By David Truman

According to the gospels of Matthew (4:4) and Luke (also 4:4), Jesus refused a temptation of the devil by telling him “Man does not live by bread alone”.  Jesus was quoting words from Deuteronomy 8:2-3, probably written in the seventh century BC.  The truth in them is that non-material values transcend the purely material

“Make these stones bread”

Australia, like most of the Western world, is in a steep civilizational decline.  We have lost social cohesion.  Political discourse has been poisoned by intolerance of “progressives” for people who hold conservative views.  Many of us have been brainwashed into not believing in our own nationhood, and want to destroy the genuine diversity of individual Western nations by denying the validity or even the existence of our national cultures.   Multiculturalism – imposed only in the West – has divided rather than strengthening us.

An unprecedented number of ordinary people now feel contempt for the entire political class, and in increasing numbers over past national elections have been voting for “none of the above.” 

Malcolm Turnbull campaigned in the 2016 federal election on the slogan “Jobs and Growth.”  Apart from this being a vacuous motherhood statement – EVERYONE is in favour of jobs and growth, except the excremental Greens – he totally ignored the fact that many people are now concerned about AND VOTE on non-economic things:   culture and values.

Our political elites and much of the population have lost any sense of morality, or belief in any absolute values of right and wrong.  They have rushed to cut off the roots of our Western civilization – the Christian worldview.  That worldview reflected the essence of what culture isshared beliefs, shared understandings, shared observances, and shared values.

In his 1882 Parable on the Death of God, Nietzsche outlines the implications of life without a sacred beyond.   A madman runs into the marketplace screaming that we have killed God.   In a series of demented questions he spells out the implications:

“How were we able to drink up the sea?  Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the entire horizon?  What did we do when we unchained the earth from its sun?  Where is it moving now?  Where are we moving now?  Away from all suns?  Are we not perpetually falling?  Backward, sideward, forward, in all directions?  Is there any up or down left?”
This is quicksand, the absence of any solid foundations, which leads to nihilism and ultimately the destruction of civil society.

In ‘The Will to power’ Nietzsche writes:  “There are no eternal facts, as there are no absolute truths.   There are no facts, only interpretations.”   This is a forerunner of the ruinous French postmodernist philosophers – idiot savants – of the 20th century who did so much to undermine and trash Western civilization.  The author saw this on display in a 2012 episode of ABC Q&A:

Against this background of nihilistic destruction, Australia’s elites – like those of France, the UK, Germany, Sweden and certainly the USA – are out of control.

There is a loss of moral clarity, but an absurd epidemic of moral narcissism (virtue-signalling) by people manically concerned to portray themselves to others as a good person but without having any regard to the consequences of their policy prescriptions and actions. 

Immigration and border control policy are now opposed by many on the Left, who present themselves as well meaning, but in fact have no intellectual clarity, no ability to see and process the factual evidence before them. 

The concept of Social Justice has been hijacked to gut it of any element of personal responsibility.  For many, including lamentably the leftist churches (like the Uniting Church), it has become socialism on steroids.

The Rule of Law is not applied by many magistrates, judges and police.  Instead we have a rash of permissive judgments on sentencing and parole which endanger the community and encourage criminals to believe they can get away with anything.  Get-out-of-jail-free cards given out on multicultural grounds.

Human-induced global warming has been presented as the greatest moral challenge of our time – to the disregard of many practical and far less contentious problems in our society, and in disregard of the key facts:  that
* carbon dioxide is just 0.04 per cent of the earth’s atmosphere; 
* human-produced CO2 is about 3 per cent of that;  and that of that 3 per cent –
* Australia accounts for just 1.2 per cent.

The IPCC (the UN’s intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) looks only at allegedly human-induced CO2 emissions and not at the absolute and relative impact of natural phenomena like volcanic eruptions and sun variations on global temperatures.

This brings to mind the unreasonable demand issued by the Red Queen at the trial in the novel Alice in Wonderland“Sentence first, verdict afterwards!
It is apparently OK for absurdly high energy prices to make our industries uncompetitive, for electricity supply to be unreliable, and to endanger the safety and lives of poor people. 

Our elites urge “tolerance” of the intolerant and the intolerable.  It is OK to talk about freedom of religion for Muslims who build an ever increasing number of mosques which may engage in hate preaching, but not for Christians who have concerns about social engineering programs like Safe Schools.   The ABC – paid for by the taxpayer – hates Christianity.

We elevate “Human Rights” and push anti-discrimination – while curtailing free speech and allowing universities to censor the presentation of ideas that aren’t approved by the dominant Left.

We see preparedness to trash our national symbols and institutions, our national day, and distort our history from our building a magnificent nation into a black armband story of racism and genocide.

Gender and identity politics has infected ALL our major parties and many of THE CHURCHES.

Ah, the churches.  They have long been missing in action from presenting an authentic Christian worldview.  They won’t talk about real threats to Christian values and freedoms (including Islam) but many get enmired in Social Justice issues (minus the personal responsibility) and they have become embarrassingly effete pillars of a dying belief system.
The church today has so little influence over the world because the world has so much influence over the church. 

Freedom and Heritage has been campaigning on two separate but closely related issues

These are:  
* the need to fight without compromise against Cultural Marxism, which can be defined as “the destructive criticism and undermining of all institutions of Western civilization and the traditional values underpinning it;”    and
* the need to protect our society from invasive, supremacist Islam.

A third point which is coming more and more to the fore is

* the need to unmask and oppose the game plan by globalist elites to impose ever Bigger Government and One World Government control over everyone, including intrusive and potentially punitive surveillance, and monopolization of both economic power and political power (through infiltration of world governments and political parties).

Political Correctness is the strategy used by Cultural Marxists to advance their destructive agenda.  Unfortunately, huge numbers of ordinary people are unaware of the background to the positions the left has persuaded them to espouse. Most also have little awareness of the sinister end plan of this “progressivism.” The same goes for the enslavement agenda of the WEF (World Economic Forum) and its acolytes through the UN’s Agenda 2030, transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence, and the deliberately engineered fear porn about endless pandemics and climate change.

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