Hijra – Migration jihad


Don’t be fooled like the bleeding-heart Useful Idiots that all those “refugees” flooding across the Mediterranean into Italy and Greece, and then into Germany courtesy of Mad Merkel, and into France, England, poor lost Sweden, elsewhere in Europe … are just refugees fleeing from oppression.   Or indeed, the mass of Muslim immigrants waiting in Indonesia to come to Australia.

Only 20% of the “Syrian refugees” are actually from Syria.  And a large number of these are military-age men.   Likewise, even more so, are the hordes of Africans, Arabs, Pakistanis, Afghans and others swarming into Europe and demanding Free Housing, Welfare, and the right to rape European women and commit violence upon the population at large.

Most are not refugees – except insofar as the conditions of life in nearly all Muslim countries are awful BECAUSE OF Islam.  Unfortunately they bring Islam with them as appalling baggage.

This tsunami of predominantly barbarian Muslims is engaged in HIJRA.

Exactly the same goes for most of the boat people who were flooding into Australia at the rate of 50,000 a year until the Abbott government STOPPED THE BOATS.  This mass migration of people out of a large swathe of the Muslim world is a concerted game plan.  Only those afflicted by intellectual dishonesty, denial, and inverted morality refuse to recognize this.

Mohammed said: “I command you with these five, which Allah has charged me with: assemble, listen, obey, HIJRA and jihad.”  In another hadith, he said: “O people, IMMIGRATE, holding onto Islam, for HIJRA or migration is to continue as long as jihad continues.”

Sam Solomon, an erudite Islamic professor who converted to Christianity, wrote a book called The Mosque Exposed.  He says:

“Migration is legally obligatory on a Muslim as preparatory to other forms of jihad for the victory of Islam and Muslims in other countries. Migration precedes jihad and both are inextricably linked.

“It is not possible to consolidate the Islamic religion without migration. There is no way to raise the profile of Islam in the abode of apostasy without the help of Muslims and the increase of their numbers.”

From the Hadiths (recorded traditions of Mohammed’s sayings):

* BUKHARI Vol 8 Book 78 Number 680: “…whoever emigrated for the sake of Allah and His Apostle, then his emigration will be considered to be for Allah and His Apostle…”

* SAHIH MUSLIM Book 1, No 0220: “…Verily migration wipes out all the previous (misdeeds)…”

Mohammad specifically forbade migration that involved integration:  “Do not inhabit or settle with non-Muslims and do not make friends with them for whoever does, is not one of us.”

This is what Najmadin Erbakan, ex-Prime Minister of Turkey, said this to a German journalist:

“You think we Muslim Turks come here only for employment and to gather the crumbs of your money. No, we are coming here to take control of your country and by being rooted here, and then building what we see as appropriate, and all that, with your consent and according to your laws.”[1]

THE FLOOD OF MUSLIM IMMIGRATION into Australia since the Lebanese civil war of 1975, and the West generally over recent decades, is a DISASTER.   How else can you characterize the refusal by so many of them to assimilate, their rejection of and disdain for our law and Constitution, the destructive impacts upon neighbourhoods, and the alienation which they visit upon themselves – leading to criminality and support for terrorism?

[1] Quoted in Sam Solomon & E. Alamaqdisi The Mosque Exposed, p. 56.  Original source

http://www.elaph.com/ElaphWriter/2004/11/23948.htm .  Also quoted in http://hbcky.org/content/IslamvsChristianityWhatstheDifference.html


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