By Chris Newman

The secular humanists have seized upon multiculturalism as their living proof that a humanist Kingdom of Heaven on Earth can be achieved through endorsing rainbow illusion of happy cultures sharing and singing together here in Australia. They believe this is a shining example to the troubled world plagued by intercultural conflict.

They believe Australia is different because our politicians are wiser and know how to ‘do’ multiculturalism. However the only engine driving this fanciful vision is political propaganda and floods of taxpayer’s dollars handed out by smiling bureaucrats.

There’s also an agenda of globalization and homogenization at play here: Cultural Marxism destroying national identity.

Multiculturalism is not practised in any of the countries contributing to Australia’s immigrant population, other than other Western countries which are in trouble (like the UK).  Quite the opposite:  in many of these non-Western countries,  tolerance for outside cultural values is regarded as a weakness. 

Inside Australia there is no unifying force for multiculturalist aspirations.  The only evidence of support for this business and the growing number of its gravy-train advocates is Aussie taxpayers’ money and populist politicians and bureaucrats floating on populist pipe dreams and singing “Kumbaya” at a multi-hued city street festival.

Multiculturalism is not practised in ANY non-Western countries.  Money is not “evidence of support”, it’s evidence of political corruption motivated by a desire for ethnic votes.  And the “Kumbaya” is certainly not heard from Islamic migrants.  Others, maybe – but non-Muslims don’t seem to get anywhere near as much money.  There are no taxpayer-funded Buddhist, Hindu or Jewish Museums of Australia, for example.  Or taxpayer-funded Buddhist/Hindu/Jewish dawah officers.  No special prayer rooms or temples for those faiths.  No closing off of public swimming pools for these faiths’ “sensitivities”.  And no use of “Anti-Vilification” laws to defend those faiths from Muslim vilification.

There is no economic, political, religious, cultural or moral basis for the phenomenon of multiculturalism.  Like Esperanto, that obsolete concocted language, the 8 track tape cassette player, or the top hat, multiculturalism is something that has no relevance to our everyday lives.  The militant secular humanists, having disarmed Australia’s cultural armour of Judeo Christian values and pride in Western Civilization, saw vividly that the unmanageable demands of some immigrant cultural groups – almost entirely Muslims and some Africans – bring risks of violence in our communities.  But their response touting the concocted ideology of multiculturalism has no proven historical success in averting cultural catastrophes.

Multiculturalism is essentially a desire to belittle, dilute and destroy Western (white) culture. 

Fortunately not all militant secular humanists have this aim.  But militant secular humanism has removed our cultural defences and opened us up to attack and whiteanting, without any moral, ethical or legal foundations to fall back on.

Multiculturalism can have no unifying centre because it denies there is one.  And many of the population recognize it as just political correctness.  Way back in 2003 the Secretary of Freedom and Heritage went to a Harmony Day event at Milpera School in Chelmer (Brisbane) and the teachers had no idea of what any of us should be doing.  It was a complete waste of time.

Unfortunately, as long as the Centrelink payments and government handouts continue, the multicultural game will persist.  There is no rigorous policy underpinning behind these payments other than appeasement of the bludger (multicultural) constituency in the pursuit of votes.

However there is a serious downside to the posturing of our politicians. Blinded by their Kumbaya rainbows they cannot see the very real tensions and conflicts building within Australian society. The rise of powerful ethnic-based criminal gangs, the manifestation of rape-accepting and rape-perpetrating cultures, the development of culturally separatist ghettos in our cities, the advent of the first no-go policing zones in Lakemba and Auburn (in Sydney), the first culturally sanctioned female genital mutilation and the disrespect by many immigrant groups for the traditions and values of our Australian host culture are but proof of the dangerous underbelly of multiculturalism.

In many cases the succeeding generations, instead of assimilating, are trending towards increased alienation and predatory social practices – quite the opposite of the secular politicians’ narrative. We saw that in Melbourne on 23 September 2014, where 18-year-old Abdul Numan Haider, son of Afghan refugees who had settled into the Melbourne community, attacked two counter-terrorism police officers with a knife outside the Victoria Police Endeavour Hills police station. He was then shot dead. He had been radicalized at the fundamentalist Al-Furqan mosque and had Islamic State sympathies. These instances of immigrant sociopathology need more attention from policy makers.

It’s not politically correct to criticise multiculturalism.  Truth and evidence of failure are apparently no defence. The illusions of our politicians have a Neville Chamberlain character.  Their shrill insistence on “multicultural peace in our time” is in fact contributing to disunity and feelings of resentment in our communities. 

Many Australians are vaguely, or even strongly, unhappy with Muslim immigration, but they don’t understand that the whole multicultural industry is a rort on the taxpayer, and not enough of them are confronting their politicians about outrageous funding and foreign policy decisions driven by multiculturalism.  Back in the early 1970s, before the rot set in solidly, the federal government did loudly chide Serbs and Croats for bringing their conflicts into Australia.  Now, no level of government has called out the Sunni versus Shia fights in Sydney, or the Muslim versus Copt violence.  It’s shameful.

Sydney Muslims disrespecting Copts, September 2013, on death of the Coptic Patriarch

Multiculturalism as a local isolated event may give the impression playing happily with rainbows. But from the perspective of Aussie neighbourhoods, dealing with day to day realities, multiculturalism as an entrenched politically sanctioned ideology is actually playing with cultural fire. It is also an outrageous economic rort.

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