You’ve seen all those chunky heavy concrete bollards lining the footpaths of Australia’s major cities?  These are supposed to keep people on our streets safe from lunatics who think it is a good idea to mow down innocent people indiscriminately.

More than that, Sydney wheeled in huge reticulated trucks to block off the main shopping streets to protect the public during the Boxing Day sales in 2017.

Blind Freddy knows that the danger is not from radical Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Sikhs, Buddhists, or even Baptists.  Nor is it from mentally ill people, even though The Australian reported on 27 December 2017 that “the Melbourne Magistrates Court today heard Mr Noori [accused of deliberately driving his car into pedestrians in Flinders Street] might be preparing to lodge a defence of mental impairment, and was suffering from mental health issues and possible drug withdrawal.”   Oh yeah?

The fact is, the problem arises 99% from fanatical Islam, and the perpetrators are NOT mentally ill:  they are doing perfectly rationally what their Islamic scriptures tell them to do.  Noori is reported to have been a pest at work, pushing Islam down his co-workers’ throats.  Islam hates Western civilization and personal freedoms and wants us all converted or dead.   Wake up, people!

Although Australia has now gone for a few years since a major Islamic terrorist act (the Lindt Cafe in Sydney), the fact is that countering Islamic terrorism is now costing Australia BILLIONS of dollars every year, on top of the time inconvenience we put up with at airport security, and the extra cost that security loads onto all airline tickets.  The bollards are yet another large cost to the taxpayer.  So also was Malcolm Turnbull’s infamous Iftar dinner at Kirribilli in June 2016, reflecting the chronic appeaser’s idea that if you feed a crocodile, it will eat you last.

Train stations aren’t safe either.  Ask the people of London, Madrid, Paris, New York, Moscow and other cities.  Does anyone seriously believe that Australian train stations are going to be immune from this in future?

Yet our official counter-terrorism organs – ASIO, the Australian Federal police, and the State police services – fall over themselves to keep assuring us that this, that and every other Islamist outrage has “nothing to do with religion.” 

In May 2017 the then head of ASIO Duncan Lewis told One Nation leader Pauline Hanson at a parliamentary committee “I have absolutely no evidence to suggest there is a connection between refugees and terrorism.”  Asked whether refugee children were being radicalised in Australia, he said: “I see no evidence of it here.”   He also told Senator Hanson ASIO did not make its inquiries or assessments on the basis of anyone’s religion.

Therein, people, is the nub of the problem.  Wilful denial in high places.  Same thing was said a year earlier when the Police Commissioner in the socialist paradise of Victoria said, after the knifing of police officers by Numan Haider (son of Afghan refugees), that this was “nothing to do with religion and everything to do with criminality.”

If you are not getting angry at this denial of reality and refusal to look (1) at the drivers of Islamic terrorism and (2) practical and drastic measures to deal with the problem, then you deserve to be subjected to more and more of this. 

Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe.  As early as 2016, police in Sweden admitted to having lost control of 55 so-called no-go areas, where crime rates spiralled in parallel with mass migration.  At the time police officers admitted that they had lost the ability to effectively enforce the law.  In April 2022 Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson told the newspaper Aftonbladet that  “segregation has been allowed to go so far that Sweden now has parallel societies.  We live in the same country but in completely different realities.   There are strong forces that are ready to go to great lengths to harm our society.”

France has about 800 “sensitive (no-go) zones”.  Britain is also riddled with hostile Islamic ghettos.


It’s almost laughably simple, in principle.  The DRIVERS of Islamic terrorism are the Islamic scriptures.   It has nothing to do with poverty or marginalization.  Koran 8:12 for starters:  “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.  Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”   Haven’t you heard plenty of accounts of actual and attempted beheadings, not only by ISIS, but in the West?  And then there’s a clincher, Koran 8:39“And fight them [the unbelievers] until there is no fitnah [rebellion] and [until] the religion, ALL of it, is for Allah.” 

Koran 8:39 leaves no wiggle room for deniers today.  We are dealing with a supremacist and murderous political cult, an anti-civilization.  Nowhere on earth has Islam been a torch of human flourishing – only an extinguisher of civilizations, for 1400 years.  It is a depravity of the human condition.

What should our governments be doing, as a minimum?

Governments generally are taking the view that the Muslims are here, and we need to get on with them, integrate them into our society, give them multicultural grants, keep on approving the construction of mosques (a ruinously stupid decision), hope they won’t go rogue, and if some do, say it’s got nothing to do with their religion, or they are “lone wolves” or mentally ill.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH!   This is what they should be doing:

1. Firstly, stop refusing to recognize the Islamic elephant in the room.  The serious Islamists really do want to kill you – that’s what Mohammed (“the perfect man”) told them to do.  Call it out!  It’s Islam, stupid!

2. Second, apply our LAW strictly.  Politicians, police, judges, magistrates, administrators and the media should stop giving terrorists and their sympathizers get-out-of-jail-free cards.  Outlaw ALL practice of Islamic Sharia in our country.

3. Actively discriminate in immigration and asylum-seeker policy.  Admit no serious followers of Mohammed.  This is self-preservation.

4. Be prepared to deport thousands of trouble makers.  Geert Wilders said years ago very correctly about Europe, “It will be necessary to deport millions of Muslims.”

5. Stop the nonsense of multiculturalism, diversity and endless tolerance of the intolerant and the intolerable.  Australia should be culturist – affirming the primacy of our Judeo-Christian, Western culture – and reject the relativist idiocy that all cultures are equal.  “Diversity” is not a strength but a mental disease.  We must affirm, defend and TEACH the merits of Western civilization.

At least four countries of the former Soviet bloc clearly “get it”:   Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia; and now Austria is coming on board, and Bulgaria and Romania.  NO MUSLIM IMMIGRATION except after very strict vetting, and follow-up with the sanction to deport if an immigrant goes rogue.

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, in his 2017 Christmas message published in Hungarian daily Magyar Idok, said that “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” today means that we have to love our neighbours, but we also have to protect our homelands, nations, families, culture, the European civilization.”

He says “Our culture is the culture of life.  Our starting point, the alpha and omega of our philosophy is the value of life, the dignity every person received from God – without this, we couldn’t value ‘human rights’ and other modern phenomena either.  And this is why it is questionable for us, whether these can be imported into civilizations built on different pillars.”   He continues, “The fundamentals of European life are under attack”. We don’t want our Christmas markets to be renamed, and WE DEFINITELY DON’T WANT TO RETREAT BEHIND CONCRETE BLOCKS… We don’t want our Christmas masses to be surrounded by fear and distress.  We don’t want out women, our daughters to be harassed in the New Year’s Eve crowd.”

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