (subservience and polygamy), endless letter-of-the law recriminations (Sharia), death for apostasy, honour killings and many other violations of human dignity and human rights. The barbarism of Islamic practice is entirely justified by Allah’s sovereignty, Mohammed’s perfect decrees, and scriptural instruction (Qur’an and Hadith).

When Jews and Christians accept professions by Muslims that the Shahada identifies Allah with the Judeo-Christian God, they are being deceived into accepting the rest of the package. Amazingly that means the supreme authority of Allah and Mohammed is positioned above the facts of the Jewish and Christian prior claims. From the Muslim perspective, Islam wins the rhetorical war of words. Words are the weapons for the first stage of the Islamic assault on God and humanity.

Because it is written in Arabic and most Westerners cannot read or comprehend the message, the Shahada has been misunderstood until now by the Western people. However, that situation is now changing.

Those non-Muslims, who are so readily robbed of their connection with God through the abrogation technique, will then join with Muslims to pray to Allah. This type of Interfaith behaviour reveals the shallowness of some people’s understanding. Their relationship with the Living God can only be symbolic, not real, for they surrender to Allah. They exhibit a profound blindness to the nature of evil. They have been co-opted by the deceitful enemy who opposes truth, beauty and goodness of the Creator God. They blindly follow the Muslims into Allah’s tent of slavish subservience.

Standing for Truth and defying the lie


Let us recall the first three of Moses’ Ten Commandments to gather our bearings on this vital matter;

“I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have no other gods before me: thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image: thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain”

The Shahada in its completeness attempts to destroy these three foundations of Judeo-Christian principle. Mohammed’s god Allah is raised over the God of Moses, the biblical prophets and Jesus. The position and image of Mohammed is asserted as superior to the Judeo-Christian God. The relationship- name of God also known as Heavenly Father (Lord’s Prayer) is denied, to be replaced with Allah. That is how the abrogation process works.

Pope Francis in his wholesale acceptance of Islam’s claims has accepted the spiritual substance of the Shahada. In this he has committed a colossal error. Repeatedly in his pronouncements about the relationship between Christianity and Islam, he identifies these two traditions as equivalent, even equal. This Pope’s wrong-headed judgement creates for him an occasion of mortal sin and an historical calamity. His clear misunderstanding of Islam is obvious in the following phrase of his Ramadan greetings to Muslims in 2015;

“We have to bring up our young people to think and speak respectfully of other religious and their followers and to avoid ridiculing or denigrating their convictions and practices.”

Every Muslim recites the Shahada which denigrates Christianity, and in so doing violates Pope Francis’ own statement! The Shahada is disrespectful of other religions and their followers and it denigrates their convictions and practices. This is an unambiguous fact which reveals the Pope’s blindness to the truth and his susceptibility to lies. Catholics deserve better leadership than being dragged into a closer relationship with Islam by a perverse Pope.

Previously Pope Francis is quoted stating,

‘Muslims together with us adore the One, merciful God’.

Right at the very foundation of his understanding this Pope is completely wrong. From this point he can only compound his mistake. Allah has no mercy for the Kuffar (non-believers). Allah also cares little for the Muslims. He despises all humans but he despises Muslims the least.

The Pope’s example reveals how few people have the spiritual power to penetrate the massive deception that is Mohammed’s Islam. The lie is hiding in plain sight and most Christians (and Jews) have overlooked the boldness of its claim over all other faiths. They want to believe that Islam is a theistic faith, just like their Churches, Allah is God, like Heavenly Father, Mohammed is somehow a spiritual leader like Jesus, and  the Muslims like the Jews and Christians are the descendants of Abraham!

In the children’s fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes” all the people want to believe in the lie, because the truth is too uncomfortable to consider. Only a child could see through the nonsense of the adults and so exposed the deception hiding within people’s conformity with the lie. Jesus observed that only a certain child-like quality of innocence could protect people spiritually from the harms of this world.  Child-like purity causes us to be repelled from corrupt people and toxic situations. The strange case of Politically Correct Christian leaders going along with Allah and Mohammed’s evil charade proves Jesus right once again. His words contain the truth which exposes the lies.

Since Islam sets the Muslims as completely separate and superior to the Jews and Christians, and all other groups, the purpose of the Shahada’s claim becomes abundantly evident. Islamic leaders have never echoed Pope Francis’ words to the Muslims, to wit; “Christians together with us adore the One, merciful God”. They don’t have to. Already Mohammed’s Allah has rhetorically subjugated the Christian God through the Shahada.  This Pope is too dumb to notice the egg over his face but all the Muslims can see his folly, so they applaud him.

Islam only recognizes two states of reality, ‘the House of Islam’ and ‘the House of War’, which means all non-Islamic societies. Furthermore, Islam declares that the Jews perverted their scriptures (the Torah) and the Christians corrupted the Gospel (which Islam calls the Injeel). Only the Holy Qur’an contains god’s unadulterated word. It is literally true in every respect.

Muslim leaders teach their people that all the prophets including Jesus Christ (regarded as Islam’s second prophet and not the Son of God), and the beliefs of the Jews and Christians must be subjected to the new and higher authority that is Islam.  Mohammed’s system is supercessionist. It asserts Islam as the sovereign replacement to Judaism and Christianity – ultimately there cannot be any coexistence with them for all people must eventually submit to become Muslim.

Mohammed’s reaching out to the ‘Children of Abraham’ and ‘People of the Book’ exposes the reason why Muslims must claim identity as an Abrahamic Faith. They need to stand together with Jews and Christians who are the true ‘People of the Book’, so by association Islam becomes an ‘Abrahamic Faith’. Then Islam can represent itself as the truest of the Abrahamic Faiths, for it must always represent itself as superior.

Muslims through Interfaith are following Mohammed’s claims that Abraham was a Muslim and the ‘Book’ (the Old and New Testaments of the Bible) has been correctly restored through the Qur’an. Mohammed taught that all previous Jewish and Christian understanding of God and reality must be replaced by the Islamic version.

Christians who follow the ‘People of the Book’ ideology are in effect permitting Islam’s claims of spiritual authority to, garble, obscure and absorb the historical and spiritual foundations of Christianity. For example when the great Christian city of Constantinople was subjugated by Islam to become Istanbul, its original identity with 1100 years of Christendom was almost obliterated in the process. Every facet of Constantinople’s glorious history and culture was damaged or nullified by the process of Islamification. There was no ‘Children of Abraham’ status for Constantinople’s Christians, as they were slaughtered in their thousands in their homes and Churches by Muslim swords.

Shahada is the Spiritual Root of Islam


From the Shahada sprouts the assertion of Islam to absolute spiritual authority over history and Allah’s absolute requirement to dominate the Muslims. By cancelling the existing authority of Judeo-Christianity and replacing it with the new one of Islam, all the authority, leadership, claims and integrity of Christian civilization are subverted by Islam. Human life individually and collectively only has value to Allah once each person submits as a Muslim.  And for non-Muslims, they are only acceptable to Allah once they are subjugated by the Muslims and submit slave-like to the claims of Islam within the Sharia sanctioned status of Dhimmitude.

The Shahada underpins the Sharia and the Sharia justifies the Jihad. That is the simple algebra of Islam: Shahada = Islam = Muslim: 1 Muslim +1 Sharia+1 Jihad= Islam

The legal concepts of Sharia necessarily flow from the Shahada. That explains why the special political arrangement of ‘Dhimmitude’ is offered to conquered ‘People of the Book’, those Jews and Christians under the control of Islam. The Sharia dictates terms of surrender, should they wish to continue to live. The Shahada allows for Dhimmi status because Mohammed assumed these non-Muslim Christians who believed in the wrong God (Jesus Christ’s Heavenly Father) would eventually come round to accepting Islam.

Mohammed invented the term ‘People of the Book’, for Jews and Christians because Islam says their scriptures are partially correct. So these unfortunates are only partly to blame for their wrong-headedness in refusing to believe the teachings of Islam. Meanwhile as defeated people, they must submit to the Muslims and pay the tax of subjugation (jizya).

The internal meaning of the Shahada reveals the parasitic nature of Islam’s spiritual authority. Mohammed’s message depends on a warped version of Judeo-Christianity for its credibility. His spiritual visions which began in Mecca, refer to garbled versions of Old Testament and New Testament stories to support his authority as a spiritual leader. Often these are inaccurate versions of the original recorded events. In fact the first contacts between Byzantine Christian leaders and Islam convinced the Byzantines that Islam’s doctrines represented an heretical new sect, with mixed up contents derived from both Judaism and Christianity.

Mohammed claims to be The Final Prophet in the long line of prophets the Qur’an lists as running ‘from Adam, through Abraham, Moses, and Jesus down to Mohammed’. His position as the Ultimate Prophet therefore depends on reducing the respective status of all those who went before, so as to allow his pre-eminence. So the Judeo-Christian scriptures hold significant importance. They provide necessary props to buttress the claims of Mohammed’s Prophethood, and to shore up the authority and doctrinal content of Islam’s Holy Book, the Qur’an.

Islam Reinvents the Old and New Testaments into Its Own Image


To assert his supremacy Mohammed had to remould all the ‘prophetic’ predecessors to conform with his self-appointed mission to the Arabs, and then the Muslims. Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the other heroes of history are to be redefined. They must become mere prophets of Islam, no longer involved intimately with God’s work to restore his lost human family, starting with the Israelites.  Unlike the Judeo-Christian prophets who foretold future events, who provided visions of God’s Will to inspire, guide and lead the Chosen People, Islam’s prophet does not prophesy events. Neither does Mohammed have an intimate relationship with God.

The Bible’s Genesis story established that Adam and Eve were created as the son and daughter of God, and lived as his first family. They were meant to initiate God’s Kingdom on earth. Later on Jesus Christ arrives as the Son of God who also wants to build God’s Kingdom among humans. All the other biblical prophets had missions linked in to the family of God and the concerns of his Kingdom, even if they saw themselves as his servants.

Through Mohammed’s authority and at the insistence of Allah, all the preceding personal familial connections with God are stripped away. Islam completely denies the prophetic vision of the Messiah building God’s kingdom for his sons and daughters. Adam and Eve are no longer God’s first children. Adam is reinvented as a Muslim prophet and Eve’s status as God’s daughter is obliterated. Women under Islam are lesser beings, subjugated to the will and impulses of Muslim men. Into the Islamic trash bin goes the example of Ruth, Miriam, Tamar, Sarah and dozens of other notable women mentioned in the Bible.

Why did Mohammed have to eliminate the family relationship between the Creator and humankind? The clue is found in his Meccan situation.

Mohammed used to retreat into a cave to receive his spiritual visions. He claimed these came from an angel called Jibreel. Furthermore Jibreel represented another entity he called Allah. At that time Mecca was polytheistic and Allah was known to many Arabs as the ‘Moon god’. Apparently Allah told Jibreel to instruct Mohammed that Allah has no personal relationship with humans BUT he is their supreme commander. Also Mohammed can have the role of Perfect Man and Commander in chief, should he teach the Arabs to submit to this teaching.

There were no witnesses to any of these tales. We do not know if they were transmitted directly from the spiritual realms, or whether they were the imaginings of Mohammed’s unstable mind.

Dumb apologists for Islam translate Jibreel as the angel Gabriel, the same one who brought the message of Jesus’ conception to Mary. These same apologists identify Allah as Creator God instead of the Moon God. How can the angel Gabriel/ Jibreel be one and the same entity, since one angel, Gabriel is concerned with God’s Son Jesus and the other, Jibreel instructs that god has no family ties?

Now we begin to see how the spiritual disease of Islam spreads and smothers the truth and legacy of the true God’s relationship with his lost human family.

The Shahada molds each generation of Muslims and Jihad is integral with the process of developing the true Muslim identity. The sword is the means by which Islam is spread, for it enforces the words of the Shahada over the unbelievers, and directs into submission those who would convert to Islam.

The spiritual chain of command in Islam goes like this; Allah told Jibreel to tell Mohammed, and those Perfect Words are recorded in the Qur’an. Then Mohammed is the Perfect Man because Allah says so in the Qur’an. The Qur’an is true because the Perfect Man Mohammed says so. He is the Perfect Man and Last Prophet because Allah says so, and so does the Qur’an…and so on. Hence the Shahada encapsulates the endless self-justifying go-round and circular reasoning that is Islam.

The whole edifice of Islam is built on such tottering foundations. But it is enforced through Sharia with brutal punishments, backed up by the unending spiritual and physical violence that is Jihad. The endless repetitions of circular thinking reinforce these lies and distortions in the Muslims’ minds. Then the social conventions of reality reinforce the physical substance of Islam. Through the portal of the Muslims, humankind has incorporated a deadly problem which began spiritually in the mind of Mohammed in the sixth century.

Islam reduces the spiritual stature of all of the historical figures of the Old and New Testaments. Reinvented as the minor and major prophets of Islam, their purpose is to serve the mission of Mohammed, the Perfect Man. The Islamic job of degrading God’s plan to restore mankind commences with the Shahada and is completed by the rhetorical technique of redefining God’s champions as the secondary prophets of Allah. This is not a program based on reasoned and informed argument which can be modified and developed based on evidence. Mohammed’s program only persists because it is ultimately backed up with threatened and actual physical violence against those who disbelieve, who are named the Kufr (Kaffir).

For example Moses’s work to lead the chosen People to freedom in the Promised Land and to institute Israelite culture under God’s Ten Commandments has no historical value to Allah, except to proclaim the coming of Mohammed and Islam. This process of Islamification operating through the power of the Shahada reduces the people of the Bible (The People of the Book) and destroys their heavenly authority. Allah’s words successfully reduce to rubble the Judeo Christian Temple of God and God’s Kingdom is rendered unobtainable. All that is left of God’s original family ideal is Islam’s dream of a sensual paradise in the afterlife and unending struggle and strife in this existence. Allah’s success necessarily brings the destruction of the non-Muslim world.

The Shahada Reverses the True Universal Order


The Shahada provides the anchor for Mohammed’s claim to Prophethood, because in one clever statement he turns inside-out all that went before him. Mohammed’s Prophethood replaces everything in existence with his version of reality. In a similar way Karl Marx turned the idealistic philosophers ‘on their heads’ when he used their spiritual ideas to serve his materialistic framework. His goal was to construct Marxist Communism as a virulent ongoing revolutionary system. Marxist-Leninist activism misused ideas of freedom, brotherhood and equality drawn from Christian philosophy, to support the revolutionary agenda of Communism.

In a similar way to Marxism, Mohammed’s Shahada spiritually decapitates all other religions, faiths and cultures, but keeps alive the corpse of their economy and society. Then Allah installs the head of Mohammed on to those now empty shoulders, in a grotesque reversal of the true order. Islam must feed on the remains of the previous, now conquered society. Islam claims the status of a civilization that practices ‘Human Rights’ and protects the dignity of human life. The Shahada is the crowing and croaking of the vampire of history.

With the Shahada comes the act of total spiritual and physical submission to Islam by the believer. The Muslims must bow and completely surrender themselves, their thoughts and bodies to the authority that is Islam, in accord with the directives of Mohammed and the believed will of Allah.  In return the Muslims become the ‘slaves of Allah’ and the ‘best of all people’ who are directed to enforce Islam over the Kuffar (non-Muslims). That is the genius of Mohammed’s system of total control. The price of apostasy is death, the price of opposing Islam is death. After the subjugation of the Kuffar, all booty from plundering the non-Believers goes to the Muslims.

Through the Shahada, Allah and Mohammed function spiritually and politically to assert totalitarian control. They set their followers forever against the rest of humankind. The possessions, family, and world of the Kuffar (unbelievers) are available for the Muslims to take by Allah’s authority. Islam became an historical force which by conquest parasitically feeds on the non-Muslim people and steadily degrades the prospects of all humanity.

Once before, at the beginning of history there was a similar complete reversal of the order of humanity. The Creator God had instructed the prototype human parents Adam and Eve to keep his One Commandment – not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. Through a process of deception the first parents were tricked into violating the original order of relationship. The consequence of their error with the angel was to lose their original connection with God. They fell under the power of an upstart would-be god, the tyrant angel Lucifer/Satan.

The parallel situation for Christians and Jews to fall under the spell of the Shahada and to submit to the power of another god, Mohammed’s Allah, is both shocking and revealing. Allah is acting the same way towards humans as did Lucifer/Satan. He is deceiving and dominating. Allah separates each person from their original heart and mind. He uses every means possible to destroy what God and human decency has built up. Islam, the fruit of Allah’s will turns men against women, sons against their fathers, brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters and everyone against the way of family relationship with the True God.

The Shahada Has Strange Allies


All this mayhem pops up out of the Shahada, ‘There is no God, but Allah; and Mohammed is his Prophet.’ And if further proof is required, the greatest allies of Islam against Judeo-Christianity are the Marxists and their collectivist politically correct allies.

Why has this unlikely alliance come about between Politically Correct atheists and Islamists? Because the Cultural Marxists recognize the power and usefulness of the Islamic lie to attack and destroy Western Civilization, they too must commence their program with destruction of the family. They rally to the Islamic agenda like moths to the flame (in which they will eventually perish). The Leftists in their tyranny against Western Christian-based culture are of the same kidney as Islam.

With the petro-dollar fuelled resurgence of Islam, the Marxist-socialists with their newly-minted knowledge on religions, want a piece of the revolutionary action. Leftist professors welcome Islamic money into Western universities to establish departments of Islamic Studies purposed to spread Islam. Their shared goal is the complete destruction of the Christian core of the West, and Islam has been working on that project for 1,400 years. We observe the convenient marriage of Leftists with Islam as a match surely fabricated in Hell!

Little do the Leftists realize that their eventual fate as atheists under Islam will be abrupt and severe. Islam does not suffer non-believers, especially atheists. The great angel’s pride demands that everyone recognize him, because he set himself above all others and demands their perpetual submission. The blind arrogance of the Cultural Marxists will be their undoing. In that regard they are in good company with Pope Francis, and those others so readily deceived.

Shahada Exposed As Deceit – The Solution


The Shahada for all its boldness is but a rhetorical tissue covering the most grotesque lie ever visited on humanity. Islam’s claim is to represent God – when in fact its purpose is the denial of Jesus’ Heavenly Father, the parent of all humanity. In this act Islam reveals its hidden hatred as an inhuman monstrosity. Under Islam all humans are reduced spiritually to the status of slaves. In comparison, through the Christian vision, each person is perfectible as a son or daughter of the loving parental God.

In contrast with Christianity, a true monotheistic religion, the spirit and body Islam proves the existence of Satan, the one who is opposed to the true God. Who is Mohammed’s Allah? Therein lies the conclusion to this story.

Quite soon the present turmoil in Europe between the indigenous people and the Islamic immigrant invaders will erupt into hot civil warfare. Then what will happen to the Islamic cohorts nested inside Australia and New Zealand’s cities?

For those who have no connection with Christianity, Allah hates you more than the Christians. Your enjoyment of the benefits of Western Civilization in the greater part depends on roots set within Graeco-Roman, Judeo-Christian, Anglo derived culture and Law. The stability, security and protection afforded by our society depend on individuals willingly choosing to represent those values. Which world is the better, the one facing Mecca or the one based on freedom and personal responsibility? Would you prefer instead of modern Australia and New Zealand, to live in an Islamic paradise like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan? If you reject Islamic domination then your best allies are the Christian people.

As for the Christians and our friends of all stripes it is time for a big wake-up call. Christianity has lost its way and needs to be reformed, centred on the original family model for community building. The Christian message requires an upgrade to meet the reality of these times. Its 4th century underpinnings invented by the early Church Councils require an overhaul, so the deeper truth it contains can be applied to the modern context.

Interfaith with Islam is a lie. Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness are treason. Multiculturalism undermines national unity. Diversity is a nonsense – our common interests and unity of purpose are what hold us together. Our politicians who pander to Islam and enforce Cultural Marxist values have betrayed us in every way.

There is much to be done to put our house in order. The Courts should be busy sorting out who is responsible for the mess of social engineering inflicted on our communities.

The citizens must organize under Australia’s Constitution and insist on political representatives who are contracted to serve us under Citizens’ Initiated Binding Referenda. Elected members must be seen to serve the public and national interest. Localism must replace globalism.

The Muslims in Australia need the opportunity to choose. For them to choose Political Islam is to face expulsion; to choose religious Islam, a purely idealistic and spiritualised version based solely on the Meccan Suras, means to give up the supremacist dream and directly to assimilate and integrate with the rest of us. They are also free to abandon Islam.

The Shahada is exposed herein as a destructive lie. It is easily defeated by the Christian truth, backed up by Australian determination and the Anzac spirit to defend our land, our civilization and our families from every form of tyranny. We are capable of defeating Islamic tyranny as invented by Mohammed and as enforced through the Jihad of the Muslims. Now is the time to commence the restoration of Australia to its Constitutional roots and Anglo traditions of British Law and justice.

As for the craven representatives of Christianity who have submitted to Islam’s Shahada, their consciences should direct them to resign their positions, repent and re-educate themselves. They have lost their way and are unqualified to lead.

There is call for an open and honest public discussion of national identity under our Constitution. In particular we need to protect the best interests of the coming generations from the folly, cowardice and greed of the present one. In that task alone the wisdom of the people guided by the principles of Christianity and the provisions of the Constitution must direct the nation to a saner future. The exercise of our responsibility will bring a fresh outlook on how we intend to live together and relate honestly with our children.

The core article of our Christian faith and of respectful secularism is the opportunity to creatively engage our free will in the service of the best interests of our families and communities.

God’s Ideal is based on a family relationship centered on his standards of truth, life and lover and within his sovereign arrangements.




  1. “Allah does not have any personal or familial relationships with humans.” The deepest and most significant phrase in your article. It is amazing that only the Bible provides the foundation for a personal relationship with our Creator. I always emphasized the importance of this fact but it has been only a couple of days ago that I realized only within Christianity you have the idea of a personal relationship with God. Wonderful! Good job, bro!


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