Islam’s Achilles heel – know the weakness and target it


In a different article called “OFFICIAL ISLAM”, we listed 17 false or highly misleading statements pushed by apologists for Islam, including politicians like George W. Bush.  One of these is the lie thatIslam is the religion of freedom and justice” or alternatively, “Islam is a religion of peace.

A contributor called ELSA, whose blog is at , has provided these useful insights (edited and expanded).

Islam very much cares to maintain the image of Islam as a religion of peace, which it has gone to great pains to project to non-Islamics in the West.  Why else would Islamic forces – the OIC (Organization for Islamic Cooperation), CAIR (the Council for American-Islamic Relations), the Muslim Brotherhood, and other bodies – have invested such an enormous amount of money and energy into the following?

  • blocking and criminalizing freedom of speech about Islam via the many hate laws and blasphemy laws throughout the West;
  • creating an environment in which many people are hit by negative consequences if they speak out – loss of job, loss of friends, loss of reputation, law suits [“lawfare”], jail (think most recently of Tommy Robinson);
  • purchasing text book publishing houses in the West and rewriting textbooks so the content on Islam becomes major and positive;
  • trotting out the story of “it was mental illness” every time there is a jihad murder spree. How often are we subjected to this non sense by our dhimmified police forces!

And we can add absolutely lying propaganda like this:

Islam is clearly very anxious to be seen as benign by most non-Islamics in non-Islamic countries.  Astoundingly, Islam gets away with this with many Western people who pride themselves naively for their “tolerance.”  And this is despite the over 30,000 fatal jihadi attacks since 9/11!  Who is so stupid as to refuse to process the evidence of his own eyes?

Islamic organizations have generally not worked to stop violence done in the name of Islam, including in the West.   Instead, for instance, Saudi Arabia has openly promoted and exported very traditional (that is, jihadist) Islam – by funding hundreds of mosques and Islamic schools and madrassahs, and distributing millions of free Korans.  It has done this even in almost 90% Muslim Indonesia – to bolster extremist Islam against the more moderate and secular stance taken by the main Islamic organizations there.

Undeniably, non-Islamics in the West simultaneously experience Islam as dangerous – and this seems to matter to most Islamic forcesMaybe all the people working to spread the truth about Islam (like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, and many more) have in fact helped Islam be experienced as dangerous?   Fear helps keep people in line.  So many Western politicians want very much to believe, and to assure you, that with Islam there’s “nothing to see here … Move along now.”

Of course at some point there is a tipping point.  The indoctrination about Islam as a religion of peace stops working for ever more people.  The reality of Islam becomes visible to too many people.  Currently we have the proliferation, in Europe and Australia, of political parties against Islamization and sometimes against Islam – parties labeled by the mainstream as extreme right wing, racist and even Nazi, to keep as many people away from them for as long as possible.  The Nazi parallel is laughable, of course.  Hitler admired Islam as a “strong” religion and was very cosy with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem because they both wanted to exterminate all the Jews.

Yet the breakthrough is inevitable.  It’s just a question of when, how soon, and how fully the shift to reality perception of Islam is made.  And then, what will the outcome be?

What’s the vulnerable point, the Achilles’ heel, for Islam?

One vulnerability is the possibility of being seen early, so that, for instance, Islamic incoming is stopped before there is a considerable Islamic population.  That has happened in only a few eastern European countries.  In Australia, the Stop the Boats policy (now being praised by Italy and some other EU dissident countries) has definitely helped, but overall policy settings are still not dealing with the problem.

Another vulnerable point is during the shift in perception. It’s like when an animal with an exoskeleton moults.   No shell, for a time.  Or no veil.

The quicker the shift, the more likely there can be a relatively non-violent resolution in favour of human rights and freedoms, for the re-establishment of freedom of speech and good thinking skills.

That makes our efforts ever more important, each of us doing what we can to help with the shift – millions of us each tugging aside more and more of Islam’s  veil of deception.

Part of the impact will be on things like whom we vote for, the education about Islam in the schools, the stories about the mental health of jihadis.  Australia’s National Schools Curriculum has been infiltrated by sanitized perceptions about Islam.  This needs to be stopped.  The damage appears to be worse in some other Western countries.

Another part of the impact will be on Muslims themselves.  As our knowledge of their ideology increases, as ever more non-Muslims are aware of Islamic ideology, and of Islamic history, and of the story of Mohammed, Islamics will know, when we look at them, that the ideology of their religion and the life of Mohammed, are generally known.  There will be a powerful group energy in our gaze.  Each of us will know we’re not alone.  And they will know they are being seen as people adhering to an ideology that aims to destroy Western human rights, freedoms and civilization.

You can find the book on Harry’s blogsite at .

The core vulnerability of Islam is that the religion will be accurately seen – as not noble, not savoury, not peaceful, and calling for the subjugation and killing of everyone who doesn’t follow it.

What will this do to the many Muslims who are used to denying or ignoring the reality of Islamic ideology, who might even be ashamed of much of it?

Will Islam be drained of a considerable portion of its energy?  Just think of the response of most Germans and Austrians after World War II, when the reality of the Holocaust became known.  Generations of people feeling shame.

 Surely, the major Islamic organizations are aware of the impending tipping point.


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