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Team Australia vs Team Terror

Freedom & Heritage August-05-2014

Sickened by footage of Islamic beheadings of their trussed captives and realising that many Australians were involved, Prime Minister Tony Abbot declared for Team Australia to unite and assert our national unity over the claims of...



Sorry history of tolerating the intolerant

Written By: Freedom & Heritage | Published: December-24-2014

Janet Albrechtsen in THE AUSTRALIAN, DECEMBER 24, 2014 AT first glance the connection between Sony last week pulling the comedy 'The Interview' from our screens and the murders in Martin Place is not obvious. Yet both are explained by tolerating the intolerant, a deadly virus t...


The Cult of Diversity

Written By: Freedom & Heritage | Published: November-15-2011

 "Diversity" is a key component of the mantra of Cultural Marxists. Invariably it refers to "victim groups" – those identified by the Frankfurt School as the ones who would have to substitute for the working class as the makers of socialist revolution. These groups were the ...


The Origins of Australian Law

Written By: Freedom & Heritage | Published: April-01-2011

Putting aside customary Aboriginal law, contemporary Australian law originates from the British legal hegemony following colonisation of the eastern seaboard of Australia in 1770. Australia's legal system is described as an absorbed jurisdiction of the Imperial British l...

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